Tsunade looked at Sakura, dead serious with Shizune beside her, looking like she's about to cry. They were currently at war with Iwa, Oto and Kumo and Naruto had been taken away with Jiraiya, Kakashi and Yamato. They didn't know where. They left several months ago and they hadn't heard from them since they left.

"Sakura, I think Danzou is going to act up soon so I'm taking this time to let you in on a little secret."

Sakura looked worried but nodded.

"You know about the Uchiha Massacre, don't you?" Tsunade asked.

Sakura nodded. "Everyone does."

Tsunade nodded. "But what everyone doesn't know, was that Uchiha Itachi was made to kill his clan. It was mission issued by the Third Hokage and the elders."

Sakura's eyes widened. "What!?"

Tsunade nodded. "I read Itachi's report on it. He couldn't kill Sasuke in the end and pleaded that he live. In return, he'd become a missing-nin and never speak of the mission to anyone."

Sakura's eyes began to water. She thought of Sasuke who was damning his brother to hell while Itachi only wanted to protect him.

"I don't understand. Why would they order Itachi to do something so drastic?" Sakura asked.

"Apparently Itachi's father, Fugaku and the other Uchiha elders were planning a coup to take over Konoha. They wanted Itachi to be the Hokage."

"And Itachi-"

"was a double spy for the Third Hokage. He was supposed to spy on the Hokage but instead went to the Hokage, explaining everything that was going on in the clan and he was made into a double spy."

"Why? I mean, I'm glad he was on our side but why would he go against his own clan?"

"Itachi was five when the Second Great Ninja War took place. He was surrounded by death and was made to kill in order to survive. Because of that, he became a pacifist. He didn't want to be a shinobi but he was the heir to the Uchiha clan. He didn't have a choice."

Sakura's heart went out to him and before her eyes, Uchiha Itachi changed from the cold-hearted murderer to the shinobi saint of Konoha who loved his brother more then anything.

"Why did you want to tell me this?" Sakura asked.

"If something happens to me, I want you to take this to the clan heads and announce it to all of Konoha. The elders should be executed. I also suspect Danzou was behind it so don't leave him out. Try and find more evidence against him."

Sakura nodded.

"Also, Sakura," Tsunade murmured, sagging in her chair. "Over the years, I have watched you grow from a child to a woman and I am glad to say that you have surpassed me in not only the medical field, but the phyical area as well. Whatever happens, I will be there to protect you."

More tears fell from Sakura's eyes. It sounded like she was saying goodbye.

"Tsunade-shishou, what-"

"Don't worry Sakura. You're dismissed. Also, take this. I want you to study them and perfect the jutsus."

Sakura took the scrolls offered to her. She nodded.

"H-Hai. Good night, Tsunade-shishou."

A few days later, Sakura had studied the scrolls. Three of them were forbidden. The first scroll was heighten the normal senses and skills. The scroll opened up further to reveal nine empty seals with names on each. Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight, Hearing, Agility, Speed, Stealth and Strength. She was to fill each with the heart of an animal, or the animal itself if it fits, with the skills they want from it. She could even give two animals per sense. Like a cat's heart on the Sight seal.

Sakura had been out and collected nine specimen for her jutsu. Finally came the day she'd perform it. Tsunade allowed her the privacy of her own lab so she didn't have to worry about other people.

"I feel like Orochimaru," Sakura said grimly. "But I have to do this."

She opened the scroll on the table. She grabbed the nine jars and put them near the scroll. She pulled out the dead spide and placed it on the seal for touch. She took the snake heart and placed it on taste. She took the dog heart and placed it on smell. She placed the galago heart and a dragon fly on sight, bat's heart on hearing, cat's heart on agility, Dragonfly on speed, panther's heart on stealth and the ant on strength. Cutting her thumb, she spread the blood onto her other fingers before she starting going through the required hand seals. Once finished, she placed her hand in the middle seal where all the hearts and bodies circled. The seals lit up with many little kanji symbols before they all slid up Sakura's arm. Sakura, having been prepared and placed a gag on herself, let out and ear-splitting scream. She collapsed onto the ground, writhing in pain. Tears fell before she passed out.

She woke up the next night. She got up and wiped the blood from her mouth that she seemed to have coughed up. She couldn't see in the dark. That wasn't right. Suddenly, everything became lighter, like someone turned on the lights. Sakura looked around in surprise. She looked down at the shiny lab table and saw her reflection. Her irises had widened so they almost covered the whites of her eyes. Her pupils had also expanded, leaving a thin green ring that seemed to be glowing.

"Woah..." Sakura breathed. "How do I turn them off?" Sakura wondered.

She thought of them being back to normal and it darkened back to blackness.

"So I just have to want them to be normal?" Sakura wondered. "That's amazing."

"What about the dragonfly eyes?" Sakura wondered.

She moved to the lights and turned them on. Her eyes adjusted immediately, another pro. She heard a buzzing above her and saw a moth. Her pupils disappeared completely and she watched as the moth seemed to fly in slow motion. Suddenly, with the speed and sight of a dragonfly, the moth was in Sakura's hand and back to where she was in a milli-second. Sakura smirked.


She opened up the next forbidden scroll. It was forbidden medical jutsu. Upon reading it, she realised it was the jutsu Chiyo performed. There was more writing on it from someone, Tsunade probably, trying to modify it. Sakura went over what she was doing and filled in the blanks. It wasn't long before she finished the modification and now it was a dangerous jutsu. Now, instead of using your own life to save someone, you can use someone elses life.

"That means my friends don't have to die on the battlefield anymore," Sakura muttered.

But it didn't just stop there. Depending on how long they've been dead, if they've been dead a while, she can use more lives in order to bring them back. It would take about three lives to bring back the Third, four for the Second and five for the First. So long as the heart was still intact. The last was a sealing scroll. Inside it was a guardian summoning. Sakura opened it and was blinded by a bright light.