The Knowing: Chapter 1

It was about a year after the war was over and Dexter and the people of Earth were rebuilding. Mandark's warship in Forsaken Valley was taken down,The fire in the firepits were being wiped out after Dexter had given the KND a prototype to generate water without having to bring and go back to Sector V for water. All the other heroes were also trying to rebuild Earth like Ben Tennyson which had changed into his alien forms more often then ever just to help out rebuilding in Tech Sqare after everything had sunken into the fusion sea when fuse was around. It was all going well and the most sleepiest of all the heroes was Dexter himself after being at war and creating different kinds of technology day and night to get the upper hand against fuse. He went into his bedroom and without even taking off any of his clothes he just closed his eyes and laid on the bed like he was dead. Then suddenly the alarm rang and he woke up instantly and ran downstairs then he asked Computeress what had happen. She replied that it was only an incoming direction from some address she did not know. With luck Dexter was able to maintain clam and answer the incoming transmission. When he picked up there was a video showing someone he didn't know. The young man introduced and said that he was from the Galactic KND and that they had something that he wanted to show Dexter in private. Dexter asked Computeress to leave him alone and the boy in the transmission showed Dexter that since Dexter had gotten Planet Fusion off Earth it was now headed for the sun and could eventually consumed it with the large amount of fusion. Dexter though that the boy was crazy he thought that planet fusion was like a tiny ball heading for a hot ball but when the boy showed him what it could do to the sun it shattered Dexter. He saw on a screen that Planet Fusion was headed at the sun at about 110 MPH per hour and it started to change the sun's rays into fusion matter consuming it. Dexter looked at the screen and the boy said 'If you do not stop Planet Fusion from entering the sun Planet Fusion will grow so big from the Planet itself was generating and the sun's rays that it would consume the sun and plunge the whole solar system into darkness and chaos'.