Lilly: what do u mean that i look exactly like you

The woman, moved from the sahdowes and into the light

Lilly: ...

The woman: shocking, I know

Lilly fated

The woman: hey, hey...girl

In lilly head:where in hell am I, one min I was on my bed , and then poof! Am somewhere else but I noticed that the name of this temple is the same out of my game. Could it be that am in ...

Lilly wake up at that moment

Lilly: what a nightmare I swear to god, that I was transported to a different world and I meet someone who look exactly like me. What a mess up dream Hahaha!

The woman: it's not a dream

Lilly: AH! Were did you come from

The woman: I've been here by the time you wake up and when you were talking to your self . Sorry for scarying you last night.

The woman bowed to Lilly

Lilly: Ah! No need to do that.

The woman: ok, but plz answer the question that I asked you last night

Lilly: ok, I will answer your question but plz do tell me your name

The woman: Oh! Excues me for my rudeness. My name is Lilly as well.

Lilly: so your name is Lilly also. Ok I will tell you why I look exactly as you. Am not from your world, am from a different demention. Right now am so puse to be in my bed, doing nothing this summer but it looks like I was transported in to my game.

Lilly2: what do you mean by a game?

Lilly: the world that you livening now is not real its a game that my ppl had made to intertain young girls like me but some how am in the game. It's ok if you don't believe me , I sound like a crazy person that needs help.

Lilly2: I believe you

Lilly: you do

Lilly2: yes but for the mean time you will be livening with me, so we are going to do a little changes of how you look

Lilly: I have the perfect look for me

Lilly went behide the blinds and start taken off her clothes and putting on a new set

Lilly: am going to be a boy from now on, it will be easier for me to be a boy and I always wanted to be a boy!

Lilly2: hmmm, your right but what about your name, it can't be the same as mine tough

Lilly: I already have a name for my self , my name from now on is Kato

Lilly2: ok sounds good, when my grandpa ask tell him that your one of my friends, who stared livening here

Kato: ok!

6 days has passed and Lilly's grandpa siad yes for me to stay in the temple

The villager: thank you Lilly and Kato for helping me out yesterday

Kato: no problem.

Lilly: it was my pleasure

The villager2: hey Kato can you help us out with a few things

Kato: Ok! See you back at the temple Lilly

Lilly : ok. Come back Before night fall

Kato: Ok!

The villager: Lilly it seems your very found of Kato.

Lilly: I am, he is just like a brother to me

Now to Kato

In mind of Kato: it seems I've gotten stronger since I got here , every thing is going peaceful but why do I have this feeling that this peacefulness is not going to last long

The villager: Hey Kato! Put that log to the outer rame of the temple

Kato: ok

The villager: for a little boy he is very strong, he did not even break a sweat when he was doing the work

Kato: and done. Few! that's it, now I can go back to the temple. Hmm it seems like something is in the tree

Something had fall out of the tree

In mind of Kato: Oh My God! Aren't you...