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It's been horrible this past week. The strange woman and daddy got into a huge fight and she left. I haven't ever seen daddy so mad, actually, not even when I tripped and spilled chocolate cupcake batter all over his new, white shirt or when Drake was sick all over the taxi driver last year.

He's been angry all week and he's being ever so cruel. I only eat at school now because I'm not allowed dinner. I get punished for every little thing and it's as though I spend all my time in timeouts. I love school because no one hits me or slaps me or punches me there.

Drake's safe aswell because the nurse is always with him, until, like, five, so he gets his breakfast and lunch.

I told Jade and she gives me power bars so that I can eat them for dinner but I always eat them when I'm walking home, I can't help it. She can't really do anything else unless she calls the police and they arrest daddy and put me and Drake in a care home or, or a mental ward.

Jade's been kind of distant lately, she's nice to me when we're alone but when there's lots of people around, she never talks and when she does it's always something mean. She also looks tired all the time and seems to slump against Beck when she sits down. I wonder what's going on with her. Maybe it's something to do with her dad?

She told me there was nothing wrong and she got mad at me for 'observing' her so much, but I think she's lying, I think there's something wrong with her.

Ooh idea! Maybe I should play secret agent's and see what's wrong with Jadey! I could be Secret Agent Valentine, that'd be so cool! And I still have that outfit made, the spy one, which I could use.

Oh, I can't wait! Though last time I got detention for 'spying' on Lane.

I don't really like Lane, I mean, don't get me wrong, he's nice but he's a bit weird. I get sent to him loads of times.

He always tells me not to get too obsessed with things, because I've been det to Lane because of bibvle and buying too many things from Sky Store and that app with all the discounts, yet he's obsessed with, with moisturizers.

I think everyone's obsessed with something, but everyone seems to focus on me. Jade's obsessed with scissors, Beck with plaid shirts and Trina with getting famous. I... I can't think of anymore but I'm totally right.

I'm going to tell you a secret, well, write you a secret, I'm actually happy that the strange woman left, it's nice being just daddy, Drake and me again, even though daddy's mad all the time, he'll calm down soon and he'll be lovely again, like when mummy was here. She didn't even say goodbye. I sometimes miss her but it's getting harder to remember her. I can't remember her face shape or the colour of her eyes. I remember her moods though, and I remember how scared I was and how I couldn't sleep when she fought and argued with daddy during the night.

I'm going to bed now, only because I can't wait for it to be tomorrow so I can play secret agents. Maybe Robbie or Beck or Tori will play with me, or maybe it's better if I work alone.

I'll have to sleep on it.



Cat Valentine