Phil's POV:

I awoke from a deep sleep, living at my old house these past couple of days was like living in a dream. I felt like I was a teenager again, scrounging off my Mum and Dad. Everything was done for me here, I was cooked for, cleaned for, even my washing was done for me – it was a nice change. I had felt more relaxed than I had for a long time. Through blurry eyes I glanced at the sleeping Dan beside me, except today that was all about to change. Today we were heading for Dan's house, to tell his family.

As he slept quietly beside me, I couldn't help wonder if there was something he wasn't telling me. Why was he so nervous about telling his family? From the experiences I'd had with his family they had always seemed nice, his Mum was lovely and always made me feel welcome. But I got the feeling his Mum wasn't who he was worried about, it was his Dad. His Dad was loud, really loud actually. He was always the centre of a room, telling jokes, making people laugh with his stories. But amongst other things, he was as some people would say a 'man's man'. Meaning he was very stereotypical.

I always remember Dan telling me how he was forced to play football amongst other sports in his first couple of years in high school. I got the feeling that Dan felt like he could never please his Dad, yet he always seemed to try to anyways. I had come to this conclusion from the stories he had told me, not meaning for me to feel sorry for him or anything. Dan was never very open with his feelings, that was Dan I accepted it. But maybe I was just reading to much into his family.

I checked my phone, it was nearly 1 o'clock, our train left at 3:30pm. I shook Dan, we still had to shower and eat and pack. He acknowledged me shaking him and turned on to his side, in order for me to be faced with his back.

"Dan?" I whispered into his ear.

"No Phil" He groaned, swatting my face away from his ear.

I rested my chin on his shoulder, "C'mon we have to get up, we have things to do".

He groaned as a response, I kissed his cheek and climbed out of bed.

There were clothes scattered all over the bedroom floor, it reminded me of how this room used to look when I lived here.

"If your not up by the time I'm out of the shower Daniel" I said, trying to sound serious.

I heard him laugh from the bedroom.

-An hour later-

I munched on a bacon sandwich at the dining table, Dan dandered into the kitchen after just having his shower.

"Have you boys packed yet?" My Mum asked.

"Well I have, Dan hasn't" I said.

"It won't take me that long Phil" He said through a mouthful of bacon sandwich.

My Mum left the kitchen and went through to the utility room, closing the door behind her.

"You okay?" I asked Dan, "You seem a little grouchy".

"I'm fine" He said.

"I've told you before and I'll tell you again, it's okay to be-" I said, but not getting to finish my sentence without Dan cutting me off.

"Phil, I'm not nervous, I'm fine" He said.

"You sound like a old married couple" A voice laughed from behind me.

I turned round to see my brother strolling into the kitchen and pouring himself some tea. In a weird way his comment made me happy, I could see myself being with Dan forever. Sure we weren't the typical old couple, but I couldn't think of anything better than being with Dan forever – even despite his grouchiness.

-Another hour later-

I gave my Mum a tight hug, I almost didn't want to leave – I loved being here. I watched as my Mum's eyes filled with tears, she always was awfully emotional.

"Make sure you come back soon Phil" She said.

"Don't worry I will" I replied.

"You too Dan" She said, letting go of me and throwing her arms around Dan, "You are welcome here any time".

As we got into the taxi, we waved at my family who were all standing at the door. The train station was about 15 minutes away, we probably could have walked but Dan said he couldn't be bothered carrying our bags the whole way there. Needless to say he was still in great form, I didn't blame him. He stared out the taxi window, he looked like he was thinking. I rest my hand on top of his and gave it a squeeze, he averted his eyes from the window and looked at me. He granted me a half smile, it was probably the best I was going to get right now.

Now I was preparing myself for the worst at Dan's house.

I am so sorry I have taken so long to write this chapter, I find filler-y chapters so hard to write because this one was so boring but it had to be done. I hope to have another one up tomorrow night, if not Saturday night! Thank you for all the support, it inspires me to work through my writer's block! Also, I miss writing about PJ. I'm gonna have to find a way to write him in again:')