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This fanfic takes place post season 1, Logan and Veronica broke up during the summer. But things are a little bit then they are in the series. Felix was never murdered and logan never fought with the PCHrs. The reason veronica broke up with Logan was that he was acting out his emotions of anger towards his father. He was uncapable of handling the grief of the loss of his mother and Lilly. So he spent many nights partying and drinking to relief the pain, veronica laid awake many nights trying to get a hold of him wonering if he would come home a bloody mess. People around veronica started to worry and she realized that even though she loved him more than anything she could never save him.

Someone like you by adele was playing from the old radio in the kitchen. Sometimes it last in love but sometimes it hurts instead. the song that always reminded her of Logan, would she ever find another person like him? Even though their relationship had been rocky the few months they spent together, he was always the perfect gentleman when they were together.

Veronica was pacing back and forth in the bathroom trying to calm herself down "can't be, can't be, I can't be.." she muttered to herself, as she slowly reached for another one of the test laid out on the bathroom sink. her third test, and as the two other ones it was positve. She was pregnant. She fell down on the floor putting her had to her knees and cried hysterically. She couldn't be a mother senior year of high school. How would she ever be able to tell her father? He would never look at her the same way again. And Logan, what would she tell him? They weren't really on speaking terms since that warm summer day in july 5 weeks ago when she decided to let go of him even though it broke her heart.

"My girlfriends dead,

My mother is dead,

My dad is a murderer

and the only person I care about is breaking up with me

and you think I'm having fun!?"

And then he smashed the lamp into the wall. His words the night she broke up always crept in to her head at night. She spent many nights crying herself to sleep and she knew this night was going to be no different.

"honey are you home?" Keith Mars joyful voice exclaimed from the hall.

"'I'm in the bathroom" she called back, putting all of the test in a bag and shoved them under bathtub for now. The worst thing about her father was the he always sensed when something was wrong. Being a former police officer and a PI he could always tell if someone was lying. She had no other choice than lying this time.

And as she predicted the interogation started as soon as she walked out of the bathroom. "honey, whats wrong?" he looked into her blodshoot eyes. "i'm here if you need to talk" She could hear the concern in his voice, and knew he only cared. How would she tell him his seventeen year old daughter who always been careful when it came to sex, was pregnant?

"I saw Logan today we had a quite unpleasant conversation, I just feel like being alone right know" she said hastly and went to her room. she laid down on her perfectly arranged bed and sobed in to her pillow.

The subject of logan had caused a slight driffting in their relationship. But Keith knew better than to psuh her, he let her heal her in her own time.

During the 17 years of her life, veronica hade been through alot of things: losing her mother to alchol. Losing her bestfriend and finally felt that she lost her love to alchol aswell. But this was something she didn't even know how to handle at all.

So this is more of an introduction of the story! hope you like it xx