Author's note: OMG, I can't believe I'm writing this! I've never shipped two girls before but the "Victorious" girls are all just very, very, awesome together. Especially Jade and Tori; they have soooo much tension and chemistry it's ridiculous! I love the pairing so much that after reading other authors' wonderful fics, I've decided to try my hand at it. It just looks like so much fun! Needless to say, this is my first, but I'm not gonna ask you to take it easy on me. I wanna make sure I get it right, so if you see something wrong, tell me. If what you say makes sense to me, I'll change it. Thank you so much for checking out my story. I hope you enjoy it!

Another thing; SKRowling had to help me with my Spanish. Her one fic, "On the Flip Side," has Tori using a lot of Spanish and I thought it was so realistic considering she's supposed to be half Latina; so thank you SKRowling!

Disclaimer: I don't own Victorious; but I really, really, wish I could say otherwise. I'd be making bank! Also, a lot of dialogue in this chapter comes from the pilot episode.


It's my first day here at Hollywood Arts and I've already messed up. I spilled coffee all over this really hot guy; and me, being the idiota that I am, attempted to wipe it away by rubbing it into his chest.

Yeah, that only made it worse. And as if that wasn't bad enough, his girlfriend walked in and pretty much screamed at me for touching her boyfriend. Can't say that I blame her. Like I said, he's really hot and I was rubbing on his chest.

Now, my new teacher's here, Mr. Sikowitz, and I'm soooo embarrassed. I sink into my seat at the sight of him, hoping he'll forget what happened this morning.

He doesn't.

After introducing me as the new student to all my peers, he thanks me for giving him two dollars this morning.

André, the only person I know here at this school besides my sister, elbows me in the ribs. "Why'd you give him two dollars?" he whispers loud enough for the whole class to hear.

"I thought he was homeless!" I hiss back, sinking even lower into my chair.

This would've never happened to me at Sherwood High, my old school. None of my old teachers would've dressed in loose khakis, layers of tacky worn out tops, or come to school barefoot; oh and none of them would dare sport a bald patch in the middle of an abundant array of unkempt hair as an acceptable hairstyle. It's not my fault I thought he was homeless. The man looks homeless!

"Now today, we're going to continue our study in group improv. Tori!"

I jump in my seat.

"I assume you're familiar with improv." Mr. Sikowitz points at me.

I sit up, eager to prove that I'm not just the idiota who mistook my teacher for a homeless man. Only…I have no idea what the chiz improv is. "Uh, well, yes and no." I answer.

That was good. I said I know some but not a lot; meaning I'm not completely lost.

"What does that mean?" he counters.


"No." I admit.

"Okay! Crash course," he begins as turns away from us and walks toward the white board. Then he points at the word "IMPROV" on it. "Improv! Acting without a script. Which means the actors must make up their own actions and dialogue as they perform the scene, understood?"

No. I kinda don't understand, but just as I'm about to tell him so, he moves on.

"Good! Jade! You will captain the first group of the day. Choose your actors!" He claps and walks back toward the board.

I watch as he stares at it. He seems to be a bit lost in thought as he rubs his hands together. He's such an odd man. The way he moves his arms about as he's speaking is just so dang wild and exaggeratedly expressive.

Then I hear my name.

I look up at the front of the room at the girl who called me, Jade I think Mr. Sikowitz called her. She's calling me up so that I can be a part of her group, but I don't wanna go. It's my first day, I don't know what I'm doing; and to top it all off, she's the hot guy's girlfriend. I doubt she wants me to go up there for any other reason than to pay me back for touching her boyfriend. It's in her eyes. The way those baby blues are glaring at me, I just know I'm in deep chiz.

André nudges me in the rib. Okay, that's really starting to hurt. "Go on," he encourages.

But I don't wanna go. I just wanna watch. I'm about to ask if I can just watch when André nudges me again.

Hay! That one really, really, hurt. I scowl at him.

He has no sympathy for me, just points to the front of the stage.

Ya! I'll do it!

I take a deep breath and walk up front slowly. I try not to make eye contact with the hot guy's girlfriend, with Jade, either, but I can't seem to help it.

She's still glaring at me.

I wince; and that's when the corners of her mouth lift up into the most evil smirk.

Sweet chiz, I'm gonna die.

"Okay, let's give 'em a place," Sikowitz says to the rest of the class, completely oblivious to the fact that I'm more than just suffering from a little stage fright. I'm scared out of my wits!


I look at my classmates and note that a boy named Robbie was the one to shout out this answer. I met him earlier. He and his puppet, Rex, were the ones who told me how to get to this classroom. (Weird I know; but this is a school for the artsy. There should be a ventriloquist or two here I guess.)

"And now we need a situation," Mr. Sikowitz continues after writing "home" on the board.

"Big news." This suggestion comes from André.

"André, nobody wants to see big nudes," Mr. Sikowitz explains.

I clap my hand over my face just as André repeats what he really said. Big news, not big nudes.

"Ah! Well that's different." The eccentric teacher doesn't seem abashed at all as he goes back to the board and writes down André's suggestion.

Jade takes a step toward me. I back up, just a little bit, and she smirks again. "Uh, why don't you go wait in the hallway," she suggests, pointing toward the door.

That's it? I can do that. I can do that really good actually. So, I go and do that.

"Okay, at home, big news…and action!" I hear my teacher say before I shut the door.

I don't have to wait in the hallway long before Jade comes to get me. She pulls me by my arm, back to the front of the classroom.

"I went to the animal shelter and got us…a dog." She smiles and looks at me expectantly.

Que demonios?

Oh. The "big news." The family got a dog; and I'm the dog. Of course…

"Uh, yep." I chuckle nervously. "I'm the new family dog."

Dogs don't talk, Tori.

"Woof," I add on.

Jade rolls her eyes at me before taking a few steps away. "Sikowitz, will you please tell this amateur that dogs can't talk."

I know that!

"And that they don't walk on two legs."

Oh, that's low.

"Sikowitz!" She yells when she gets no response from our teacher. He's too busy drinking from a coconut (weird) and he tells us so before adding on, "but it's true Tori. If you're gonna play a dog, be a dog."

I exhale slowly before getting down on all fours. I really don't like this Jade character. I say character because she looks every part of a villain. Dark hair with blue streaks, pierced eyebrow, pierced nose, tattoo on her arm, dark jeans, dark top, and…red boots? MALVADA! Just plain evil I say!

"And action!" Sikowitz yells.

Jade's pretty good at this because she doesn't miss a beat. "I went to the animal shelter and got us a dog!" she repeats her line smoothly.

Immediately, Cat (I met her earlier too, such an interesting girl) and a boy named Eli begin to pat my back…like I'm a dog.

Guacala. Kill me with a rock.

"Can the dog sleep in our bed?"

I look up then. It's the guy, the hot guy. Jade's boyfriend. I nearly blush. Not because he's hot. Well, the perfect brown hair, dark eyes and dark skin are a dreamy combination on him, but really, it's what he said. He's got balls. Well, of course he's got balls. He's a guy; but he's got big cojones if he can ask his scary girlfriend if I could sleep in the same bed with him… in front of everybody.

Jade glares at her boyfriend. "No, honey, it can't!"

Ouch, she called me an "it."

Jade walks toward me. I hope she doesn't kick me. She looks the type to kick puppies. But I stay put. I'm just so dang brave.

She reaches toward me and grabs a few strands of my hair. "Uh oh, looks like this dog has bugs in her fur," she announces.

I growl a little bit in my throat. I do not have bugs in my fur…hair!

The two "kids" behind me cry, "eww,"and "gross" before they jump back away from me, no longer wanting to pet my back. I appreciate that; but I'd appreciate it more if it wasn't because Jade claimed she found bugs in my hair.

"Aw, it's okay," Jade continues. I watch her walk away as she explains how she once read on the internet that coffee works great for getting rid of fur bugs. She keeps walking until she's in the "audience," plucks a cup of iced coffee out of some guy's hand, and then she's heading back toward the "stage"… towards me!

She's really gonna do it; pour coffee on me. I can tell. She's popped the lid off, she's standing next to me, and she's beginning to tip the cup.

Coffee? In my fur? No thank you!

I nearly get up and run, but nooo…dogs don't run on two legs.

Then out of nowhere, an idea comes to me. And this has got to be what improv is all about; thinking on your toes. I have to play a dog? Okay, I'll play a dog.

Before Jade can spill any of that coffee on me, I lunge forward and sink my teeth into her leg.

Yeah, gank. Dogs bite.

She gives a little shriek of surprise before falling right on her butt, the coffee spilling all over the front of her shirt.


The whole class is lol-ing, even Sikowitz.

She gets up quickly and shouts, "You stupid bitch!"

"Jade!" Sikowitz reprimands. The whole class is silent. She just said the B-word.

"What? She's a dog. Female dogs are bitches." Jade answers matter-of-factly.

"Good point. Action!" Sikowitz yells enthusiastically; and then Jade's coming at me as if she was never interrupted.

My eyes go wide. He's supposed to be my teacher! He's supposed to keep me safe, to protect me, but he just…He's really just gonna let her…But she's gonna kill me!

No sooner than I come to that conclusion, she grabs me by the collar of my shirt; just as if I had been a real dog with, well, a collar around my neck.

I'd admire how well she's stayed in character; you know, remembering that I'm supposed to be a dog and all, but Dios mío! There's like… freakin' fire coming out of her nostrils; and at the sight I nearly wazz my pants. There's no way I'm gonna let her improvise her next action, considering she's just drawn her left hand back. She definitely intends to slap me, and I doubt she's gonna "pretend" to do it. So, I bite her again, this time on her arm, right where her star tattoo is.

"Shit!" She hisses and lets me go immediately.

The whole class starts laughing again. They think this bull poopy is funny. I'll admit it. If I were in the audience, I'd think it was funny too; but I'm not. I'm improvising a scene in which my co-star or whatever is gonna beat the crap out of me under the guise of "acting."

And I don't wanna get beat up. So, I run, on all fours, toward the hot guy. He's got balls. He'll stand up to the dragon and save me. I know it.

And I'm right.

"Whoa, babe, calm down," He says, holding up his left hand to stop his girlfriend from retaliating. His other hand is petting the top of my head. "She didn't mean it, did you girl?" Then he turns to face me and gets down on his knees. Next thing I know, both my cheeks are in his hands and he's nuzzling my face much like what a human would do to a real dog.

What a good actor!

I can do this. I can be a good actress too.

Okay, think Tori. You're a dog; and what do dogs do when their faces are being nuzzled?

I smile when the idea comes to me; then, I wiggle my rear. Hey, if I was a dog, I'd have a tail, and I'd be wagging that thang, yes I would!

"Good girl." The hot guy chuckles; and before I can embarrass myself by blushing, I give a small "woof" and lick his cheek.

"That's it! I want that stupid mutt put to sleep!" Jade yells. Oops, I kinda forgot about her.

"But babe"-

"To sleep, Beck!" she interrupts whatever her boyfriend's protest was going to be.

Ah, so that's his name. Beck. It's kinda nice. Me gusta.

Beck sighs dramatically. "Fine, I'll take her." And with that, he pulls me by my imaginary collar toward the door.

Yep, I died in my first improv assignment, but it was waayyy better than getting coffee poured in my fur.


Author's note: I hope you don't mind. I changed a few things. I know cast members of Victorious don't start using "Victorious slang" such as "wazz," "chiz," and all that other stuff until later episodes, but I wanted to make it a part of their vocabulary now. Also, I know Beck asked if the dog can sleep in their "room" not "bed," but I purposely changed that as well. If you see other "mistakes" like that, I probably did it on purpose too…Okay, maybe not really;)

And I'm also really sorry if you feel anyone is OOC. But if you think about it. They kinda gotta be a little bit, otherwise there'd be no fanfiction;) Yeah, that was a lame excuse…