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Child of Prophesy

Chapter 000: Undecided Fate of Konoha no Kiroi Senko:

Namikaze Minato, konoha no Kiroi Senko, The Yondaime Hokage, is currently watching over his beloved wife, who's being in labour.

The most feared Ninja in the ninja world is now terrifying at seeing the toll of giving birth and simultaneously restraining a certain fox being freed from a certain Uzumaki crafted seal.

The seal was a decent one that can pin the Kyuubi no Yoko in a Lava like Youkai of his own.

Additional to that that Kushina was also using Chakra chain to keep Kyuubi at prisoned though Chakra chain wouldn't be needed if she would be in normal state.

But here, Minato was also using his chakra to strengthen the weakened seal by enforcing more chakra to it so that the seal could get necessary strength.

But it seemed that Kyuubi was also pushing hard to get freed from this hell hole of a prison.

If they stayed remained like this about more one hour at least, even Minato and Kushina combined strength couldn't restrain the seal from breaking apart.

But again, it seemed that Lady Biwako and a trusted Nurse were helping at this matter.

Eventually, the cry of our newborn baby, Child of Prophesy, was heard.

Kushina was now all watery and at the verge crying for happiness. After all, it was her first being a Mother.

Minato was stunned to hear the cry of his son.

"He's born" Minato said as if he was petrified to hear the newborn baby's cry.

Meanwhile a man wearing black Cloak with loosened sleeves and hood appeared into the room where the child birth had been happened.

Biwako was going to the other chamber to separate Naruto from their parents so that they could get extra room for rest and breathing. But the Hooded man interfered.

Killing Biwako along with the guarding Ninjas and Nurse, The hooded man held the newborn baby at the tip of a kunai while Minato was starting to close the seal completely.

"Yondaime Hokage, step aside from The Jinchuriki. Otherwise, you'll see the consequences." Hooded man emphasized at the last word.

Minato didn't need to realize what would happen if he'd act madly. But he's very much astonished that the man could pass through the sealed area.

This time to emphasize his word, Hooded man pressed the Kunai at The Newborn baby's skin though it's not yet bled any shed of blood.

"Don't you care for your child, Yonadaime Hoakge Minato."

" . Stop." Minato said in despair.

Meanwhile, Kushina was pushing his chakra at best to restrain the seal from breaking.

Minato checked at his son then his wife then his son and again his wife.

Hooded man realized that Minato was trying to buy times. But he was not a fool. So, he stretched his hand to finish off the legacy of Yondaime Hokage.

Minato was a very observant ninja. But even in this situation, Minato was hard pressed trying to keep up his cool. And he managed to reach to the enemy before the strike could be done and push his palm like a hyuuga style on the face of the Hooded man. But it seemed that his hand just went through the head.

But being dematerialized, The hooded man couldn't hold on Naruto.

Minato just then realized that this man could dematerialize himself and in this state, this man could not hold anything that had materials.

So, Minato Namikaze, the speed monster, didn't waste a moment. While going through the void which should be a head, Minato snatched Naruto preventing Naruto falling on the floor with the other hand and retreated back to his previous position by Kushina's side and noticed that the seal had already been half broken and spreading to Kushina's body gradually.

Minato was now internally panicking because if he didn't close the seal now then Kyuubi would surface in the mortal world.

Meanwhile, The hooded man cursed his luck.

'I didn't even get enough room to toss the baby. So that I can snatch the Jinchuriki. Whatever, now I have to use Plan B.' The Hooded Man was thinking.

So, the hooded man formed a hand seal and just then a paper bomb sticking to the towel of Baby was started getting fired. Minato noticed this in time and removed the towel before the explosion and jumped out of the room breaking a nearby closed wooden window.

While he had been escaping the baby and himself from blast, the hooded man got perfect opportunity to flee with the Jinchuriki.

Minato didn't get enough time to snatch Kushina with him. So, Kushina stayed in the blasted room.

But the blast destroyed the chamber entirely.

'That paper seal bomb must be resonated with highly explosive. Is Kushina alright?' Minato was worriedly thinking.

Minato went there and began checking out If there was Kushina lying but no avail. He even couldn't find the Hooded Man's body.

'That means this man took Kushina before the very blasting explodes. That means he also has a faster way to travel and he only just wants Kushina.' Minato surmised.

He took Naruto and flashed back to his hidden and safe residence outside of Konoha.

He puts Naruto on the Bed.

"Stay here, little man...your mom will be back soon." Minato whispered the half sleeping calmed baby Naruto.

Meanwhile, in a secluded place far away from Konoha, Kushina was hung by the sealing black cords that was made of spreaded seal from Kushina's stomach.

"What do you want?" Kushina was tired of labour and tired of strengthening the seal earlier. So, her talk was just like a whisper though the hooded man could hear her it out.

"I want Kyuubi." The hooded man told.

"Why?" Kushina almost whispered.

"Because, I want to destroy Konohagakure no sato." The hooded man told.

Telling these, the masked hooded man casted Genjutsu to enter into kushina's psyche.

He hypnotized the Kyuubi and used its power to overwhelm the remaining resistance from seal.

And at last Kyuubi got out of the seal breaking the seal and ripping of Kushina's muscle and body.

But Kushina wasn't a worthy Uzumaki for nothing. She endured the pain and survived the extraction.

The Hooded man thought that Kushina was dead. Actually, he did expect that an Uzumaki should survive this sorts of extraction though barely breathing. But the woman has recently given birth and took a great toll. So he expected her to be dead.

But Kushina survived.

"Stop. Please, don't attack the village." Kushina numbly told.

'I always wonder about Uzumaki's life essence and endurances. They are sometimes inhumanly powerful' The Hooded Man wondered mentally.

"As a jinchuriki, you should be finished by your biju. So I use Kyuubi" The Hooded Man declared.

The nine tailed Demon fox was hypnotized earlier. So it takes a mental order from The Hooded Man to manipulate Kyuubi for a killing blow over Kushina's numb body.

Where Kushina was laid on was destroyed by Kyuubi's slap.

But later, it seemed that our famous Yondaime Hokage could save his wife at the last moment because Kushina's body was marked by Minato with Hiraishin.

But the the Hooded man immediately sensed Yondaime carrying Kushina Bridal style.

"Minato, that man intended to use Kyuubi to destroy Konohagakure." Kushina numbly informed his beloved husband.

Minato is now serious to hear this from Kushina.

Minato teleported himself to the place where Naruto was kept.

Minato laid Kushina beside Naruto.

Kushina had become immensely emotional to see Naruto lying on bed with a peaceful face.

Minato seeing this, resolved that he'd certainly preserve the ultimate peace in the village no matter what it costed.

Konohagakure no Sato:

That man teleported himself in the middle of the village where people peacefully leading there daily lives.

"Kuchiosino Jutsu!" The Hooded man exclaimed.

There was a great amount of smoke. And then the second most terrifying thing in the Naruto universe appeared in Konoha.

That man mentally commanded Kyuubi to destroy the Hidden leaf.

That beast dispalyed a primal sound and ferocious face.

Suddenly a small Bijuudama was formed in its mouth. Then it releases it with its all might to explode things that obstacle its paths.

Thus, Kyuubi started its wild rampage.

Sarutobi Mansion:

"What the hell! My sense a few times ago is true. Kyuubi is now in the village."

Suddenly an Anbu with Demon Masks came forth.

"Sandaime sama, Kyuubi escaped and somehow now in the middle of the village."

"Don't be hasty. I am coming. Meanwhile, you assemble every Jonin and Anbu at Hokage tower. And order the senior chunin that they have to start evacuation as quick as possible. No new chunin, genin, Civilians and newly appointed Jonin are not allowed to interfere in the Nine tails battle. They are future of Konoha. They should be preserved for Future." Sandaime gravely executed his order. There was a certain pressure in his order.

He is the professor of Shinobi for Nothing.

"Hai, Sandaime sama!" the Demon masked anbu respectfullt confirmed his sub ordination to Sandaime Hokage.

Thus, the anbu left the Sarutobi mansion.

"Biwako!" Sandaime was worrying about his wife.

Konohagakure no Sato:

Kyuubi no Yoko was still doing his mindless rampage. It was destroying anything come forth its front. Every shinobi was trying to engage Kyuubi as possible as they could.

But no avail. Kyuubi just swaying and swiping everything it got faced.

And now, Minato flashed on the head of his statue.

Seeing the destruction of his village to this extent, Minato became very unhappy. He never thought that in his reign, this kinda damages would happen.

Kyuubi immediately picked up Minato's chakra signature and fired a huge bijuu dama towards the Hokage monument.

Minato readied himself and teleported it to the far side of Konoha, somewhere in the Fire country.

Meanwhile, a certain man who was defected from twelve guardian ninja of Fire Dimayo, was collecting the chakra from huge Bijuu dama for his future plan.

"That time space barrier! It's Minato." Naara Shikaku confirmed.

"That means Yondaime arrives. He might have a plan for this." Akimichi Chouza was then a lil bit happy that Yondaime arrived.

Meanwhile, that Hooded man sneaked behind Minato but Minato realized someone's presence behind him and tried to ram a Kunai in the man's head.

But again, same result.

His hand along with Kunai just phased through the hooded man's head.

After passing through the Head, that man tried to pull Mianto in somewhere through his Teleporting technique.

But Minato's Jikukan technique seemed more speedy comparison to his opponent's jikukan technique or so he thought.

And that's why Minato escaped from the trap and landed nearby the previously destroyed apartment where the child birth happened.

A few seconds later, that Hooded man also appeared there.

"I won't let you escape, Yondaime Hoakge." The Hooded man declared and released a chain and cuffed it around his both wrists.

Minato thought that he should finish the battle here otherwise, this man would make more chaos.

Minato ran to the man to impale the Hooded man with his Kunai.

But Minato just phased through the Hooded man's body. As Minato completely passed through the hooded man's body, that man pulled his chain afterwards and caught off guard Minato for a while.

But Minato used Hiraishin to escape from the bind of the Chain and landed few meters away from the hooded man.

'This man! His Jikukan technique is really unique. To defeat him, I've to surpass his speed and reaction time between his dematerialization and materialization, otherwise, it'll be a futile attempt to wound him.' Minato thought out deeply.

"Get ready Yondaime Hokage! You'll not be given leisure time in a death battle by your opponents." The Hooded man taunted and tried to mock Yondaime.

'Now he's trying to infuriate me. But he can control and tame Kyuubi, can break through sealed area without any notice and literally could know every move and decision I made previously and secretly.' Minato thought out more deeply.

"Are you Uchiha Madara! But it'll be impossible. He should be dead in the meantime." Minato trailed off.

"I wonder who knows." The Hooded man also mysteriously trailed off and removed his hood. And Minato could see that the man wore a white mask with red curving marks and a hole at the right side.

"Whatever, this is not my concern! You have to be defeated now." Minato told with sheer determination thinking past that the man nearly killed his wife and his new born baby.

Minato this time ran more speedily that without properly trained Sharingan Minato moved as if he was teleported.

But his opponent was exceptional so the hooded man could detect his movement.

Minato sailed a Kunai marked with Hiraishin towards the man's skull but it again phased through the head. But meantime Minato formed a Rasengan in a millisecond and flew through with Hiraishin before The masked man could have activated his jikukan technique.

And of course, Minato didn't delay a millisecond to slam the Rasengan on the Masked man's back.

While slamming the rasengan, Minato used a contact seal consisted of both Hiraishin and Chakra flow seal but the Hooded Masked man didn't realize that.

The masked man flew away from the crater where the considerably BIG Rasengan was slammed.

The man was then panting on a tree staying away from Minato.

"I've to give it to the Yellow Flash. You managed to wound me." As the masked man's left hand seemed to be destroyed and melted.

Minato didn't delay to activate the seal that could stop the chakra circulatory system thus effectively removing the chakra control of the Masked man and thus messing up the control over Kyuubi. Then he teleported instantly near the Masked man by the Hiraishin seal and slammed another Rasengan just in the Masked man's abdomen.

The masked man screamed because the pain was extreme.

The Rasengan pushed and drilled through the body and Muscle of the belly.

Realizing that taking the cunning Yondaime on his own was a foolish idea, he tried to flow chakra to his eye to activate his Jikukan technique and flew away from here as he needed medical attention as quick as possible.

Fortunately for the Masked man, the seal was also disrupted due to second Rasengan's impact on the masked man's body.

'What a man! He still could go against such an advance level of Sharingan.' The Hooded man thought respectfully but also bitterly. While thinking he released a huge amount of Chakra to destroy the remaining seals and it costed almost all his Chakra.

And hopped away from the tree trunk where he was slammed.

"It seems that Kyuubi is now out of my control. But it'll be mine to use no matter what!" Telling this with panting and pained voice, The masked man vanished in a swirling vortex.

Near the Village wall :

Sandaime Hokage used his Legendary Bo staff which was actually the transformed Monkey King Enma, to push away Kyuubi from Village parameter.

"I've chased it away. Follow me, ninjas. We've to put our life on the line of Death and Life situation" Sandaime carried away his speech with sheer commanding Voice.

"HAI!" The united confirmation was heard from several High Ranked Anbu and Jonin.

They sped off to the Kyuubi that was chased out of Village and used vast amount of Katon jutsus. Meanwhile, The Head of the Inuzuka Clan, used his all his chakra to execute the fang over fang with his pup. The Collision was so huge that it pushed Kyuubi several step behind.

Meanwhile, Namikaze Minato teleported himself on the tower and witnessed the attacks.

Seeing that, The Inuzuka clan Head was in danger as he'd recently used fang over fang with almost all his power.

Inuzuka clan head was then feeling dizzy for using so tremendous rotaion with huge amount of chakra.

Kyuubi had become enraged and annoyed to be heated so fiercely on his Nose.

Kyuubi raised its paw to crush the Inuzuka Head but the man was saved by Yondaime for his inhuman speed.

Seeing that Yondaime saved him from certain death, he became grateful but the instant pull and enormoous speed cause a lil shock to the passenger's body and mind.

"Thank you Hokage sama." but the Inuzuka clan head could numbly thank his superior before passing out into unconsciousness though the man used to be a brass and boasting ninja.

Seeing Yondaime has arrived in the battle field, every one left a breath of relief, even the Sandaime Hokage felt some what light as his responsibility could then be shared by Minato too.

Seeing his prey got separated by his container's mate, Kyuubi became madder.

The kyuubi didn't delay a bit and formed a huge 'Imari' and entered it into his mouth.

Seeing the Blast will be sent towards the elites of the Villages and thinking the hooded man's claims to get a hold of Kyuubi again, Yondaime Hokage decided a hard decision in his life to ensure his village and son's safety.

And when Kyuubi used his Imari to flash this out of his mouth, Yondaime teleported it with him to save his fellow men.

Everyone standing there were wondering where The Kyuubi gone.

Suddenly a huge burst was heard and a massive chakra flash could be seen on the right side of the Horizon.

"Minato flew that way with Kyuubi. Follow me" Leaping the way through with his Bo-staff, "This way!" Sarutobi went there to aid Minato.

Meanwhile, Minato had teleported Kyuubi where Kushina had given birth to Naruto. Teleporting a huge Demon instantly with its huge Bijuudama compressed in its mouth, Minato had to use a large portion of his chakra continuously on his hiraishin seal to leap it away from the village and simultaneously had to save his own ass from the blast.

Minato didn't delay anymore and teleported himself to Kushina's safe house where she was laid with his beloved son.

Hearing Minato flashed out in the room, Kushina saw Minato a lil bit wind up.

"What about the man?" Kushina asked warily.

"Don't worry. He's off from the village. He won't come back to village for now." Minato told approaching towards them.

But Kushina could sense Kyuubi's chakra spike a lil bit ago.

"Kushina, stay here. I intend to seal The Kyuubi into Naruto." Minato told his intention.

"WHAT?! Minato, you can't do that to Naruto! He's our son!" Kushina was enraged, disappointed, sad and furious at same time.

She's crying.

"Kushina, think it's a gift to Naruto from his dying Father. He needs to tame Kyuubi's power to overwhelm that masked man. I think he somehow learnt Madara's ability to tame Bijuu. I think he's a Uchiha too or because I think, implanted eyes to foreign Shinobi were very much taxing. And it should be impossible for any non uchiha to tame bijuu with Sharingan this long time without chakra exhaustion." Minato elaborated to Kushina.

"Then why don't you seal the Kyuubi into any Uchiha." Kushina reasoned. Anger was clearly heard from his utterance.

Minato shook his head.

"You can't get it, Kushina. I can't trust the Uchiha for now. The man who attacked could be one of the Uchihas. And I couldn't see there activities here whether every ninja clan gave a hand to fight off Kyuubi."

"Listen carefully, you'll stay with him. I'll use the strongest seal I've ever known. It'll ensure that if Naruto can't tame it or don't want to tame it, he'll still stay safe." Minato trailed off remembering the sequence and ritual needed for The Shiki Fuin.

"What?! ... Are you intending to use that Technique? Why Minato? Is it to balance out the power of bijuu among the village so that it can't be damned." Kushina was feeling disgusted as his husband was thinking so low of his son's life and at verge of crying.

"No no Kushina, don't get me wrong. I am doing what I should do. You know better than me that how it felt seeing your own village's demise. And it is not that you are inexperienced dealing with Kyuubi should it be out again from Naruto's seal, right?" Minato tried lighten the situation.

"Minato kun please, re consider. Naruto needs me as much as you too." Kushina seemed to plead.

Seeing Kushina's almost pleading face, Minato's heart broke apart.

'How can I abandon her and my child!' Minato thought with grimace.

'I am no Uchiha, I am no Senju. How can I hold it without sealing? What should I do?' Minato was in a great dilemma. To the one side were his beloved wife, Kushina and his new born son, and other side was the act of village's beloved Yondaime.

Unknown Underground place covered with Earth Rocks :

"What happened? You seem very much injured." First black Zetsu then White Zetsu expressed there concerns.

"Zetsu! Connect me with Gedou Mazou. I am flattened by Yondaime's Rasengan twice. Even doing such extended training to hone my skill at here, I am still inferior to him when it comes to a speed battle and his speed is too much to cast a stable genjutsu against him." He said. The Hooded man seemed very much injured. It seems that the rasengan with the combination of Hiraishin did a good numbers on him!

"So you failed to capture Nine tailed demon fox?!" Black Zetsu seemed a little bit unhappy while a white zetsu clone was connecting some roots with Obito's body where Hashirama's cell was implanted.

"Yeah, but I succeeded to complete our secondary goal." Obito tried to say something about his success.

"That means you could weaken the village?" It more means to be a question rather than a statement to Obito, so Obito answered and said, "Yeah. And I am sure Yondaime is in great difficulty to handle the bijuu. I think he only has one solution and that is Sealing art." Obito informed them.

"Well then, you stay here and rejuvenate yourself. In the mean time, we go there and investigate that what's happening." White Zetsu said.


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