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Harry leaned back into the large, warm body that came up behind him, confidant that it could only belong to one of his mates. Here, in the innermost sanctum of their suite of rooms, the only servants allowed in were all very distant relatives, and they were still only allowed into the rooms under the watchful eyes of guards when the room needed to be cleaned or when food and beverages were summoned. Harry churred softly in pleasure and released his un-noticed tension when the one behind him reached up a hand and began to gently massage the base of his fox ears. Inhaling gently, Harry was instantly able to identify the heavy canine musk scent of Sesshomaru, as opposed to the light canine and human scent overlaid with sweet milk that indicated Inuyasha, thus letting him know that it was his Primary Alpha behind him.

Shaking off the calming and tranquilizing effects of the ear fondling for a moment, Harry spun around, placing himself face to chest against the much taller form of his Dominant. Harry nuzzled against the silk covered, sculpted muscles of the deceptively slender looking Lord for a moment or two before looking up and meeting the impassive amber eyes looking down at him. Giving into his mischievous inner fox demon for a moment, Harry surged upwards and just managed to land a small lick to the tip of Sesshomaru's nose. Letting out a giggle, Harry tried to pull away only to note that Sess' arms had come up around him at some point and were now holding tight. Harry looked up, laughter lighting up his emerald hued orbs and tiny, delicate features, only to see a slight smirk on Sess' face as the Lord of the East bent his head down. Harry would never know what his mate was about to do at that time because just then, his other mate, Inuyasha, choose to make his presence known.

"Oi! Break it up you two! Do you want to mess up all of that work that Satoshi-kun and

Sayaka-chan spent getting the two of you ready for tonight? And just think what Sess' mom would say! You know that she's been impatient to meet her latest grandchildren and only tradition has held her off from storming the rooms in search of them this last month. If the naming and presenting ceremony don't start on time, I sure ain't gonna be one to try and hold her off."

Harry sighed, tugged lightly on Sesshomaru's resplendent silk and fur robes until the tall male bent down enough for Harry to give him a gently kiss on the lips, then reluctantly stepped out of the safety the encircling arms imparted to him. Flashing an apologetic smile over at his secondary mate, Harry cautiously ran his delicate hands gently over his own beautiful robes that were nearer to wearable art than clothing, hoping to smooth out any sign of imperfection. Harry had no desire to draw down the wrath of the two senior servants that had spent the better part of the day aiding him with his preparation. It took several hours just to see to his hair for the evening's ceremony as the massive ebony mane had to be put up on the top of his head with jeweled pins, although some of it was allowed to trail. The bits that were kept down had been embellished with beads and amazing enameled metalwork that looked like living flowers, before being pinned up in graceful swoops and twists. If Harry hadn't had the unnatural strength of his demon heritage to support the massive weight, he was quite sure that his slender neck would have snapped the moment the supportive rests were removed from under his chin.

Putting on his robes had only been slightly less traumatizing, and that was only because they had been designed extremely carefully. Harry was still nursing his pups and so robes that could be put on and taken off quickly and easily were the rule for him as well as Inuyasha. There had still been a great deal of fussing over the under layers and getting the placement of each layer just right.

Harry couldn't help the small sigh that escaped him and he pouted slightly at having to withdraw from Sess' arms. Drawing himself up to his full height, tiny though it was, Harry forced himself to refocus his attention back onto the upcoming ceremony.

It had been a full month since he had given birth to the pups, and it was finally time to end their seclusion. After the ceremony that presented the pups to the rest of the clan and assembled guests, and the pups were finally given names, they would be moved out of the inner-most room that they had been living in for the last month and into one of the nurseries that adjoined the master suite. Harry would still be their primary care giver, but now the pups would each have a servant assigned to them, allowing a bit of a break for Harry, Inuyasha, and Sesshomaru who had been doing all of the child care since the birth.

Thinking of his pups obviously was more than enough to rouse them as Harry could hear the little ones squeaking and whimpering in the last room of the suite. He gracefully turned and, ignoring the weight of his hair and the layers of his kimono, Harry glided across the floor, through the open door to the single cradle, and gently picked up the loudest pup. Cradling the tiny body against his own with one hand, Harry reached back into the crib and lifted out the other pup, placing it against his body with its sibling.

Harry may be nervous about tonight, as there would be a great many demons come to give witness to the most recent additions to the family of one the Great Lords, as well as the children of the Wizarding world's defacto King, but he also found himself impatient. Due to his status as a half-breed, Harry's pups, just like Inuyasha's, had ended up being ruled by the moon and so had yet to take their more humanoid forms. Harry had also had his human side come out under the control of the moon, although it was much less often than Inuyasha's human night, as Harry only turn human during the night of the second full moon of a month, also known as a blue moon.

It was theorized that as canines, they had a closer connection to the moon. This theory was being studied in greater depth by several of the court's scholars, but was being given more credence as the few half-blooded children that Inuyasha had given birth to over the years also had the moon controlling some aspect of their lives.

Needless to say, Harry was quite excited for moonrise tonight, which was when the ceremony had been planned to start.

Leaving the inner-most room with his precious armfulls, Harry glided back over to his mates, who stood waiting for him at the door to their bed chamber. Harry beamed the two of them, getting a kiss on the forehead from both of them when he drew level.

"Are you ready, my mate?" asked Sesshomaru.

"Yeah," Harry whispered, his nerves battling with his joy.

"Come on, Harry," Inuyasha said with a look of understanding on his face. "It's gonna be okay. We've been doing this for thousands of years, you have nothing to worry about. We'll meet up with the servants who have our older three pups; Daichi, Maiko, and Maki. Then we'll all walk down the center of the assembly, letting everybody see the pups, until we reach the front, where we simply have to wait until the moon rises. Once the moon is fully up, the pups will transform, you announce their names, and then everybody will break up and start mingling with each other, taking turns to come up to us and offer their congratulations to us and blessings on the pups. The only thing you'll have to watch out for is Sess' mom trying to disappear with her newest grandchildren."

Harry snorted a bit at that last sentence, knowing that it was most probably true, and if Sess' mom didn't, it would be Molly Weasley who had sent him a small mountain of hand knit baby clothes. He allowed Inuyasha to steer him from the room by the use of a gentle hand at the small of his back as he soaked up all he could about the last time he would have with just his mates and their tiny pups. From now on, he would be sharing the precious little beings he and his mates had created with their love with the rest of the world.

Just before the five of them left the sanctuary of their suite, Harry paused for a moment and looked down. Looking back up at him were two amber eyes and two emerald eyes, one of each color in each face as mirror images of the other. The fully-demon twin boys were identical, both with beautiful silver fur, adorably oversized fox ears, and twin fox tails; except for their eyes. There were no visible markings on either of them, but Harry wasn't going to rule the idea out just yet, as some of Inuyasha's and Sesshomaru's older children had had markings hidden under their puppy fur, or developed them as they aged.

Sesshomaru had been radiating a smug satisfaction ever since their birth and the sight of their twin tails, knowing that the little ones would be extremely powerful as most fox cubs were only born with a single tail and had to work hard to earn each additional tail after that first. He had then subtly flaunted that bit of knowledge in council meetings as a way of chastising the few nay-sayers who had objected to the Demon Lord taking yet another Hanyou as a mate, instead of a proper Demon or Demoness from appropriate bloodlines. The knowledge that his incredibly young mate had gifted him with fully demon twin boys, each bearing two tails apiece, on his first mating, had quickly circulated and caused a flood of marriage offers for the boys and any future offspring, as well as several about faces by some of the more visibly outspoken opponents of Hanyou. The fact that Sesshomaru had mated with two incredibly fertile Hanyou that produced some of the most powerful Demon-blooded beings in the last millenium had caused a rush of Hanyou matings among the lesser Demons and second born as they attempted to increase and improve the failing bloodlines of their families.

Harry pushed those errant thoughts away as he gave one last gentle squeeze to the most important thing he had ever done with, and in, his life. It was time.


Harry let out a very contented sigh as he flopped backward onto the obscenely large bed that dominated the bedroom he and his mates shared. It had been a long, eventful evening and the fox-Hanyou was grateful that the ceremony had gone well. Sesshomaru, Inuyasha, himself, and the pups were all in place with plenty of time to spare for moonrise, and when the moon was fully risen, the pups had easily changed into their more humanoid form. Once that had occurred, Sesshomaru stepped slightly forward and calmly announced the names the three of them had decided on, with a slight gesture towards each respective boy.

Yoshiyuki James Sirius Taicho-Potter,

was agreed upon for the eldest born after much discussion as Harry couldn't think of a time he had been happier, as well as a wish to honor two of the men that had done so much to try and protect Harry. And, after much discussion and the finding out of some facts, Yoshikazu Auratum Severus Taicho-Potter. Auratum was a type of lily native to Japan that Harry had fallen in love with and Severus after the dour Potions Master that had turned out to be a spy for Dumbledore who had done his best to abide by a vow he made to protect Lily's child at all costs. Harry had been both incredibly shocked and deeply touched, crying all over the appalled male when they had briefly met up at Gringott's.

Looking back on it, most of his reaction to finding out about Severus Snape could easily be attributed to the pregnancy as he was about half-way through by the time he discovered the facts of the matter.

Harry let out another tired sigh as he brought up an arm over and across his face. While the evening, over all, had gone well, and the ceremony and naming had passed without a hitch, dealing with that many politicians, rich and famous personages, and all of the extended families, including his mates' older children, their children, Sesshomaru's mother, and all of the Weasley family with Hermoine and several other friends from Hogwarts. Harry thought it might come to blows over who got to hold the boys first when he descended from the dais and both Molly and his Mother-in-Law swooped down on him and the boys.

A large, warm hand gently setting itself down onto his chest had Harry sliding his arm upwards, letting him see that Sesshomaru was gazing down at him with a slightly lecherous expression.

"Yes?" Harry softly queried, a vaguely puzzled expression on his face.

He got his answer in the form of a deep, possessive kiss as Sesshomaru swooped down and assaulted his lips, thrusting his tongue past the lips that had parted slightly in shock over the speed of the attack. Harry moaned as his mate's tongue battled with his own, easily winning the contest before it went on to sweep over and map the rest of his mouth. Before Harry knew it, Sesshomaru had freed him from the layers of kimono. The special care taken to ensure that the pups could easily be nursed allowing the Lord to quickly strip the material from his body, leaving as naked as the day they had mated.

Harsh panting filled the air as the Demon Lord expertly played Harry's lithe body: nipping and sucking at areas that Sess and 'Yasha had discovered to be sensitive, gently fingering his moistened entrance as the slight brushes and casual touches without deeper penetration drove Harry wild, suckling happily at Harry's nipples and greedily swallowing down the sweet milk produced from his body. Soon, two sets of hands were roaming across Harry leaving flames in their wake as they roused him to a fever pitch, only to soothe him slightly a moment later.

"Now...please. Please, more. I need more!" Harry cried out. He was disoriented when, following his cry, he was picked up and spun around. Landing on his hands and knees, Harry instinctively spread his legs further open and braced himself. He was rewarded by a larger body draping itself over his back and the barely there bit of burning, stretching pain as a large organ pierced the guardian ring of muscles that had only been teased, never fully stretched. Fortunately, the three of them had intercourse often enough that it wasn't an issue, as well as the fact that submissives were built for this.

The person draped over his back didn't hold back and was soon pounding deeply into Harry and nailing his prostate after a couple of tries, only to pause a few minutes later. Harry wanted to scream as the other stopped. Tilting his head to the side, Harry was able to make out the fact that it was Inuyasha who had been pounding into him.

"Please, don't stop 'Yasha. More, harder. Deeper," Harry sobbed out. The bastard had stopped fully buried inside of Harry with his length pressed up against Harry's prostate. And while the pleasure was brilliant as his nerves were all lit up, Harry needed more. He had his answer as to why Inuyasha had halted when he was jolted forward without any actual movement on the other male's part.

It seems that Sessomaru was going to use Inuyasha as 'Yasha plowed into Harry.

Harry could more than live with that as Inuyasha finally started moving again to the rhythm being established by Sesshomaru.

Harry could tell that he wasn't going to last that long tonight. He had been too nervous and worked up over the ceremony and presentation, and all of that stress had built up in his system. As his gut tightened in anticipation, Harry reached between his spread legs and grabbed ahold of his freely swinging and bobbing erection. Using the copiously drooling pre-cum, Harry slicked his hand and began to stroke himself off. Harry came after a handful of strokes, screaming out his release while he sprayed his seed over the bedding below and his anal passage clamped down hard on the invader.

It seems as though Inuyasha was just as in need of stress relief as Harry, if the way the dog hanyou only thrust a few more times before filling Harry's channel with the heat of release was anything to go by.

Harry just lay there as he sought his breath, loving the way that Inuyasha used his hands trap Harry in place as the male nuzzled his neck as they both savored the after orgasm bliss. That was until Sesshomaru spoke up.

"Do not think for one moment that this Sesshomaru will allow such a happenstance to occur."

Harry really twisted his neck and craned it around and was just able to make out Sesshomaru as he knelt, pulled out and fully visible, behind Inuyasha. It was more than apparent that the primary Alpha had yet to find release as his member was an angry purplish-red color. For all that people said that Hermoine was the brains of their little trio of friends, it was acknowledged that Harry was quite good at on the spot thinking and so he didn't snicker, laugh, chortle, or show any signs of amusement at Sess's predicament.

It seems that for all that Inuyasha was several centuries old, and had been mated to Sesshomaru for about half that time, he really didn't think things through very well. 'Yasha had snickered. He had attempted to hide it, true, by doing it quietly into the back of Harry's neck, but Sesshomaru still easily caught it. The snickering was abruptly halted as Inuyasha let out a tiny yelp as both he and Harry were jolted forward. Obviously, Sesshomaru had driven himself back into Inuyasha's depths once again, this time without any warning.

"This Sesshomaru has many expectations for the rest of the night, and into the morning. You both would do well to remember that the pups now have servants to mind them, leaving us with a great deal more free time," Sesshomaru's eyes glowed with intensity as he leaned forward, giving another sharp thrust of his hips at the same time. "And this Sesshomaru has many, many intentions of filling up those newly freed hours."

Yoshiyuki -

righteous happiness

Yoshikazu - good and harmonious