Jackie was sitting on the couch playing with a ping pong paddle. Once she and Charlie returned home from Roy and Marth's house, Jayden quickly grounded them. They couldn't leave the house unless it was with another ranger for a month.

"Jackie would you like some tea?" Mia asked walking in with some tea.

"Tea?" Jackie asked.

"Yea its green tea" Mia said.

"I don't drink green tea" Jackie said confused. "Thank you though"

"Uh no problem" Mia said before she walked out.

"Weird" Jackie said before a knock came to the door. "I got it" Jackie said standing up. She opened the door and it was a monk from the Tengen gate. "Hi"

"Jacqueline Shiba" He said.

"That's me" Jackie said.

"This is from your grandfather" He said holding up her dog. A Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Casanova.

"Oh! Casanova!" Jackie said happily taking it from him. "Thank you" Jackie said before she closed the door.

"Who's dog?" Mike asked as the rangers walked out.

"He's mine he probably made my grandfather angry again" Jackie said holding him. "What did you do you naughty boy?" Jackie asked.

"I thought if you had a dog he'd be bigger" Kevin said.

"Why would you think- Jayden! You told them!" Jackie exclaimed.

"Jacqueline it's not a big deal. These are your teammates" Jayden said.

"I don't care!" Jackie exclaimed cutting him off. "I would have told them on my own time! I don't need you and Charlie for everything! And I would storm out of this house if I weren't grounded!" Jackie exclaimed before she stormed into her room and slammed the door.

Jayden let out a sigh before he walked out.

"Alright Casanova should we paint a robot chasing a balloon? A flying platypus? Or…a foot?" Jackie asked. Casanova let out a bark. "I have enough paintings of you mister they get sold every year at the Corgi convention" Jackie said. "Ha! I got it! Rockabilly zombie band! Genius!" Jackie exclaimed before she put a blank canvas up.

"Hi Jacqueline can I talk to you?" Jayden asked.

"I guess" Jackie said with a sigh.

"What're you drawing?" Jayden asked sitting down next to her.

"A rockabilly zombie band. They don't have a name yet" Jackie said picking up a pencil and starting the sketch. "They're not very popular they keep eating their fan's babies" Jackie said

"Ah I see" Jayden said with a nod. "Jacqueline I'm sorry I know you don't like to talk about it"

"Look Jayden I'm not some charity case I don't want people feeling sorry for me it's just a waste of time. I'm trying to gain some sort of independence but you and Charlie aren't letting me. She's been doing my hair for me since I was six years old" Jackie said. "I can do my own hair look how good I made Casanova look" Jackie said holding him up.

"Yea he does look nice" Jayden said rubbing the dog's head. "And I'm sorry if you want some more independence I'll give it to you"

"So I can get a license?" Jackie asked.

"Jacqueline you're can't see more than fifteen feet in front of your face why would I put you behind a car?" Jayden asked.

"I can dream?" Jackie asked.

"Keep dreaming little sister" Jayden said standing up and walking around her room. "You finally finished decorating"

"Yea it took a while" Jackie said with a sigh.

"What's this?" Jayden asked picking up the letter.

"Wait Jayden don't" Jackie said.

"You got a full ride scholarship to the School of Visual Arts in New York City?" Jayden asked.

"Yea…A while ago" Jackie said.

"Jacqueline that's amazing do you know how much tuition for that school cost?" Jayden asked.

"Fifteen thousand plus semester fees" Jackie said.

"Why didn't you tell me this?" Jayden asked.

"…Because you didn't ask" Jackie said. "You only get answers if you ask questions" Jackie said.

"Of course" Jayden said.

"I don't know why you're asking about anything you and our so called 'older sister' don't really take any interest in Charlie and I" Jackie said. "Not everyone can be the red ranger" Jackie said.

"Of course we all can't but I think you're a good black ranger so there's no reason for you to be the red ranger" Jayden said. Little did they notice, Emily was watching them.

"I am pretty awesome huh?" Jackie asked.

"I didn't say all that" Jayden said.

"You're a meaner" Jackie said.

Emily smiled before she walked into the living and sat down next to Charlie.

"I was just watching Jayden and Jackie they're so cute when they're being nice to each other" Emily said.

"I guess" Charlie said.

"And little Casanova is so cute. Do you have a dog Charlie?" Emily asked.

"Yea he's a Great Dane his name is Giorgio. I had a cat but I had to give her away" Charlie said.

"How come?" Mia asked.

"Jackie's afraid of cats" Charlie said but Mike let out a small laugh.

"She's afraid of cats?" Mike asked.

"Don't think I don't know about your phobia Mike" Charlie said.

"How did you know I'm claustrophobic?" Mike asked alarmed.

"You just told me" Charlie said before she opened the paper as Mike let out a groan. "I should have really gone into psychology I missed my calling" Charlie said turning the page before the gap sensor went off. Then all of the rangers ran out to the city.

"I've got a little something for you black samurai ranger!" The nighlock exclaimed.

"Who me?" Jackie asked confused.

"Your power over darkness will make Master Xandred even stronger!" The nighlock exclaimed before he tried to shoot her with a beam.

"Crud!" Jackie exclaimed before she quickly dodged it. "I'm going to create a diversion!" Jackie exclaimed before she ran off and the nighlock ran after her.

"Jacqueline wait! Oh that girl's going to give me a heart attack at sixteen! Time to clear a path" Charlie said holding up her spin sword.

"I'm right there with you" Jayden said also holding up his sword.

"Spin sword!" They both exclaimed.

"Blazing strike!" Jayden exclaimed.

"Solar Flare!" Charlie exclaimed. They swung their swords together and cleared the moogers.

"Amazing!" Emily exclaimed.

"We're not done here" Charlie said looking up at the sky. "Giant moogers!" Charlie exclaimed.

"Those giant moogers probably arrived to stop us from saving Jacqueline" Kevin said before Charlie quickly called her sister.

"Jackie where are you?" Charlie asked.

"I'm in the forest near Roy and Marth's house. I called Mentor this is a bad nighlock he takes people's life forces and uses it as a weapon. I'm just keeping him away from Jayden don't worry about me. Just take out those giant moogers!" Jackie exclaimed before she hung up.

"Time to go mega mode" Charlie said pulling out her Foldingzord. "Phoenix Foldingzord!" Charlie exclaimed. "Mega mode power!" Charlie exclaimed before she hopped into the phoenix zord. "Good to be back behind my lovely Foldingzord now let's rattle some heads" Charlie said before she pushed her mega blade forward. "Phoenix feather storm!" Charlie exclaimed before the phoenix zord opened its wings and shot blazing feathers at the moogers. "AH!" Charlie exclaimed before she was hit by two moogers.

"We've got to help her out!" Antonio exclaimed.

"Super samurai mode!" Jayden exclaimed attaching the black box to his sword before the team went mega mode.

Jackie was running she had demorphed because the nighlock had shot her multiple times. She tripped and pushed herself up against a tree.

"This is the end of you Black samurai ranger! Your power will be mine!" The nighlock exclaimed pointing his arm towards her.

"NO!" She heard some exclaimed. She saw Marth appear in his navy ranger uniform. "Get away from her!" Marth exclaimed slashing him with his sword. "Spin sword! Sonic thunder!" Marth exclaimed doing his signature attack putting all of his strength behind to protect Jackie.

"AH!" The nighlock exclaimed loudly. "I'm already drying out!" The nighlock exclaimed before he slipped through a gap.

"Jacqueline" Marth said quickly demorphing and rushing to her side.

"It's kind of like déjà vu huh?" Jackie asked with a weak smile.

"Try not to talk too much that nighlock took a lot out of you" Marth said wrapping his jacket around her.

"Can you take me home?" Jackie asked. "My siblings might have a heart attack if I'm missing for three days" Jackie said.

"Yea sure" Marth said before he picked her up bridal style.

"I've never seen you like that" Jackie said. "You were so forceful" Jackie said as they started walking.

"I wanted to make sure you were protected" Marth said with a small blush.

"Thank you" Jackie said smiling.

Ji was sitting in the living room reading a book when a knock came to the door. He opened the door and saw Marth holding Jackie.

"Hi mentor" Jackie said with a small wave.

"Jacqueline are you okay?" Ji asked.

"I'm fine just scraping with a nighlock" Jackie said. "This is my friend Marth he found me"

"Nice to meet you sir" Marth said with a small bow.

"Nice to you too" Ji said slightly confused.

"Marth was just being a dear and helping me back" Jackie said.

"Where do you want me to put you?" Marth asked.

"On the couch will be fine" Jackie said before Marth placed her on the couch. She let out a whistle and Casanova ran in. "C'mere you" Jackie said as Casanova jumped on the couch.

"Is this your dog?" Marth asked rubbing his head.

"Yep this is my baby" Jackie said.

"I thought he didn't like men" Ji said.

"He just doesn't like Mike he keeps stealing his spot on the couch" Jackie said.

"Can I get you anything to make you feel better Jacqueline?" Ji asked.

"I just need some rest to recharge but some blueberry tea would be nice" Jackie said.

"I'm on it" Ji said patting her head before he walked into the kitchen.

"I think I better leave" Marth said standing up.

"No please stay" Jackie said.

"I don't think that's wise Jacqueline" Marth said.

"They won't know you're the navy ranger if you don't say anything" Jackie whispered. "Please stay?" Jackie asked taking his wrist.

"Okay" Marth said with a sigh.

Jackie let out a happy squeal and snuggled up next to him. Soon the rangers ran in and Charlie plopped down next to her sister.

"Jacqueline are you okay?" Charlie asked.

"Just a little weak" Jackie said.

"So who's this?" Emily asked.

"This is my friend Marth" Jackie said.

"So how do you know Jacqueline?" Mia asked.

"Well um yea" Marth said stuttering. He was terrible at meeting new people.

"We went to boarding school together" Jackie said.

"Really?" Emily asked.

"Yea he was like the most popular guy in our whole entire school" Jackie said.

"She's just kidding about that" Marth said.

"So modest this one" Jackie said wrapping her arms around his.

"Hey! That's the dude from" Mike said before Jackie cut him with two short whistles causing Casanova to latch on Mike's ankle. "AH! Casanova stop!" Mike exclaimed as he hopped into the kitchen.

"You shouldn't train your dog to attack people" Kevin said.

"Just because he's tiny doesn't mean he can't be an attack dog" Jackie said. "Jayden can Marth spend the night? It's going to storm soon and I don't want him walking in the rain" Jackie said laying her head on Marth's shoulder.

"Well you were nice enough to bring my sister home so I guess it can't hurt but you need to be out of here first thing in the morning" Jayden said.

"Yes sir no problem" Marth said with a small nod.

"Let's go get started on dinner" Jayden said before he and Kevin walked into the kitchen.

"I'll go get you a blanket" Emily said before she walked off.

"This is no fair you all weren't this nice when Roy was here" Charlie said as Mia walked off.

"Well Roy had to be the hero and be all crimson ranger in front of the other rangers it's his own fault" Jackie said snuggling Marth. "Not my fault your boyfriend's an idiot and mine isn't" Jackie said.

"He isn't my boyfriend" Charlie said.

"I've seen you kissing him" Jackie said.

"UGH!" Charlie exclaimed before she stormed off.

"I'm going to get changed really quick" Jackie said standing up.

"Oh okay" Marth said. Jackie kissed his cheek before she walked in her room.

"So Marth did you and Jackie hang out a lot in high school?" Mia asked as she walked in with a pillow.

"Uh no girls like that don't really go for guys like me" Marth said.

"Aww don't sell yourself short" Mia said.

"So did you and Jackie hang out at all?" Mike asked as he limped back in.

"We had art club together" Marth said. "She's kind of like my muse in a way" Marth said with a small smile.

"You sat around drawing Jackie?" Mike asked slightly confused.

"No, no, no! Nothing like that!" Marth exclaimed nervously. "I didn't draw her she was like inspiration for the drawings" Marth said.

"Uh-huh" Mike said slowly.

"Mike leave him alone!" Jackie exclaimed as she walked in dressed in her pajamas.

"I'm just asking some questions" Mike said.

"Well butt out before I kick your ass!" Jackie exclaimed.

"Jacqueline language" Jayden said as he walked back into the living room.

"He started it" Jackie said. "Leave"

"You can't make me leave" Mike said. Jackie whistled twice before Casanova latched on to his ankle. "AH! Bad dog! Bad dog!" Mike exclaimed before he ran back into the kitchen.

"I'll bring you your dinner be good" Jayden said before he walked into the kitchen.

"Um Jacqueline can I ask you a question?" Marth asked.

"Of course Marshall you know you can tell me anything" Jackie said.

"D-Do you really see me as your boyfriend?" Marth asked.

"Yes" Jackie said smiling with a slight blush. "But don't tell okay it'll be our little secret" Jackie said before she kissed his cheek. "My knight in shining armor" Jackie said.

Mia smiled from the doorway and then Mentor walked over.

"They're so cute together aren't they?" Mia asked.

"Yes I'm glad she's interacting with other people. She wasn't the most sociable child" Ji said.


Ji heard giggling coming from the dojo. He turned the corner and saw the nine year old Jayden and five year old Charlotte and Jacqueline doodling on the easel when they were suppose to practicing symbol power.

"Are we practicing our symbol power?" Ji asked loudly causing the three to turn around.

"Yes" The three said.

"It's not nice to lie" Ji said as he walked in.

"But we drew a horsey Ji!" Jackie said with a lisp since she had a lost a tooth when she fell out a tree.

"Yes and it's a very nice horsey but symbol power is important" Ji said flipping the page. "Now practice"

"Yes sir" The three said bored. Then the phone rang and Ji went into the kitchen to answer it.

"This is Ji" Ji said.

"Hello this is Ms. Alice from the daycare I'm calling about Jacqueline" Alice said.

"Of course you are" Ji said with a sigh. "What did she do this time?"

"She poured blue paint down a little boy's shirt today" Alice said.

"I'll talk to her" Ji said.

"To be honest sir I don't think Charlotte and Jacqueline really need to come to daycare they are really smart little girls. They're at a second grade level and they're five years old" Alice said. "But I will need Jacqueline to come in and apologize"

"Of course we'll come by tomorrow" Ji said before he hung up. "Jacqueline come here please"

"Yes Ji?" Jackie asked as she walked over.

"That was your teacher Alice were you being mean again?" Ji asked.

"Well…" Jackie started.

"Remember Jacqueline it's not nice to lie" Ji said.

"Yea Jacqueline tell Ji how you put blue paint in Billy Fisher's pants" Charlie said.

"Charlotte!" Jackie exclaimed causing Charlie and Jayden to laugh.

"Jacqueline why would you do something like that?" Ji asked.

"Because! He said Charlie was a boy and I looked like a hockey player!" Jackie exclaimed pointing to the gap in her teeth.

"Revenge is never the answer Jacqueline. If you fight with hatred" Ji said before Jayden and the twins cut him off.

"You're no better than the nighlock" Jayden and the twins said.

"Exactly" Ji said. "So come along Jacqueline we're going to go down to the daycare and apologize"

"Do I have to?" Jackie asked. "I hate people"

"Don't say that" Ji said.

"I honestly think it's true" Jayden said.

"Me too!" Charlie exclaimed waving her hand.

"Jacqueline why do you say that you hate people?" Ji asked.

"Because I just do" Jackie said plopping down on the couch next to Ji. "Everyone's always making fun of me just because I can't see that well so then I get angry and I throw things at people and then they get mad at me. It's just over and over again" Jackie said with a sigh. "I just wish everyone would disappear is there a symbol to make people disappear? Cause I want to learn that one first instead of the moon symbol" Jackie said.

"Jacqueline you should not let people get to you. They're wasting their energy making fun of you" Ji said.

"Then they love wasting time" Jackie said with a sigh.


"I don't know what this boy's intentions are but he obviously makes Jacqueline happy" Ji said.

The next morning, Marth tapped on Jackie's door to tell her goodbye. He slightly opened the door and saw Jackie sleeping in her bed. He slowly made his way inside and gently shook her awake.

"Jacqueline hey it's time to wake up" Marth said.

"Hmm" Jackie said slowly opening her eyes. "Hey are you leaving?" Jackie asked.

"Yea I have to get going" Marth said.

Jackie got up on her knees and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I wish you didn't have to leave" Jackie said.

"I told your brother I would first thing in the morning" Marth said.

"Why do you have to be such a good boy?" Jackie asked with a small chuckle. "I'm going to miss you" Jackie said before she kissed his lips.

"Um would you like to go on a date with me?" Marth asked.

Jackie let out a happy gasp. "Really?" Jackie asked happily.

"Uh yes" Marth said.

"I'd love to" Jackie said smiling. "Is it so hard to believe that I like you for you?" Jackie asked.

"Yea a little" Marth said.

"I think you are amazing" Jackie said before she kissed him again. "I want you have to my zombie painting" Jackie said standing up and walking over to her easel. It was a zombie rockabilly band one zombie had a guitar, one had a stand up bass, and one was on the drums.

"This is a nice painting are you sure you want me to have this?" Marth asked as she handed it to her.

"Of course" Jackie said. Jackie gave him a small kiss. "Goodbye Marshall"

"Goodbye" Marth said before he walked out.

Jackie plopped back on the bed and Casanova looked up at her. "I miss him already" Jackie said with a sigh.

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