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What Does This Cookie Represent?

Clyde stared down at the paper in front of him, a big, red-letter scribbled on the top of the page. He had hoped to get at least a D; he'd wanted to get a C, but to get a B: he couldn't believe it. It just didn't seem real. However after extensive pinching he had to conclude that it was. He knew that some of it was down to his own work in the test, but the majority of it was due to the wonder that was Kevin Stoley. He grinned at the back of Kevin's head. History was becoming a success, and getting a good grade made him so much happier than getting a bad one.

After class had finished, he practically pounced on his unsuspecting tutor. "Hey, Kevin, can we do the same as last week tomorrow night? It was incredibly helpful, dude. I mean, seriously, a B on my test!"

Kevin's face lit up in genuine delight. "Congratulations!"

"It was all down to you."

Kevin smiled shyly, "no, it wasn't, but yes we can."

"Awesome! Can I make a request though?"

"Request away, my liege."

"Can you... wait what?"

Kevin raised an eyebrow. "Never mind."

Clyde cocked his head to one side in confusion, almost mirroring a puppy. "Could you come to my house instead? It's just that I've got to look after my little sister. Dad's got a date."

"Oh, okay then, I can absolutely do that."

Clyde spied Craig walking past the door and remembered that his friend wanted to see him. "Well I've got to dash. Thank you for helping me so much." He slapped Kevin on the back. "See you." He raced down the hallway to catch up with Craig, barging up behind him and with a sudden burst of energy, jumping on his back and pulling his chullo off. He soon fell down, but luckily landed back on his feet.

Craig wheeled around, swinging his arm towards Clyde's head. Clyde ducked and laughed, bending down for Craig's chullo and offering it as a peace symbol. Craig scowled and pulled in back onto his head. "What's put you in such a good mood, you're acting like Barney the Dinosaur on Speed."

Clyde laughed. "I'm always in a good mood, man."

Craig had to nod his head in agreement at this. They began walking down the hallway. "So are you doing anything tomorrow night?"

Clyde froze. There was no way he was going to tell Craig the truth that he was voluntarily studying. "Why?"

"I just thought we could chill at mine. Watch Saw or something."

"Dude, you know I can't stand those films."

Craig rolled his eyes, "it doesn't have to be horror if you want to be a pussy about it."

Clyde pouted. "I'm not being a pussy, but those films have pushed the boundaries too far."

"So will you come over?"

"Sorry I can't."

Craig scowled, "why not? If it's because you've promised you'll shoot hoops with the basketball team then screw them, I'm more important."

"I know you are dude. It's not them."

"So then who is it?"

"I ermm have... a date."

Craig smiled knowingly. "Oh, I see how it is. Trying to keep it a secret so if you fail to bag her I'll never know?"

Clyde laughed. "No I just... forgot to tell you, that's all. There's no way I'd fail to bag anyone."

"So what's her name?"

"Ke-" Clyde stopped in horror, his heart skipping a beat. "Kelsi, her name is Kelsi." He sighed in relief. That was a close one.

Craig shrugged his shoulders, "Never heard of her."

Clyde just smiled and wandered into the gym changing rooms, greeting Token and the rest of the basketball team, ready for practice. Craig rolled his eyes and walked off towards the back of the school to find Kenny McCormick for a smoke.

It was Kevin's turn to wait on Clyde's doorstep, the cold wind blowing on his face. Clyde grinned at him as he beckoned him inside. They both headed towards the stairs, holding a quick conversation with Clyde's dad who was just heading out for his date with one of the female doctors from the hospital. He informed them that they wouldn't need to look after Clyde's sister after all; she was at her boyfriend's house. Clyde later explained to Kevin that his sister was 'dating' Ike Broflovski; this didn't really count as proper dating. Being eleven, they were really only best friends who liked to hold hands. "I might need to go and pick her up later, I'm not sure. Depends what time dad gets home."

Clyde shoved open his bedroom door and wrinkled his nose. "Can you smell that? It smells like cookies in here!" He desperately looked around his room. "Why does it smell like cookies?"

Kevin shrugged his shoulders as he walked into the room. "Sounds like the start of a horror story." He smiled teasingly at Clyde. "I read once about the lingering smell of sherbet. And it was the ghost of this old woman who ate it to cover the smell of her rotting teeth." He laughed as he saw the startled look of terror on Clyde's face. "I guess it could have been an advert for good oral hygiene though."

"W-well then, that still doesn't explain the smell."

Kevin shook his head. "No, but that empty plate with crumbs on over there does." He pointed to Clyde's nightstand.

Clyde exhaled sharply. "Oh yeah, my sister did some baking last night." He smiled at the memory. "They were damn good cookies."

Kevin smirked. "So good you can't remember them."

Clyde threw a cushion from his bed at him, catching the side of his head and laughed. "Oi, enough of your smart-ass comments."

Kevin threw the cushion back at Clyde, unfortunately missing and hitting the wall. He cast his eyes around the brown-haired boy's room, taking in the various furniture and decorations. There was a big double bed at the side of the room, where Clyde was perched, rummaging through some draws. Clyde's basketball kit was discarded on the floor by his desk, along with what appeared to be a week's worth of other clothes. On the walls hung various sports related posters, including one that particularly caught Kevin's eye.

"Cheerleaders?" he asked, pointing at the barely dressed girls.

"Yeah," replied Clyde looking up from what he was doing and grinning. "I like the noirette the best, she has nice blue eyes."

Kevin furrowed his brow and tilted his head to one side in a confused manner and continued observing the poster. "You don't prefer the blonde for her huge knockers?"

Clyde shrugged his shoulders. "I guess most people would, but I don't know, they're not that great." He noticed Kevin's facial expression. "Don't look so surprised, I'm not a complete boob crazy Jock."

"Yeah, but you were always reading playboys when you were younger."

"I guess I got bored," Clyde answered truthfully. "Although if anyone asks you, I say boobs are the most important thing in life."

Kevin rolled his eyes, "sure." He continued his examination of Clyde's room. It was certainly a sporty room. As well as all the basketball memorabilia, there was a baseball bat standing in the corner and even a football propped up on a stand. Clyde wasn't on the football team, but come baseball season he was an extremely good batsman. It was the one sport he shared in common with Stan Marsh. Stan was the captain of the football team, and the two had a fake rivalry, which some people mistook as real.

Kevin made his way over to Clyde's bed and sat down awkwardly, he still didn't feel entirely at ease around the other boy. However he saw so much how different Clyde was to the other Jocks. Kevin had observed how friendly and caring he was, he didn't seem to have the ability to be cruel, and that was a very attractive thing.

He felt something lumpy underneath him and rolled over slightly to feel what it was. Underneath the covers of Clyde's bed, buried somewhere no one had looked before, was a soft stuffed teddy. Kevin pulled it out and held it gently in his hands. Its fur was light brown. Patches of the stitching underneath were visible where it had been worn down. One of the arms had fallen off and been lovingly re-stitched in the wrong place, causing the arm to be constantly pointing outwards. A tattered tartan bow tie, the ends frayed from being chewed, was around its neck.

"Shit!" exclaimed Clyde as he clocked what Kevin had found. He attempted to snatch the teddy out of Kevin's hands, but the black-haired boy drew his arm back.

"What's his name?" asked Kevin casually.

"Mr Berty," replied Clyde, blushing furiously.

Kevin turned to the bear and playfully shook his paw. "Nice to meet you, Mr Berty, sorry for sitting on you." He gently placed the teddy on Clyde's pillow, propping him up against the headboard. "There, that's more comfortable isn't it?"

Clyde observed Kevin curiously, as if he was trying to work him out, something he hadn't yet managed to do. The boy just didn't seem to fit into any normal category. He decided to share some personal information he had never told anyone else before. He wasn't sure why, but he felt like he could let his guard down; he suddenly felt like he wanted to share things with Kevin he'd never considered telling anyone else. "He was always a big comfort. I used to hug him and night and cry myself to sleep after my mom died."

Kevin made sure that his facial expression did not match the startled feeling inside. "You always seemed okay in school."

"Exactly: seemed. It was all an act." Clyde's eyes glazed over and his face dropped.

"I'm sorry, I had no idea."

"Good, no one did. That was my intention. I didn't want anyone to treat me differently. I hate pity." Clyde moved his hand to his head, as right on cue, a sharp pain materialized in his head. "I always get these horrible headaches when I start thinking about stuff like this."

Not knowing what to say, Kevin thought of something that might help, he slowly outstretched his arms. "My mom taught me this great massage to relieve the tension."

At first Clyde flinched under Kevin's touch, a tense feeling forming in his stomach, but soon, as the warm hands worked their magic, he couldn't help but relax. Kevin massaged Clyde's temples in a circular motion, tenderly rubbing his fingers over the brown-haired boy's soft forehead. He smiled as Clyde closed his eyes, an increasingly blissful look melting over his face. Kevin examined the face, becoming drawn to the gentle features and the round but slim shape. Clyde's breathing slowed down and became longer and deeper. Kevin could feel the heat of the exhales on his neck. He felt himself leaning forward, wanting to feel the breath further. His hands were still massaging Clyde's temples as their faces drew closer.

"That feels good, dude," whispered Clyde.

Kevin's brain kicked in and he flung himself backwards, rapidly withdrawing his hands, pale face turning crimson at the cheeks. "Yeah, well... uh, we better do some work," he stumbled out.

Clyde opened his eyes and pouted. "Oh, but I was enjoying that."

Kevin darted his eyes around the room helplessly. "Yeah, well I may give you one later... if you do the work now."

Clyde grinned. "Okay."

"This actually starts with a little story," said Kevin, as the two boys sat down at Clyde's desk. Clyde had hurriedly cleared his desk, throwing his laptop on the bed and the empty food wrappers and Coke bottles into the bin. He'd attempted to hide the Tarzan DVD case that had been under the sports pages of the previous day's newspaper, but Kevin had noticed, choosing to pretend he hadn't. Kevin found himself thinking it was cute and therefore had tried to quickly shake all thoughts about it out of his head. "Are you sitting comfortably?"

"Not really," replied Clyde. "My sister's chair is a little small."

Kevin jumped up. "I said that you should have this char, it's your chair!"

"No, you're the teacher, I'm the student. Now sit down and tell me a story."

Kevin hesitantly took his seat and began his explanation. "The bonding and structure of benzene C6H6 was a puzzle to scientists for years because the proportion of hydrogen to carbon was too great for conventional theories." Clyde nodded and Kevin continued. "This Belgian chemist called Friedrich August von Kekule had a dream of whirling snakes which resulted in a theory."

"Whirling snakes?"

"Yep, the day-dream of a snake seizing its own tail made him believe that benzene's structure was based on a ring of carbon atoms with alternating single and double bonds. However there were problems, the actual structure was found later." Kevin pointed towards the diagram he had laid in front of them. He explained the next part slowly and kept pausing. "Okay, so, benzene is a flat, regular hexagon of six carbon atoms, each of which is bonded to a single hydrogen atom. The C-C bond lengths are in-between those expected of a single bond and a double bond. Each carbon atom forms three covalent bonds: one to hydrogen, the other two to two carbons, so there is one electron left over from each of the six bonding carbons. These six free electrons form a region of evenly spread electron density above and below the ring."

Kevin noticed the utterly perplexed and strained expression on Clyde's face. He went over what he'd said again, pointing to the drawing of the structure as he explained. He talked Clyde through some practice questions and went over the homework with him. When he believed Clyde understood it better, he rummaged in his bag and pulled out a packet of Oreos. Opening the packet, he held the top one up between his middle finger and thumb. "The structure of benzene is like this Oreo. Where the cookie is made up of the six electrons and the cream is made up of the hydrogen and carbon bonded covalently. The cookie gives the cream in the middle unusual stability, aromatic stability."

Clyde licked his lips. "The structure of benzene looks very tasty."

"Oh it tastes even better than it looks." Clyde attempted to make a grab for the cookie but Kevin pushed him away. "What does the cookie represent, Mr Donovan?"

"The ermm six electrons?"

"Correct, and what about the cream?"

"The hydrogen and carbon bonded covalently," he grinned and continued, "The cookie gives the cream in the middle aromatic stability."

Kevin rejoiced. "Yay, you've got it!" He outstretched his arm to hand Clyde the cookie.

Clyde leaned forward, not with his hand, but his head, taking the cookie between his teeth. The two boys' eyes locked and for a brief moment a spark seemed to fly between them. Kevin laughed nervously and retracted his hand from the cookie. Clyde looked away and swiftly ate it, suddenly feeling the heat in his cheeks.

"That's given me an appetite," said Clyde, jumping to his feet. "Are you hungry?"

Kevin looked down at his watch and gasped. "Is it seven already?" He acknowledged the empty feeling in his stomach. "Yeah I think I am."

Clyde rubbed the back of his neck. "I could make us some food if you, you know wanted."

"I ermm, can go home if you want me to, but yeah I'd like that."

Clyde grinned. "I'd rather you stayed, you can help me cook." He grabbed his and Kevin's jackets from where they had been cast on the floor and threw the light blue one in the direction of the desk. "Come on let's go to the shops. I have a real craving for pasta, and I know for a fact that we have run out."

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