Although she didn't mean too, Bellatrix helped out the world of yaoi thanks to her rush to cast a spell.


MxM, eventually MxMxM, MPREG, anal, fingering, etc...

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Sesshomaru refrained himself from doing anything so common as sighing while he dealt with yet more paperwork pertaining to his many businesses when what he most desired to be doing at that moment was to be attending to his Beta mate. His Beta mate who was entering his heat cycle and beginning to release his pheromones throughout the palace, enticing his Alpha to come to him. Sesshomaru did allow himself to scowl faintly when he picked up the next bit of paperwork and saw that it was a report on Grunnings, one of his English businesses that, for some reason, never seemed to turn the full amount of profit that it was projected to make. One of his many accountants had finally noticed the oddity several weeks ago and sent Sesshomaru an urgent memo about it. Sesshomaru had immediately sent several people to investigate the company, quietly and without notifying any of Grunnings' current employees. What he held in his hand was the result.

Staring thoughtfully at the report before tossing a glance towards the remaining paperwork, Sesshomaru came to a decision. Rising from behind his desk, Sesshomaru choose to leave the rest of the paperwork until after his Beta's heat cycle. There was nothing important going on with any of the rest of his businesses right now anyway. The Grunnings oddity had been the only thing that he had been on the look out for, knowing that it needed to be dealt with sooner rather than later, regardless of the fact that the problem had been occuring for several years. Knowing that his mate's cycle always fell around this time every five years, Sesshomaru ensured that nothing important enough to require his participation was scheduled to occur, which kept his calendar free to quickly deal with the inevitable emergencies that would crop up in the running of a major, multi-national corporation in the modern era.

Clutching the report in one hand as he began to skim over the information contained therein, Sesshomaru glided out of his office and through the many hallways that slowly, but inevitably, lead him to the private family wing. On his way, he nodded in absentminded acknowledgement to the servants as they stopped what they were doing to bow to him. What he got out of the fast skim-over was that the missing money was all being attributed to one department, headed by one Vernon Dursley. While that could be a mere coincidence, the people Sesshomaru had sent off to investigate had managed to track the money and the trail was confirmed to lead directly to the man and the many orders for duplicates that he had placed, then arranged to cancel before delivery. In the resulting confusion of paperwork, Mr. Dursley had been able to funnel away various amounts of money, ranging from a few hundred pounds to upwards of several thousand pounds at a time. The only reason it had taken so long to be discovered was because the male had been intelligent enough to spread the scam out over many, many years from the various positions that he had held at the company.

As Sesshomaru glided though the many hallways separating his work areas from the family wing of his ancestor's castle, he was treated to a slight whiff of his Beta's ambrosia-like aroma. It was all he could do to not abandon his dignity and flash down the corridors to his and his mate's suite, fling the door open, and bury his nose in the heart of that intoxicating scent. The closer he drew to their rooms, the sweeter and more intense the aroma in the air became, causing his body to react in a predictable, if rather uncomfortable, way.

When Sesshomaru finally arrived the doors to their suite, he thought he might be able to pound nails with the aid of an aching, twitching body part that was making walking quite hard, er...difficult. As he was reaching out to open the closed doors, a pleading whine assaulted his sensitive ears, shooting right to his groin and causing an already rock hard erection to spasm painfully as it tried in vain to tighten further. Wrenching open the double doors, and ignoring the way they bounced off the walls and slammed shut behind him, Sesshomaru dropped all dignity as he sped through the outer sitting room in a blur until he found himself standing at the foot of the bed. The sight before him had Sesshomaru ripping off of his semi-casual kimono in the blink of an eye. Letting it and his Grunning's paperwork fall to the floor, Sesshomaru ignored the fluttering mess as he stood naked and proud, basking in the breath-taking sight before him.

His delectable Beta was clad only in his long, moon-light colored hair and his flushed, sweaty skin. He was on his knees, his face pressed tightly to the silken bedding, one red-tinted, golden eye visible as his face was slightly tilted off to one side. His Beta had reached one hand around and behind him and he was thrusting back harshly onto the four fingers that he had buried into his burning passage. He had wrapped his other well-callosed hand tightly around his impressive length and was pulling and sliding his hand around it as he rocked forward then thrust back. The entire time he was doing so, he was releasing the most pleasing whimpers and whines of both pleasure and submission, designed to drive an Alpha out of his mind with both lust and the desire to dominate.

Those noises, combined with the sight before him and the rich scent of fertility wafting around the room, pushed Sesshomaru's control over and through it's breaking point. He quickly pulled his Beta's fingers out of the clenching, needy passage that they had been buried in. Ignoring the heartbreaking whine when he did that, Sesshomaru lined up his aching, velvet-covered steel length with the winking, greedy hole that called to him and snapped his hips forward, burying himself to the hilt in one smooth, fluid move. He quickly fell into a harsh pace, brutally using the body under him to slate his raging instincts to claim and dominate.

Feeling himself swelling and beginning to knot shortly after beginning and knowing that this first rut would be over far too soon, Sesshomaru tightly grabbed one of his mate's hips with one hand, allowing him more control over the needy body below him. Reaching under and around, Sesshomaru wrapped his much larger hand over the smaller hand of his Beta and made quick work of fisting him to completion. The hot passage his erection was buried in, tightened to the point of exquisite pain around him, triggering his own orgasm. Shuddering as he released his seed deeply into the fertile, needy body of his Beta, and, ignoring the knot that formed to insure the seed stayed where it was needed, Sesshomaru draped himself over the lithe male, covering the smaller Beta from view as his instincts demanded. Nuzzling into the side of the neck where he had marked his Beta in their first mating, Sesshomaru was rewarded with a small bark of happiness and a quick lick to the forearm nearest his Beta.

Sesshomaru lost himself in the sensations assaulting him: the silk under his knees, the feeling of his knot lessening and slipping free from the warmth it was buried in, the lethargy that always seemed to follow an orgasm during mating season. It was the needy whines that his submissive began to give off in both increasing frequency and volume that caused Sesshomaru to re-focus his attention back on the matter at hand. The noises from his Beta triggered an answering need in Sesshomaru. Feeling himself lengthen and swell as blood flowed downwards yet again, Sesshomaru smirked.

"Well then, Inuyasha. Let us continue. I would dearly love to see you well and truly pupped again. You are simply divine when your body is swollen large as you carry my seed within your fertile body," Sesshomaru's eyes began to glow demonic red as he slid into the body under him once again.

I will be the first to admit, since no one other than my Beta has any idea where this story is going, that this fic will be rather pointless and plotless and is really nothing more than almost shameless smut. In my defense however, this little nothing kept jumping up in the forefront of my mind lately whenever I've tried to write something with more plot and depth. Now that it's getting written out and published(so to speak), I've been able to start concentrating more on the Bleach story I've started. Expect 5 chapters and 1 epilogue for this one. I've got the first 4 chapters finished and Beta'd and will post on my regular weekly schedule, baring any unexpected occurrences.