-Recommend sonic cannon, concentrated beam, full power.-

Jaime leaned over the side of the Super-Cycle and squinted down at the rampaging monster below. He used to be a doctor, apparently, before drinking some crazy super-steroid he'd cooked up and trying to kill the original Team. Superboy in particular hadn't been happy about his reappearance. "Are you sure that won't liquefy him?"

-Chances of that are only 98%, but in the 2% chance of failure we are high enough to be out of the threat zone. Chances of at least incapacitation are nearly 100%-

"We're not liquefying him."

-Then we risk mission failure.-

The Super-Cycle gave a series of clicks and whistles.

-That's an unnecessary waste of time and energy, with an unacceptable risk of failure.-


-Tell her that her plan is inefficient.-


-The one designated Sphere/Super-Cycle. Tell her that her plan is inefficient.-

Jaime passed on the message. More whistling.

-Such a strategy would give the impression of weakness. It is better to retain the upper hand by maintaining a strong demeanor.-

"What are you guys — "

-Tell her.-

Jaime sighed. "Scarab says he doesn't want to look like a wimp."

-That is not what I said.-

More whistling.

-Well his top speed is unknown. We…- he paused as the Super-Cycle whistled some more. -Are you challenging us? Jaime, tell her that if she wants a fight — -

"Can we PLEASE focus on stopping the bad guy?" Jaime interrupted, exasperated. "Non-fatally?"

-You both sound like each other. If you insist on preserving the life of your enemies, then… the sphere's plan is tactically optimal.-

"But what is the — "

-Tell her we'll do it.-

"I'm not agreeing to anything you recommend without — "

-There's no time to explain in your language.-

"We'll do your thing, sphere."

Sphere whistled in reply.

-Tell her it's her fault.-

"What's her fault?"

More whistling.

-Oh. Well, it's… I mean, you're pretty smart too given your preferred parameters.-

"Wait. Are you… are you flirting?"

-We are discussing tactics.-

"But you just said — "

-The intelligence of one's allies are a tactical resource, and a risk to take into account when they need to be eliminated.-

"… 'When'?!"

-Time is short, we must get into position.-

"Good idea."

-Land outside that building the target is about to plough into. Feign injury.-

"… What?"

-We do not have time to hesitate.-

Jaime landed in front of the multi-story building and tried to look vulnerable and injured in a high-tech robot suit, sitting down on the ground and holding one knee. The huge ex-doctor settled his dim gaze on him and charged full-speed.

-Get ready to dodge.-

Jaime rolled out from under the monster's charging feet, sonic cannon forming automatically around his right arm as he moved. His adversary slammed straight through the wall of the building.

-Wide dispersal, concentrate on the support beams.- Jaime raked the sonic beam across the front of the building as instructed. Just before he activate the cannon he heard the whine of some kind of energy weapon on the other side of the building, but it was quickly drowned out by his own.

The building started to crumble and then collapsed neatly in on itself. Jaime took to the air to dodge flying debris. A quick scan showed their adversary, alive but unconscious, buried under the small mountain of rubble. He quickly radioed the details to the pickup team. The Super-Cycle rose from the other side of the building and headed towards them.

"Did you actually agree to be used as bait?"

-There was no time to come up with another plan.-

"Uh-huh. I can barely convince you to walk around without guns out all the time."

-Perhaps you just never think your plans through.-

Sphere reached them and started whistling.

-Tell her that I would very much like to see the weapon she used later.-

"No. You do not need more weapons."

-Then we should show her the sonic cannon.- Jaime felt the cannon form around his arm. He didn't bother fighting. Below, their unconscious adversary was being collared and loaded into a truck. -It's a relatively simple and durable weapon for its versatility.-

"Let's just… let's just get back." He turned and started to fly away from the scene. The Super-Cycle, keeping pace, whistled a short phrase.

-Tell her we're free Saturday. We are free Saturday, aren't we?-