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High School, a place where many things happen. Excitement, Love, Rivalry, all these emotions are first truly experienced here in high school. And our story starts off in one particular high school, Gotei Academy. Where the best of the best come here to study, the smart and the rich. Now a new student will be walking into the gates of these prestigious school, and her name is Karin Kurosaki. Now her new trial in high school begins.

In the home room:

"So guys, first day of school! Aren't you pumped?!" the petite, black-haired girl asked.

"Not really, I'd rather be in bed asleep." the busty, strawberry-blonde woman answered in a tired tone.

"How typical of you Rangiku." complained short white-haired boy.

Just then the three friends heard a soft snore and turned to see the red-spikey haired, tattooed guy dozing off while standing.

"I think he fell asleep on us guys." replied the short one.

"Allow me…RENJI WAKE UP!" the petite girl screamed before smaking him on the back of his head.

"WWAAHH! What…What did I miss?!" the red-haired shot up.

"You were sleeping, Are you like setting the new record for falling asleep for the longest time?" the tall, orange-hair boy asked sarcastically.

"Why yes, I worked real hard on that this summer by sleeping in." the red-haired answered with pride.

"Yeah! You wouldn't answer your freakin phone until 3 in the afternoon!" argued the petite one with her eyes glowing red, ready to punch him in the face.

"Oh did I, so sorry!" the red-haired apologised, everyone laughed after that.

Just then, the new kid entered the room.

"Hey who is she. I've never seen her before." the busty lady asked looking at the new girl. Then everyone turned around and saw what Rangiku saw. She was quite short for her age, had her black straight hair in a ponytail and had a perfect body figure.

"KA…KARIN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!" the orange-haired boy shouted at the sight of her before running straight for her.

"Yo, Ichi-nii! I guess dad and Yuzu didn't tell you yet. I got a scholarship to this school. So from now on I'll be your classmate." Karin explained as her brother Ichigo tried to take it all in. Suddenly, the bell rang and Karin went off to find her class. Before that she got tugged by her brother.

In the classroom (English):

Karin took her seat and then the petite and busty girls came up to her.

"Hey there! Your Karin right, Ichigo's sister? We're friends with him. I'm Kuchiki Rukia and this is Matsumoto Rangiku." the petite one said as she introduced them to Karin. After that, a man with long white hair came up to the teacher's desk.

"Good morning class, I'm your new math teacher Jyuushiro Ukitake. And it seems I'm not the only new one since we have a new student joining us today. Why don't you introduce yourself to us, Kurosaki-chan." The man said as he directed Karin to the front of the class.

"I'm Karin Kurosaki, a scholar." Karin introduced not knowing what else to say.

In the canteen (Lunch):

Karin just got her lunch and was trying to find a seat.

"Karin! Over here!" Rukia called for her as she waved her over to their table. As Karin walked over she saw some familiar faces.

"Hey sis I'd like you to meet some of my friends. This is Abarai Renji (points to the red-haired guy), Hitsugaya Toshiro (points to the white-haired boy) and I guess you already know Rukia and Rangiku." Ichigo introduced. "So tell me in every detail, how in the world did you get the scholarship and why are you in my year?" he continued staring deeply at his sister for answers.

"Well, they had this test and I just happen to take it and aced it quite well, so they gave me a spot in the school. And I did so well in it that they allowed me to skip years into your year." Karin explained as she took a bite out of her sandwich.

"Wow Ichigo, for a knuckle-head like you, you sure have a smart sister!" Renji smirked playfully as he nudged Ichigo on the elbow.

"Well at least there will be a new addition to our gang! This is so exciting we should go somewhere during the weekend!" Rangiku exclaimed excitedly.

"Rangiku, it's still Monday. You really shouldn't be thinking of weekends now. Besides we should be concentrating on our studies." Toshiro replied in a tired tone as he finished his apple.

"Man, Toshiro you really need to chill. Although you're already very cold natured." Ichigo remarked. Everyone chuckled at that comment while Toshiro glared at him with his teal eyes. Suddenly the bell rang signalling the end of their lunch break.

In the classroom (Math):

Karin entered the classroom to find the only seat left was with Toshiro. As she looked at him from afar, she found him quite attractive with his pure white hair and teal green eyes. Karin thought she was blushing and quickly covered her face with her books. She kept asking herself why she, a full tomboy was blushing for a boy until…

"Miss Kurosaki, I would appreciate if you will take your seat." A man with long black hair and cold eyes said to her from behind. Karin ran to her seat next to the window, next to Toshiro. For the whole lesson Karin stared into space outside the window.

"Amazing how you got the scholarship considering that you practically don't pay attention in class." Toshiro suddenly whispered making Karin jump.

"Well I have my own way of learning." Karin replied.

"Miss Kurosaki, I would appreciate if you would pay attention to my class." Mr Kuchiki said sternly.

"I am listening." Karin replied.

"Then, tell me what I just asked."

"What is 50 x 30 equal to? The answer is 1500."

"Very good." Mr Kuchiki said before returning to his lesson. Everyone was impressed by Karin's reaction for a while, then they all went back to listening to the lesson.

Toshiro was very impressed with Karin, even though she doesn't seem to be the type of person who would take the lesson seriously, and she definitely doesn't show it. Now that he thinks about it, it seems that he has taken quite an interest in her as he looked into her dark purple eyes. Wait, what was he thinking!? He never took any interest to any girls!

School Lobby (End of class):

"Thanks dad! See ya!" Karin said as her father left the school grounds. He came to drop off Karin's luggages since she decided to stay at the dorms of the school. She thought it was for the best so that she will have more time to study instead of wasting time going back and forth from home. She had to be at the top 10 of her level if she wants to continue studying at this school. Karin soon dragged her luggage when she stopped to see Rukia right in front of her.

"Well don't just stand there, I need to bring you to your dorm roommate!" She said with a huge grin. Roommate! Karin thought. Well its better than a stranger. Karin followed her to the room and when she opened the door she found the room to be quite homely. There were two beds with light blue beddings, two closets, a bathroom with a shower, a medium size TV and a desk for studying with a computer.

"Hurry and arrange your things and get changed to something more comfortable, I've invited some friends to come over." Rukia said before dropping on to her bed to read a book. Karin did as she was told and unpacked all her things and went to change. She changed into a white T-shirt with the words 'Rocking Queen' and black shorts. Once she got out of the bathroom, she saw Rangiku sitting on her bed and two unfamiliar girls. One had long orange hair like Ichi-nii and the other had brown hair tied up into a brunette.

"Hey welcome back Karin, I want you to meet two of my other friends. This is Orihime Inoue (points to the orange-haired girl) and Hinamori Momo (points to the brunette girl). They came to have a little chat and to give you some insights on the school so that you won't be too far off." Rukia introduced as the two new girls gave a short bow. Soon all the girls chatted with jokes and gossips. Karin figured out that maybe this school won't be so bad after all.

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