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I went with slimy! politician! Fudge and good intention! but! Dumbledore. The time line remains the same throughout the books until my story.

Harry Potter lay on the lumpy mattress of the broken-down bed in Dudley's second bedroom wondering how much more he could take of his relatives' treatment. He was only being let out of his room twice a day, once in the morning and once again before bed, to use the bathroom. His relatives were only allowing him a 10 minute shower once a week. Harry also hadn't had a meal that constituted more than table scraps since that last meal in the great hall of Hogwarts. And table scraps in the Dursley's house weren't enough to feed a starving mouse thanks to the pair of whales known as Vernon and Dudley Dursley. If Harry hadn't had the foresight to stash a supply of Wizarding camping food that he had ordered via owl mail in his trunk, he would have been in much worse shape. As it was though, Harry didn't have any spare flesh anywhere on his lithe, tiny, mal-nourished form. He was grateful that he had also had enough forethought to ask Hagrid to keep watch over Hedwig for the summer. She would only have been locked up in her cage and subjected to the same lack of food as himself otherwise.

Harry was still trying to cope with the disbelief that even after managing to defeat Voldemort permanently in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, he had been sent back to live at the Dursley's until he had "come of age" by that idiot Fudge. At least Harry knew, thanks to a long talk with Neville one day during a mutual free period, that Fudge couldn't keep Harry here past his 15th birthday, which was coming up in just two weeks.

Neville had informed Harry that, as the sole remaining Heir to the Ancient and Noble house of Potter, Harry would automatically become emancipated when he turned 15 in order to take over the Lordship duties for said house. Harry had been in shock to learn about his Lordship and begged Neville for his assistance. Neville, who had been horrified to discover the depths of Harry's ignorance into his own ancestry and inheritance, had quickly agreed. After excusing himself briefly, Neville then returned back to the common room after a quick run up to the dorm room carrying a small book entitled, "A Lord's Common Day". As he handed the book over to Harry, Neville informed him that it was an excellent book, if rather dry and factual, to read for Heirs as the book was a published copy of an article the Daily Prophet had run about fifty years ago about a day in the life a Lord of the Wizengamot. When Harry asked if the information was out of date for being printed such a long time ago, Neville had snorted in amusement and informed Harry that 50 years was nothing in the life of a wizard that could live to be upwards of 200 years old and in fact, that the Lord in question was still serving in his duties and would occasionally update the information contained in the book, just to ensure that anyone who was interested could have a factual account of just what being a Lord entailed.

And even if Harry hadn't found out about his Lordship rights, he would also come of age on his 15th birthday and be regarded as a full adult thanks to Bellatrix LeStrange's misspoken and misdirected spell. He had been hit by it as he shoved Sirius out of the way during the battle in the Department of Mysteries. After several spell experts had had a chance to study the pensive memories of the battle and had also had a chance to study the results, it had been determined that the spell was supposed to be Revertetur ad Antecessor {{ return to ancestor}}.

The way the spell had been crafted to work was that the person hit with it was supposed to live all of the years in between the first known family member with the same last name to the current bearer of the family name, causing the victim to die of extreme old age in a matter of seconds. Thanks to Bellatrix's mangled pronunciation and frantic wand movements in the heat of battle, Harry, instead of dieing of old age, had had his gene's re-programmed to mirror those of his ancestor who first bore the name Potter.

Turns out that ancestor was a half-breed. Specifically a half-wizard, half-kitsune.

Which was how Harry had ended up finally being able to kill Voldemort. Turns out that Kitsunes, even half-breed ones, are extremely powerful even when they don't know what they are yet. When Voldemort unexpectedly showed up in the Ministry's Atrium and tried to posses Harry in front of the gathered crowd made up of D.A. members, Aurors, members of the Order of the Phoenix, and various Ministry workers, Harry was in so much pain that he instinctively lashed out with his new Kitsune powers. Voldemort was unprepared for the power that flowed back across the mental link and could do nothing to stop the overflow of power.

All Harry knew was that he wished the pain ripping his head open would cease.

Ron later confided in Harry, when they were on the Express heading home, that he had never seen an odder sight, which was saying something considering that Ron had lived in the wizarding world his whole life and had a pair of prankster twin brothers who didn't know the meaning of restraint when it came to jokes.

Voldemort was pronounced as most likely dead, until the Unspeakables had more of a chance to study him, by the simple fact that his body appeared to be fused to the floor as well as being fused to Nagini, a cup, a diadem, a locket, and a ring. Harry passed out immediately afterwards: his scar bleeding black sludge.

When Harry finally woke up after the almost possession, he was in the Hogwarts infirmary with no scar on his forehead, crystal clear vision with no need for corrective lenses, a pair of twitchy black fox ears perched on top of his head, three fluffy, black fox tails that had sprouted out of his back from his bottom most vertebrae, knee-length ebony colored hair, and a reduction in height that placed him at only 5'1". Harry found himself to be surprisingly accepting of the changes once he finally got over going from the shortest boy in his year to being only taller than some of the first year girls. He especially loved his new eyesight and superior sense of hearing.

After much begging and whining, over the course of several weeks, Harry was finally given medical clearance as nothing the healers did had any effect on Harry's new status and allowed to join his housemates for the end of year feast. He had only had enough time to grab a quick plate before heading back up to the dorm rooms to pack because of the mob of schoolmates hoping to congratulate him. And the only reason he was able to grab anything to eat had a lot to do with his fellow D.A. members forming a guard around him to prevent the crowd from overwhelming him.

The following morning, Harry awoke early and made his way under his invisibility cloak to the kitchen to find a meal in peace and quiet. From there, Harry made his way to the waiting thestral drawn carriages to wait for the ride to the train. Harry spent most of the ride back to London sitting with Ron and Hermione while wearing his cloak, having no desire to deal with the numerous people hoping to find him. Once back at the station, Harry was less than pleased to see Fudge waiting for him along with several Aurors.

Suspicious as to what the politician was doing there, but certain that it had something to do with him, Harry quietly and cautiously made his way over to where Fred and George were waiting with the rest of their family, knowing that the wily twins were probably the best suited for the job he was about to propose. Waiting until the Weasley's matriach and patriarch were distracted by the arrival of Ron and Ginny, Harry quickly tugged on Fred's arm and hissed out his own name. Once Harry was certain that Fred wasn't going to give him away, Harry quickly whispered several instructions into the prankster's ear, keeping an eye on Fudge and his entourage the entire time. Once Fred and George, who had swung around and stood facing Fred like the two of then were conversing, had nodded and flashed identical smirks, Harry used their bodies to conceal what he was doing and swung off the cloak, quickly stuffing it out of sight in his bottomless, mole-skin pouch that he had acquired and hung on his belt.

It only took a few minutes after that for Harry to be seen by Fudge as Mr. and Mrs. Weasley made a large fuss over him, and as soon as he was seen, Fudge hurried over to him, trailing his entourage. Once Fudge was standing before him, the Minister of Magic wasted no time informing Harry that, for his safety, he would be having to return to the Dursley's over the summer while the Ministry dealt with the many trials that would be occurring and also while the Auror's rounded up any remaining Death Eaters.

Fudge also made a point to remind Harry that, as he was still underage, that he would be unable to do any magic while he stayed with his relatives. At which point, Fudge had one of his body guards cast a glamor to disguise Harry's less human features and informed Harry that the spell would release itself once Harry entered his relative's house. Fudge completely brushed off Harry as he pointed out that Peter Pettigrew had been captured during the battle, proving that Sirius was innocent, and that meant that Harry could go and stay with his Godfather the way that Harry's parents had wanted him to. Fudge merely rolled right over that observation by pointing out that Sirius would have to be given a trial and, if found innocent with the new evidence, Sirius had spent so much time in Azkaban that the man would have to pass and clear a mental competency test before he could be given charge of Harry.

Harry silently fumed the entire way back to the Dursley's house as he was driven there by one of Fudge's entourage after being hustled though the train station and into a car. As soon as the door of #4 Privet Drive shut behind Harry, the glamour placed on him fell, causing Petunia to faint while Vernon's face purpled in rage as he carried on about "no-good, useless freaks!" Getting a cuff to the back of his head, Harry was immediately sent to his room and told to stay there unless given other instructions.

That was the last time Harry had spent any amount of time outside of his room since school had let out.

Harry found himself extremely thankful that he had researched how to, and had then proceeded to, place a password activated shrinking and enlarging charm on his school trunk so that it was able to be kept on him at all times in his moleskin pouch, and that he had had that chance to quickly instruct the twin terrors, Fred and George Weasley, to make sure that the true tale of the battle of the Department of Mysteries was spread about, even asking the two to ensure that the tale was sent to any and all newspapers around the world if they felt that the information blackout was too much. Harry wouldn't put it past Fudge to try and take credit for anything he could that would put him in a good light and ensure him votes in the next election, especially when it was brought to everyone's attention that Fudge had been told of Voldemort's return the year previously. Harry could just imagine Fudge sweating it out as he tried, and failed, to cover up that little fact when it came to light.

Harry had a small smirk on his face as he thought to what he had planned in two weeks. While Harry normally thought that reporters were amongst pond-scum on the evolutionary charts, and the idea of voluntarily spending time with them ranked with up there with turning to Voldemort and Bellatrix LeStrange for sexual relief, he actually found himself getting exited as he imagined the look on Fudge's face when Harry appeared in Diagon Alley in two weeks to give his own personal account of the battle at a press conference that he was going to ask the goblins to host for him. Once he had had the chance to confirm his Lordship and check out his family's vaults, Fudge would be unable to stop him as he would be an adult. Harry was quite sure that the reporters had to be frothing at the mouth by this point for more of the story than just what the twins had sent out to them since Harry himself had been hustled off to the Dursley's so quickly that no one had had a chance to speak with him and get the full tale, from start to finish, directly from him. And before that, Harry had been under Poppy Pompfrey's meticulous care in the infirmary, where she hadn't allowed any questions that didn't come from the healers that had been called in and had something to do with his new half-breed status, either the spell leading up to it or the results caused by it.

Just two more weeks and then Harry would be emancipated by his Lordship duties and as well as being counted as an adult by his new-found Kitsune blood.

Harry couldn't wait.

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