A/N: Okay, so, for this story, you should blame my hobby in making videos, because they inspired me to do a trailer and a story of this idea of mine. The story takes place somewhere between Kill Ari, but before Grace Period. If you want to see my video about it, go to my account xRikkunessx or request a link via PM. Thank you for your support. Mainly Tabby, maybe little Tiva.

The team of NCIS would always help each other with every matter that would trouble them. However, that night, a female agent got killed in the field of battle, being a hero like she always were and the team were struggling to stay sane and in one place.

Yeah, that's right; the agent that got shot that night was Special Agent Caitlin Todd. Shot by a terrorist named Ari.

No one could get over how a terrorist can do so much damage in a solid team like theirs. The fearless leader, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, was now defeated sitting in his desk and looking at his fellow fallen agent's desk, missing her more than ever now.

At his desk, the once cheered up Anthony Dinozzo, close friend of Kate's was now with his hands on his face, thinking about her death and replaying the scene all over again, blaming himself for not being able to see the shot coming.

Also, at his new desk, sat Timothy McGee, the computer wizard that had just met Kate, but liked her nonetheless. He was pensive, sad, and maybe even mad, for not being next to her when that happened. He was scared to go to the autopsy to see her, because he never really got over how she died and wanted to think of her like a woman full of life and not lifeless on a metal bed at the autopsy.

Down at the autopsy were, the MRI doctor, Ducky, or else Duck, as they would always call him. He was looking at the body in front of his for hours, apologizing to Kate and trying to make a conversation with her, all the more, because he felt her like a daughter. Next to him, being defeated was Gerald, Ducky's assistant and friend, watching over at how his doctor tried to communicate with the dead body.

And finally, upstairs, was the lab, or else Labby, where a resident, always hyper-active Goth, Abigail Sciuto sat on her desk, lights ever so dim and systems turned off for the day after the loss of their team. Kate was not only a co-worker for Abby, she was also a best friend, the girl that would know everything about Abby, the only girl who had the guts to put up with Abby, when all of the other girls thought of her as weird, crazy and annoying. She was mad, mad that her team could not save Kate, mad that they lost an important member.

Days went by with the team still being defeated and hunted over Kate's death, flinching whenever they heard her name being said, told or even talked about. The director changed, Jenny Shepard was now in place of the new director, bringing along a new team member, Ziva David. At first, Jenny was an agent before being a director under the safety or Leroy Jethro Gibbs, but not only an agent in his team, but his lover too. Although, things had changed now. Ari was now killed, by Ziva David, his sister, who protected Gibbs from her brother.

The team were friendly towards her, now let go of Kate's death and allowing her to sit at Kate's desk. But whenever anyone would look there, they would always say ''That's Kate's desk…''

The only problem of hers was Abby…

Abigail Sciuto, an interesting character as Ziva would say and a very perplexed girl that needed affection and loved to be cheered and outgoing towards people, always looking out for their team even if she wasn't an agent. A complete oxymoron followed by a lot of contradictions as Tony would say. Abigail was the exact opposite of Ziva; Abby had what Ziva never really needed, because she could make it on her own.

Abby was still wrapped up towards her best friend's death and refused to accept Ziva in her team as the newest member, making Ziva think that she was unwanted. Maybe she was. Why do they need a new agent like Ziva, anyway, right?

Ziva was now ordered to go down to Abby's lab and give her evidence of their new crime scene, something which Ziva hated. She never said it to anyone, but she was afraid of Abby. Abby was the only person that could get to her in a way that could break her and see right through her with those piercing emerald eyes of hers.

''Abby, I brought you some…'' She stopped at the doorway, looking at Abby making cartwheels. She froze, she never knew that Abby was like that, never really visited her at the lab while she was alone. Gibbs, Tony or McGee would always accompany her when going to Abby's lab. Every and each one of them loved Abby very much, never raising their voice or being bossy with her. Something that Ziva never really understood.

Gibbs were now in Los Angeles, helping the team of Cullen going through their case and leaving Dinozzo in charge, which Ziva thought that it was a bad idea, whereas Abby jumped and hugged Tony.

As Abby was now finished making cartwheels, she looked at Ziva with an ironic face. ''What?''

Ziva shook her head. ''Nothing, absolutely nothing, I just brought you evidence from the new crime scene, yes?''

Abby shrugged. ''Just leave it on the table and I'll get back to it as soon as I can.'' Abby went and looked at her computer screen, never really paying attention to Ziva.

Ziva now approached Abby and studied her more. ''Abby, is it me?'' Abby glared at her. ''What do you mean? I don't understand you.'' Abby turned at her screen.

Ziva thought what she was going to say very thoroughly so she wouldn't hit a nerve. ''Why don't you like me? Is it because of Kate's death? Maybe, you're afraid that I might replace Kate, yes?''

Bad choice of words. Abby looked at her, looking furious, almost red. ''Listen my words closely, David, Kate can never be replaced. Not by you, not by anyone.''

''I understand that, Abby. But you judged me without even getting to know me first.''

Abby looked at her. ''I don't want to get to know you. I know how women like you are. Trying to play the strong one, knowing many phrases to shut up a man, refusing to let someone help them. Women that play hard to get. Women that always say they're alright, while they are struggling inside. I like women that have strength but aren't perfect warriors. I like women that if they are struggling, they will damn show it and not be embarrassed by me. And you come here and you play the amazing one, trying to flirt with everyone and also demote them, because they don't meet your standards.''

Ziva realized just there that Abby got to her, Abigail Sciuto broke her, and she was starting to think if Abby was right. But she wouldn't let a mere scientist get to her, she was trained, she should know better.

She gathered the courage to stand up and disagree with Abby. ''You still don't know me; I'm trying to learn something about you, but it turns out I don't really want to get to know you either. I can't be friends or work together with people that judge a book by its cover whereas you, Abby, has a style that is copied by many other people. Having a style that you can't really represent or support. Trying to make everyone to love you, always wanting people to be nice to you, yet you can be rude to them all you want.''

Abby was now trying to hold herself, but she just couldn't. So, she raised her hand and slapped Ziva. ''Take that back. You don't know me, either.''

Ziva slapped her back, Abby slapped again and Ziva did the same thing. Just right then, Tony got in Abby's lab and saw the young women fighting with each other. He got mad, and he went to stop them the best he could. When they finally broke away from each other, they could see Tony being furious and looking towards them.

''What the hell is going on here!? Abby!''

Abby gathered the strength to talk first, she was afraid of Tony when he was mad like that and usually avoided him, because she knew that whenever he was angry, she would say something stupid and she would ruin everything, having Tony taking out all his anger on her and having her being heartbroken for weeks.

''She said mean things to me!''

Ziva talked. ''She started it! She should learn how to respect!''

Tony got madder. ''HEY! At the bullpen in 5 minutes…A.S.A.P!''

He left. This was not good.