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Our story starts with a young, teenage girl in her gray, jail cell of a room.(So jail-like, there isn't even a bathroom: the toilet's just in the corner of her room!) Her name, is Cleopatra. (That's right, the girl's name is Cleopatra, get over it! Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo, and Raphael are all weird names.)

Cleopatra LOVES pink, is an expert in karate/ kung-fu (she uses the term 'ninja-skills'), computer smarts, and being tough AND manipulative AND clever. Problem is, her father is tougher (though not as smart). Well, no. Probably not tougher. Not a fact, but has never been disproven.

Cleo's main activity is escaping her room. Her father catches her out of her room, he just, kind of, sort of, ALMOST literally, throws her into her room and tells her to get back to work. Of course, since Cleo hasn't exactly worked out the bugs of escaping her jail cell of a room, she lets him boss her around.

Her father ALWAYS gets what he wants, for the obvious reasons. He runs a BIG business, with weapons that are, CRAZY powerful. Even though she works and lives at this crazy business, she has no idea what they work on.

He is a cold, heartless person. He doesn't even treat Cleo like a daughter. Heck, Cleo doesn't even know his real name.

The company has amazing equipment. Even she can't get through their amazing computer system...actually that's not true. She could if she had the right computer. Hers is really awesome, but it blocks out the inside world. She can read about the outside world, just not the company. Cleo can even bust into the FBI and the CIA. Way advanced company. So the only way she can get information, is by running out.

Pretty easy to escape since she was like a ninja. Whenever she escapes, she picks up new information. Every so often she kind of... sees stuff out of the corner of her eye. Believe me, the stuff she sees is definitely weird. But whenever she tries to get a better look at... whatever it is, it always disappears. Like, the thing needs air every so often, or... something. The stuff was always in the chest of her, so-called"father".

Cleo seriously doubts that her 'father' is her father. For one thing, she doesn't look a thing like him. Another thing, no way is he human! Of course, no proof but still, would a normal human dad talk like he's repeating everything? He's weird. Like, seriously weird. Every so often, Cleo thinks she sees double when she sees him. Or triple, depending how many there are. Once, when she was out on one of her escapes, she saw a room filled with 'dads'. How creepy is that!? Her father tried telling her she was just hallucinating from one of the lab's experiments, but Cleo knew better. She's seen, giant plants, robots, multiple 'dads', and a bunch of other stuff she can't identify.

Although, ever since her father put her in charge of security,(claiming it was a new video game) Cleo has seen... something stranger that usual. Mutant turtles? Yeah... Cleo's crazy, right? Serious whack job, right? WRONGO! She really wants to be crazy. Trust me, she does. That way, this nightmare of a life will be just that; a nightmare. But she knows she's not crazy. Her father is definitely crazy but Cleo isn't. Don't ask her how she knows, she just does.

The turtles like to come in and trash the place, but they never made it to Cleo's room. Ninjas rock, tutles rock. But they never come to her room. Come on! She's really nice to them, making sure security is at its lowest when they come in. Although, they probably don't know that. She really wants them to destroy her room, so she can escape. Maybe one day they will. Maybe one day, she'll escape. But for now, her father is walking in.

"Hello, Father."

"Hello, Daughter whose name is Cleopatra, named after the great Cleopatra."

This is how he always talks.

"You are going to learn the ways of the company, that is built on this place, to learn the techniques of this place called the company, of the genius company. Be prepared for tomorrow when sun comes up, and dress in this."

He threw a very, office-like dress onto her bed. Along with a clip board and a pencil.

"You will be required to write the writing utensil, I am informed, that is called a pencil. Good-bye, Cleopatra, named after the great Cleopatra."

"Good-bye dad!" He left. Finally.

Every visit is like this. He brings something Cleo needs, then leaves. Or takes her to learn self defence or something. Usually, he brings her mush to eat. Gray mush. Like her walls, her computer, every one of her outfits. Another thing, if her dad is always so busy with work, why would he bother to bring her food?(if you can call it food) Wouldn't he hire a butler or something to deliver food?

Cleo glanced at the dress. Gray. Horrible, horrible gray. SERIOUSLY!

Cleo loves pink! Why can't her 'father' understand that! That is so it! She's busting out!


Calm down girl. Calm down. She thought. Grab Inkheart and start reading. Her favorite book ever is Inkheart.

She really needs a vacation from being a slave. The world must hate her.

She always was tested on, all the time. At first, she thought that she must've been very sick. But, after testing herself, she was perfectly healthy. But she took a different test and apparently, she is traumatized.

Hmm. I wonder why...It's not like she's been anywhere where she's been held against her will.

Oh. Wait. Hmm.

Cleo looked up to her giant computer. An alarm was going off. She quickly got on her spinny chair (She loves spinny chairs.) and quickly logged on. She quickly found the problem.

Actually, the solution. Cleo opened the file that had finally found something about this wacko place.

She read through most of it. To sum it up, this place was TCRI, and aliens called the KRAANG were planning to take over the world. They were experimenting stuff called Mutagen. They had enemies. (Oh, me likey, Thought Cleo, reading on.) There were pictures. And they were just blurs.

Man. Thought Cleo. Oh well, now I know that the mutant turtles are good guys.

Yeah... She's been tricked all her life. But, she tries to keep a smile, because she has a plan. A really good plan. She hid a helpful item around the place that she made of the little things she got from the person who claims to be her dad.

And it was going to be a blast.

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