Prompt: A celebrated event (can be Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving or even a birthday)

Requirement: Must have a super hero.

"Reika is excited, mummy making Reika's birthday party real big and big brothers Inu-Taisho, Yuudai, Aki, Isamu, Katashi, Ren, Katsu, Kei, Kiyoshi, Mamoru, Masahiro, Masahiko, Osamu, Satoshi, Tadashi, Takeshi, Tsuyoshi, Arata, Haruo, Hikaru…"

Sesshoumaru sighs listening to his pup yap continuously, a habit she gained from her mother, and when the said culprit giggles at his situation he sends her a glare. His wife leans against the doorway to their lounge, amusement twinkling in her blue eyes, and her lips quivering as they struggle to not curve and so they don't release another giggle.

"And even big brother Makoto is coming from America to my birthday. So are Poppa Taisho, Nanny Izayoi, Nana, Grand-mama, Great-Great Grand Poppa, Uncle Souta, Aunty Sango, Uncle Yasha, Aunty Kagura, Uncle Miroku, Uncle Shippo, Aunty Rin, Uncle Kohaku, Aunty Kanna, Uncle Kouga, and Aunty…" Sesshoumaru places his hand over his pup's mouth to make her be quiet, her eyebrows furrow and she removes her hand. "Daddy Reika didn't get to her nieces and nephews, and their children yet. I didn't even get to my friends" Reika pouts but she doesn't continue and instead she gazes at her dad.

"You are coming too, right dad? Because mummy ordered a clown, a magician, a piñata, a big bouncy castle and everyone is allowed to swim in the pool. Reika made the dress code 'dress as your favourite hero.' You will come, won't you daddy?" Reika whispers, hope shines in her blue eyes and she nuzzles her cheek against his before pulling away to get her answer.

Sesshoumaru grimaces, his amber eyes flicker to his mate and they plead for her to come to his rescue but she shakes her head. Sesshoumaru sighs, he could already feel his beast whine at his pup's impending sorrow and he begins to brace himself. Stroking behind her ear softly and placing a kiss on her forehead he whispers softly, "This Sesshoumaru has to go to Osaka."

Reika pulls away from him, her blue eyes welling with tears and she whispers with disappointment, "You're not going to be here for my birthday." Sesshoumaru grimaces again, his pup reeks of sadness and disappointment and she spoke in first person. She rarely speaks in first person. His nose senses the salty tears before they overflow and spill down her cheeks.

"This Sesshoumaru is" his pup clambers out of his grasp, her face revealing the disappointment and the hurt she is feeling. She stares at him for a few moments before running to her room, he grimaces when he hears her door slam and when he smells more salty tears.

"Sesshoumaru, she will be fine" Kagome whispers soothingly, she sits down on his lap and strokes his magenta stripes and he nuzzles into the palm of her hand. Kagome places a soft kiss on his forehead and he his nose dives towards the nape of her neck, inhaling her sweet scent.

But Kagome was wrong, Reika wasn't fine.

Red balloons, white balloons, pink balloons, purple balloons, yellow balloons, orange balloons and green balloons dangle tidy off the mansion. In the backyard a rainbow bouncy castle rests, preparing itself for the bombarding children soon to come. The piñata droops from the Sakura tree, the poor dog shaped piñata couldn't bear to think of the abuse that will later come and the wooden baseball bat lies lazily below it, almost mockingly. The pool has many pool toys, an inflated floating toy bus the children could crime into, three or four beach balls, plenty of colour tubes, an inflated raft and two recliner lounge seats. Luckily the pool was big enough; Kagome even had the volleyball net near the pool in case anyone wants a game. Knowing some children would be too little to swim in the pool Kagome had a little paddle pool shaped like a star set up, and even a long waterside.

Three big white canopies are set up as well with long tables and many seats lined up under them like obedient soldiers. Big colourful banners are around the edges with 'Happy Birthday Reika' written on them. The clown had just arrived and was setting up his little corner where he could entertain a few children and the magician, only for this event, Shippo was yet to arrive with his mate and pups. Kagome even got a few bubble machines; the children would love the bubbles.

Everything looked perfect to Kagome, the servants were on hand to help with the birthday party and the cooks were ready to get started but something was wrong.

Kagome purses her lips together and knocks on her daughter's door, "Sweetie come and look at your birthday party set-up. It's beautiful." She opens the door immediately when she hears sniffles and she gasps when she finds her daughter.

Purple eye shadow smeared across her eyes, a long silver wig slinging to the end of her bun, and a little outfit perfectly made for her size which reminded Kagome of… Kagome freezes immediately. "It is ruined mummy, it's ruined. Jaken-sama helped Reika get this so she could surprise daddy but daddy isn't here, it's ruined. Reika can't even put the wig on properly and my stripe on my eye looks funny" Reika sobs miserably, she slumps onto the ground, hugs her knees and buries her face into her arms.

"Reika did you dress up as daddy? For your super hero theme" Kagome whispers softly, Reika raises her head and nods before burying her face again.

"Jaken-sama told Reika what daddy wore when you two met, so Reika wanted to wear it and Jaken-sama got it. Jaken-sama is just gone to get a toy sword like how daddy used to carry one around" Reika says sadly, Kagome wraps her arms around her little girl who whimpers and cuddles tightly into her.

"How about we get you cleaned up for your party and mummy will help with your costume" Kagome says softly, Reika shakes her head furiously and nuzzles into her mum. Jaken enters with a plastic sword and squawks in surprise when he sees Kagome; he nods to Kagome and politely leaves the two to talk.

"Reika doesn't want to go to her party" Reika confesses softly, tears continue to roll down her cheeks and she whispers, "It's not special without daddy."

"But daddy would want you to have fun at your birthday party Reika" Kagome replies, she lifts her pup up and carries her to the nearest bathroom. "How about I tidy you up, get you changed and we take a photo for daddy, okay?"

A message from his mate pops up on his cell phone so he opens it, the text reads 'Reika dressed as her favourite super hero', and he scrolls down to see his pup dressed as her favourite super hero. She wasn't Cat woman or Super woman like he expected, instead his heart lurches when he sees her dressed like he did in the feudal era. He looks up at the other youkai talking in the meeting room and inwardly sighs sadly. Sesshoumaru leans against his chair and gazes down at the picture of Reika posing with a sword.

"Mr Taisho, what do you think?" an annoying female cat youkai questions him, the annoying woman is forever trying to crawl into his pants and the smell of her faint arousal disgusts him.

"I think I'm going home" and home he went, a little late but his family didn't mind. Especially his pup who attached herself to him once again.

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