A/N: Years One through Four has been revamped and re-edited as of 12/31/2013.

Summary: Chad Dickson believes he is the last person to be tasked with the protection of the newly decommissioned Rachel McKenzie. And as the Kids Next Door is soon racked in civil war, he struggles to keep the balance and possibly find redemption in the place he least expected. But a greater threat lies beyond the stars and when they fall, so will Earth.

Warnings: Extremely mild language, mild violence, and the occasional drunken mishap. Sometimes wacky hi-jinks too.

"The biggest meteor shower we have seen in years will make its way across New York's skies," The live stream video feed hologram freezes for a second, buffering before returning to normal. The toneless anchorwoman continues her report without a beat. "NASA has proclaimed that all of the meteors will burn up in Earth's atmosphere, but reports about strange satellite interference from such a spectacle will..."

The woman's report drowns away as people began to chatter loudly from the balconies below. There was so much dialogue flitting around that she had no choice but to click her datapad off and simply wait for the stars to fall. One child points at the visible moon above them and whispers in excitement to her equally small friend, "Do you think it'd be much better to see the shower from Moonbase?"

"Probably," The little girl nods. "Too bad we got swing shift this time, huh?"

Any other adult wouldn't have picked up their chatter, too busy being adults and treating it as simple children chatter. But she did. She looked down from her perch on the highest point of the skyscraper, deciding that the two children were of more interest than the skies, but only for a moment. A new shift in the balance of this world was coming soon. Greater than anyone could imagine.

"Quick! Make a wish!" One mother whispers to her child, who gleefully points up at the sky.

A star falls from the heavens, a twinkle of pure starlight, causing even the children to pause their conversation and gaze at the spectacle in awe. She looks back up to see another star falling from the violet sky one after another. The sun was near to disappear completely into the horizon now, revealing more stars ready to cross that threshold for a burning end.

Stars continued to fall in succession, each rapid than the last until the entire sky was home to them, meteors burning up in long trails of star dust.

"They say seeing falling stars in your dreams signify a wish recognized, but never fulfilled." A deep voice rumbles from behind her. It was soft, teasing; electrifying the very air around her until the chill up her spine becomes so great, she physically tightens her hold on the datapad to the point of breaking it. Her fa├žade crumbles immediately at the sound of his voice. A single tear slowly makes its way down her cheek before falling into the street far below. A tear for this world; for the beginning and the end.

I wish for these stars to fall. Let these dreams end so I can look to the future. So we can look to the future.