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After that incident, he went at home. Well, not exactly, he first went at the park for a walk, to clear his mind and calm down. Was he going crazy? Right now, he was not one to judge. A good psychiatrist would be able to, though. He was now at his living room, the same living room he got drunk in, when he was whining about Jeanne. He liked Ziva; she was amazing, strong yet sensitive deep inside. She was beautiful, loyal, honest, strong, everything Tony wanted in a woman. Then Abby's smile distracted his trail of thought. Abby was perfect in his eyes, and it hurt him to see that she was so unfair towards Ziva. Abby was his friend, his best friend and once upon a time his friend with benefits.

He smiled and muttered. ''What do they say? Oh yeah. Many friendships just end with the phrase we just stopped talking.''

So, that's what went wrong. He got in charge, he didn't have time to chit-chat, whereas she just stopped opening up to him. He stopped thinking. It did not do him any good at all. It just drove him crazy more, but he figured he didn't need words. He needed actions, so he got up, took his keys and left his thoughts in the apartment.

Abby, on the other hand, had just taken a bath, since she had nothing else to do and was bored out of her mind. The radio playing her favorite song. Always by Bon Jovi, she was in love with that song. Yes, it was not her type, but when you're sad, you don't really pay attention to the rhythm but the lyrics. Just as she was in the tub, the door rang and she let out a defeated sigh. She was sure it was Gibbs again. She got up and put on her bathrobe, heading to the door. As soon as she opened she was so shocked that she went numb.

''Tony?'' She gasped.

Tony kept looking at her up and down. She was just as beautiful as she was back then. Her body looked just the same and he was tempted to slowly take off her bathrobe as he would usually do back then. He wanted to be amazed again at how she looked, at how she smelled and tasted. He wanted to make love to her again, while hearing that song as he would always do back then. But did they have only that kind of friendship? What about love? No, Tony didn't do love, neither did Abby. Last time they both fell in love, they both got their hearts broken. Tony finally found his voice.

''Can I come in?'' He looked at her pleading to come in.

She thought about it. ''Yeah, I suppose it wouldn't hurt.''

He smiled. ''Right.''

They both sat down, but Abby got up.

''Let me go and change. Do you want anything to drink?''

''No, thanks. I'm full.''

She smiled. ''Okay.'' She got at her bedroom.

Tony stood up, studying her place. Didn't change much, but he didn't visit for 2 years and he felt terrible for that. Tony was not the type to turn down a lady's invite, yet he did. He went near Abby's bedroom and slowly opened the door. There was Abby, had her jeans on, but she was naked at the top. She was perfect. Her brilliantly-designed tattoo on her back. Her perfume coming out of the room. No, it wasn't her perfume. He knew that smell very well. He loved smelling it. It was her scent. How perfectly her blouse slid down her body. And how amazingly she could support her breasts without wearing a bra. Just then, he stopped daydreaming and went to sit down.

''I hope it didn't take long!'' Abby had come out and sat across.

''No, not at all.'' Silence filled the room. She was waiting for him to say something and he didn't know what to say and fix the mess.

''Look, Abby, I...'' Abby shushed him.

''It's not your fault that you were a dick.'' She said playfully, laughing at him.

Just then something snapped, he got as mad as ever. Did her words hit him that hard? Tony widened his eyes.

''Excuse me?!'' It looks like Tony didn't take it as a joke.

Abby looked at him. ''I was kidding, you know that, right? Tony?''

Tony got up and left, whereas Abby ran behind him. They both exited the building.

''Tony, stop, I was kidding!''

''No, you weren't. Inside all this jokes you make, the truth lies there. I know you.''

Just as he was walking faster…

''Tony, stop!''

He stopped dead on his tracks. He turned around only to see no one. Just darkness and himself. A shadow and no one else's. He panicked. ''Abby?!''

Where the hell was she!? Is he really going crazy?