This Is Me Saving You

Everything was quiet for a long time. Dead quiet, the kind of quiet that happens when you think maybe your dead. But they weren't, no one was. The bomb was neutralized and as a room everyone let out a held breath. Neal opened his eyes to see Alex standing, arms still outstretched with tears streaking quickly down her cheeks. She had come close to death. Neal looked around the room and corrected himself; they had all come close to death. But like everyone else around the world they lived to see another day.

"Nice work," Neal wasn't surprised that Peter was the first to move. He had positioned himself next to the head of the bomb squad who had made the final cut of the wire on Neal's demand. His hand was outstretched and the man took a second to shake his head clear before taking it.

"Always a pleasure," he said while his men surrounded Alex and began dissembling the pieces of her vest.

Neal looked away from the scene and ran his hand threw his hair. This was one stressful night. He looked towards the elevator and remembered his promise to Hughes. He shook his arms out, straightened his jacket, and headed for the elevator.

"Woah, woah, woah, woah, where do you think you're going?" Peter asked grabbing his elbow.

"To see Hughes, you heard what he said," Neal said very confused with Peter's interrogation of his movement, maybe he just wanted to be sure that Neal was going to see Hughes and hadn't forgotten or "forgotten".

"Neal, a woman just yelled out she loved you as she thought she was going to die, you're really not going to talk to her?"

"No Peter, I'm not," Neal yanked his arm back and moved for the elevator once more.

"Why not?" Peter asked following him.

"Because she thought she was dying, because I thought I was dying, because I have a girlfriend," he said as Peter started to protest. "And Alex isn't her," Neal said getting into the elevator and watching as the door closed between him and Peter.


"I'm here," Neal said standing in Hughes' doorway.

"Oh Neal, good to see you," Hughes nodded to him. "I assume since you're standing here everything went as planned downstairs?"

"Yes sir," Neal confirmed.

"Hello Neal," a female officer he hadn't met before nodded to him.

"Neal this is agent Jane Curry she's just transferred from the Washington White Collar Division."

"Oh, hi Jane I'm Neal Caffrey," he stepped in and held his hand out to her.

"Yes I've heard," she paused, "Interesting things about you Mr. Caffrey," she smiled and it was somewhere between genuine and fake.

"You wanted to speak to me after everything was said and done sir?" Neal addressed Hughes once again wanting nothing more than to return home and fall into a deep sleep.

"Yes Neal I did, have a seat," he motioned to the chair in his office. Neal sighed and sat down even though that meant he would probably be here for a while. "Neal as Peter might have mentioned to you he sent me some paperwork involving your friend."

"Oh ya he said he sent up a collar request," Neal tried to sound disinterested thinking that with Hughes a low level of interest was always the best route to take.

"Yes he did, that's why Jane is here Neal. She's going to interrogate Alex with you and if everything works out then Alex will become her CI."

"Wait I'm interrogating Alex?" Neal asked suddenly worried.

"Problem?" Jane asked seeming a bit more curious than Neal thought necessary.

"No I just don't think she'll be too fond of me when she learns that since I brought her in she'll be arrested."

"I'm sure she'll get over it," Jane said grabbing her overly stuffed briefcase. "Let's go Caffrey," she walked to the large meeting room.

Neal looked to Hughes with his mouth slightly open in disbelief, "Well go on," Hughes urged.


"That was long," Neal complained as he and Jane stepped out of the room with three full tapes of Alex revealing every last drop of information she had about anyone except herself.

"Those meetings always are," Jane said sipping her coffee that she had made Jones fetch instead of Neal.

"So what happens now?" he asked. He noticed Jane look him up and down and seem pleased in less time than it took to blink.

"Now we check out a few of these names while she stays in a temporary holding facility and if more than a fifth of them check out then we'll have her out and fitted for her anklet."

"Really it's just a fifth?"

"Please with the list she gave us she could have stopped talking after the first thirty minutes and we would have considered her for a capable CI. Usually it's about half sometimes more but most people aren't floating the kind of information or the volume of information that Alexandra Hunter is." Jane walked away from Neal with all of her belonging stuffed into her briefcase, she had somehow managed to find room for all of Alex's things too.


"I'm still mad at you," Alex hissed when Neal walked into her cell to visit. "You turned me in."

"I got the bomb off your chest."

"You handed me over to the FBI."

"It saved your life."

"You ignored me."


"I love you," she snipped and he looked down. "Oh look you're doing it again."

He stared out the window instead of at her when he talked. "I just wanted to let you know that they decided if you'll get an anklet or not."


AN: tee hee I'm starting to like this whole cliffhanger thing. And so much drama with Neal and Alex and the FEDs. Btw in case anyone is wondering Jane is a character I created. 3 next chapter we'll get to see some Sara Ellis.