I though one day I would lead an excited life, but I never though it wound be like this

It was a beautiful day off summer vacation, had just started

Lilly: aww I can't wait to go home and do nothing

Amy:but Lilly arent you doing any thing for summer vacation

Lilly: nope, just going to stay home for the hole summer and play with shall we date: ninja Love, on till I get bored

Amy: Lilly you should really get a life and a boyfriend

Lilly: naw, to much work to go look for a boyfriend

Amy: but you're going to miss ur summer romance

Lilly: my summer what ?

Amy: you know, your summer romance. Summer is the time to find your true love and get all lovey duvy with each other

Lilly: I think I will pass on that, Ah! Look at the time , it's my turn to cook dinner. See you when we get back in school Amy

Amy: see u later. Oh! And don't waste your time playing that game the hole summer

But little did she know that my summer was going to be turn up side down

Lilly: AM HOME!

No answer

Lilly: seems like mom is at work already. Well, let me get started before the big monster and the little monster gets here

Some one came running from up stirs

Natia: big sis am hungery!

Lilly:well am almost done so wait a little longer.

Natia: but am hunger NOW!

Natia goes on a rampage

Lilly: Ok, Ok, here it's finish

Natia: YAY! It's finish , thanks for the food. Aren't you going to eat big sis

Lilly: naw, not really hungery, but wheres Teddy?

Natia: u mean bigger sis


Natia: she's up stirs in your room

Lilly: Aaa, in my room, wait WHAT! IN MY ROOM? Why is she in there

Natia : she saide she wanted to use one your earrings

Lilly runs up stirs, And Burt's into her room to find that Teddy was going with her boots

Lilly: what do you thing your doing

Teddy: what does it look like, am going to wear your boots

Lilly: Yeah! with out my permasioon

Teddy: whatever. Anyways mom say she is going to Hawaii this summer

Lilly: really, I have to go pack my stuff and , and get my camera

Teddy: but your not going?

Lilly: say what?

Teddy: it's only Mom that's going

Lilly: ok. That means the 3 sisters are going to stay home for the hole summer than.

Teddy: and that's we're you are wrong again. Am going on a road trip with my boyfriend and some friends

Lilly: well that's anthore ok. I can stay here wait my lil sis then

Teddy: that's anthore no. Natia is going to a summercamp this year and I think she is leavening about ... Now

Lilly run down the stirs and out the door but she was to late, the bus was already driving away but a small head pop out of the bus

Natia: Bye Bye! Big sis and Bigger sis

Lilly: Bye Natia

Teddy: see, she's gone . And my ride is here , see u when I get back

Lilly: Bye Teddy

In Mind Of Lillly: well I guess I will be home by myself for summer vication

Lilly went to her room and fling her self in her bed

Lilly: well it isn't that bad. At least I can play shall we date:ninja Love

In mind of Lilly: but I wish I can go in the game

Womens voice: your wish will be grated

Lilly: who saide that. (( yawns )) show ... your self ..

Lilly pass out but little did she know that her summer vacation was about to get excited

Lilly wakes up

Lilly: where am I

Womans voice: W-who g-goes there

Lilly: Oh! Sorry to disturbed. Hi my name is Lilly Parks. You wouldn't mind if I ask you a question ? Where is this

Womans voice : your in Keniosn temple and let me ask you a question why do you look electly like me? and have the same name ?