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Chap 15

"Open house?" Karin asked again. It was the start of school and she was with her group of in the homeroom.

"Yeah, we do it at the end of every year. It's the only day where family members get to visit the academy." Momo explained.

"So goat-chin and Yuzu are coming too?" Karin asked turning to her brother. Ichigo nodded.

"Goat-chin?" Uryū asked.

"It's a nickname I give to my dad." Karin explained. Suddenly the bell rang and they all went off for their classes. Karin and Toshiro walked down the hallway to their class. "So are your parents coming Toshiro?" she asked.

"My parents…They're on a business trip. They won't make it. Besides, they're always away, I don't really know them well." her boyfriend said with a tinge of sadness.

"Oh, sorry I asked." Karin apologised. She felt bad for him, thinking how he has to spend every day alone without his parents. She couldn't bare being without Yuzu, Ichigo or her dad.

"It's ok. After all, I have you right?" Toshiro said as he grasped her free hand. Karin looked up to stare at his gleaming teal eyes.

"Yeah." Karin answered. "Besides, I can't wait to introduce you to my family. Yuzu will be so happy." Karin continued, remembering the times that her sister encouraged her to get a boyfriend.

"I've heard about your family from Kurosaki. Is it true that your father's a idiot?" Toshiro smirked.

"You have no idea." Karin answered.

In the assembly hall (Open house day):

"And that ends the welcoming briefing. So please enjoy yourselves now." the student body president ended and all the family members went off to find their children.

"KARIN-CHAN! ICHI-NII! I'm so glad to see you guys!" a girl with light brown hair tied into two pigtails, brown eyes and wearing a green hooded sweatshirt and a white, pink stripped skirt and white covered slippers exclaimed as she ran over to Karin and Ichigo and gave them a tight hug.

"Yuzu! It's great to see you again." Karin replied to her sister.

"So she's Yuzu, you're…uhm?" Renji stated forgetting how Yuzu was related.

"IDIOT! She's Karin's twin sister! How can you forget?" Rukia complained as she punched Renji on the face. The term twin made everyone stare in awe. Not only because of their physical differences, but Yuzu looked like a sweet and gentle girl while Karin was a tough and tomboyish girl.

"How on earth are they twins? They're nothing alike!" Chad asked.

"We just are ok!" Karin complained with a tick mark on her forehead.

"OH ICHIGO! OH KARIN! IT'S SO WONDERFUL TO SEE…" A tall muscular man with spiky black hair wearing a casual red and white shirt and long pants exclaimed as he sprinted and jumped, ready to give his children a big hug. However he was cut short when Karin punched him right on the face and he flew all the way to the wall.

"Can it dad!" Karin exclaimed annoyed, clenching her fist. Everyone looked at the unconscious man, flabbergasted at the power one girl had. Ichigo and Yuzu however sighed, knowing that will happen.

"Uhm…Who is that?" Rangiku finally asked pointing to the man.

"Just my idiot dad." Karin replied as if nothing happened. Just! Everyone thought as they sweat dropped.

"Will he be ok?" Momo asked, still looking at the man. He looked like he was about to die.

"He'll be ok. He'll wake up sooner…" Ichigo answered but was cut short.

"OH MASAKI! MY DARLING DAUGHTER DOESN'T LOVE HER DEAR DADDY ANYMORE!" the man exclaimed, tearing his heart out while grasping the wall. Everyone sweat dropped even more, while Ichigo was busy trying to hold on to Karin from punching their father again.

"Does he do that all the time? And who's Masaki?" Toshiro asked.

"Yeah. You should see him at home. He has this huge poster on the wall which he always goes to after me or Ichigo punches him. Oh and Masaki is my deceased mother." Karin replied plainly. Toshiro flinched at her statement. He has been with her for quite some time and she never mentioned about her mother dying. Probably because it will bring a lot of unwanted memories. Suddenly Toshiro felt something staring at him and when he turned around he was right, Karin's dad was staring intensely at him. Making him flinch.

"ARE YOU MY DARLING DAUGHTER'S BOYFRIEND?" her dad rushed straight for him and asked. As soon as he asked that, Karin went to punch him on the face again. Toshiro's eye twitched.

"Man dad! Do you have to say that to every boy who you see with me? And yes he's my boyfriend. This is Hitsugaya Toshiro." Karin replied, grasping Toshiro's hand.

"OH MY DARLING KARIN I'M SO GLAD!" her dad exclaimed. This time he didn't jump onto her, afraid of another death punch.

"Karin-chan I'm so happy for you!" Yuzu exclaimed happily.

"Well, Karin's not the only one who's got someone special Yuzu. This is Kuchiki Rukia, my girlfriend." Ichigo introduced. Rukia bowed as greetings to her boyfriend's sister. Yuzu bowed back.

"OH ICHIGO! YOU FINALLY HAVE YOURSELF A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN! I EXPECT GRAND…" the idiot man exclaimed but was cut short by Ichigo's kick in the stomach. Everyone sweat dropped again. Like brother, like sister I guess. Rukia remarked to herself.

"Well, then. Let's get things started." Momo finally said. Soon after that, the gang went around showing off their school. With them were of course Ichigo's dad and Yuzu, Uryū's dad, Toshiro and Momo's grandmother, Rukia's sister and Orihime's brother. Soon after a long day, it was over and all the students said their goodbyes to their relatives.

"I'm gonna miss you Karin-chan, Ichi-nii." Yuzu said to her siblings.

"We will too." Ichigo answered.

"Make sure you both take care of yourselves." Yuzu stated before giving them another hug.

"We will, you better get back before it gets too late." Karin said, hugging her twin back.

"We will. Toshiro-kun, Rukia-chan, please take care of my siblings." Yuzu requested when she turned to them.

"Don't worry, we'll take good care of them." Rukia reassured as she went to Ichigo, grabbing his hand. Toshiro did the same thing. Soon they said their goodbyes and they all headed for the dorms.

In Toshiro and Renji's dorm:

"CHEERS!" everyone exclaimed as they held out their glasses full of soft drinks. They were celebrating for putting on a great open house.

"That was great. I think that was the most entertaining open house I've ever had." Renji exclaimed as he remembered meeting Ichigo's dad.

"That's true! Oh, where's Toshiro and Karin?" Rangiku asked, looking around the room.

"Knowing my cousin, he probably went off to somewhere quieter. And Karin probably followed him. After all, they are in love." Momo stated.

On the roof:

"Did we really have to go so far from the dorms?" Karin asked. She knew her boyfriend didn't like being in loud places so she followed him up here to keep you company.

"If you didn't want to come then why'd you follow me?" Toshiro remarked.

"And leave you all alone here! Not a chance." Karin smirked as she went forward to kiss his cheek. They gazed into each other's eyes for a while before looking up in the sky.

"There are so many stars. It's so pretty!" Karin said, acting like a little girl.

"I know something which is even prettier than them." Toshiro smirked, hugging her. Karin blushed a bit. "I'm really glad that I've met you, Karin." Toshiro said softly, looking into her dark purple eyes.

"So am I, Toshiro." Karin answered, gazing into his teal eyes. Soon they closed the night with a passionate kiss on the lips.

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