Chapter Summary: Dean helps Castiel prepare for his new task, against his better judgment.

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When Castiel entered his cell that evening, Dean stood waiting for him against the sink, arms crossed over his chest. The sound of the buzzer and the cell gate sliding shut made Cas flinch. That, or he just needed an excuse to flinch at Dean's deadly glare.

He tentatively called Dean's name, but it was abruptly cut off.

"I hid a piece of paper here, somewhere. Find it. You have two minutes."

Without further explanation, Dean moved past him to stand at the metal gate, his back to Castiel, his eyes gazing straight out. Cas opened his mouth to speak, then shut it. He was lost for words.

"Clock's ticking, Cas!" Dean barked.

Cas sprang into motion. He had no idea what kind of game Dean was playing, but he'd rather do what Dean said than face Dean's double wrath.

By the time Dean declared time was up, their cell was a mess. Castiel had no idea how long two minutes was supposed to be, so he tossed everything first chance he got. Of course, he did not find that shit piece of paper.

Dean heaved a disappointed sigh when he turned around. "If you want me to trust you to search Crowley's office," he reproached, "you need to do better than this."

Then Dean gave him, with little resources they had, a hands-on lesson on how to turn a place upside down, without turning it upside down, so to speak. He taught him where to look first, how to notice secret compartments, etc. Dean had been to Crowley's office too many times. He had Cas close his eyes, imagine it until he saw what Dean saw. Together, they strategized a plan to search the office efficiently.

By the time their lesson was finished, Cas was exhausted. He sprawled out on his bed, stretching his arms and legs as wide as he could. The main light was out long ago.

"Come on, champ, scoot. Or should I go back to my own bed?" Dean stood by their bunk, playfully kicking at the foot that was dangling off the mattress.

"Two minutes, Dean. My whole body aches," Cas fake whined with a teasing smile. By now, he knew exactly how long two minutes was. Dean taught him how to count for it. But after ten seconds, he scurried closer to the wall to give Dean his space.

Dean smirked before settling down where he belonged. Lying between Dean and the wall made Cas feel safe, even though sometimes, in his sleep in the dead of night, he knocked his limbs against it, leaving bruises.

Cas draped half of his body over Dean's, stretching his arms and legs. Dean was winded by the sudden weight. "Really, Cas?" he groused.

Castiel just smiled and buried his face on the pillow next to Dean's head. "You're my teddy bear," he giggled.

"I'm a what?" Dean scrunched up his face, pulling back enough to look at Cas. "I'm not— I'm not a bear. I'm not even that fat," he grumbled, resting his head back down.

"I'm not saying you're fat. I'm saying you're cuddly."

"What? No!" Dean squawked. "I'm not cuddly. I don't cuddle. I only cuddle because you—"

Dean went wide-eyed when Cas pressed their lips together, effectively hushing him.

"Shut up, Dean, before you say something that will hurt my feelings."

Dean bit his bottom lip, guilt flashing in his eyes, but soon they were consumed by another idea.

"Then I guess you'll need to keep my mouth occupied," he jested, turning to attack Cas' lips with his own. Castiel whined at the change in his comfortable position, but soon gave out satisfied hums when Dean's plump lips nibbled his, fingers tapping along his jaw.

Cas moaned when Dean's weight shifted over him. He sneaked his arms around Dean's back, pulling him closer. Chests flushed so much so that he could feel his heart drum against Dean's ribcage; its beating resonated the bubbling thrill.

Puffing, Dean touched their foreheads together, something Castiel learned Dean was very fond of doing. Cas basked in the small, loving kisses Dean planted on his eyebrows, his nose, his cheeks; Dean's breath warmed over his face.

Dean nuzzled along Cas' shoulder, inhaling long and deep. He rested on his side, pulling Cas close. His fingers dug into Castiel's back, as if he feared Cas would fly away if he didn't pin him down.

"Cas, can we just go, please?" Dean whispered; desperation evident in his voice, in the quivering of his lips. "I'll break us out of here. We can go visit your sister and then we'll go far, far away. Never look back. Never be found."

Castiel shushed him with gentle kisses. He knew where Dean's fear was grounded. Dean's lips were unyielding at first, refusing to be comforted. Cas allowed his body to relax against Dean's, giving out contented purrs. Finally Dean followed suit, sighing softly into the kisses, chasing his anxiety away.

"We are so close, Dean," Cas murmured against Dean's lips. "Just one more piece of evidence and we'll get the bad guys, help their victims and be on our way out of here." On what condition, though, Castiel was not certain. One thing he knew was that they wouldn't have to be constantly on the run, living restricted lives in unrestricted world.

Dean shook his head lightly, clinging to the last shreds of his stubbornness. "What if something goes wrong? What if there is nothing to be found in Crowley's office? What if we couldn't take him down? When will this end?"

"You can't live on what ifs, Dean," Cas chided lovingly. "Just think of Sam. Think of everything he has done to help you out. If we run, he'll never see you again. You are his only family. I know you're not selfish enough to take that away from him."

Dean pursed his lips, ducking his head down to hide his dejected face. "You know I will never be able to stop worrying about you, right?" he mumbled.

"Of course, and I'm not asking you to," Cas replied with a warm smile. He cupped Dean's face, drawing it back up to meet his gaze. "I'm glad you were worried enough to prepare me for my task."

Dean nodded glumly, his tactical brain suddenly kicking into gear. "I'll create some distraction so you'll have at least three minutes to search the place," he instructed. In response, Cas nodded appreciatively. "If things get really bad, just scream my name."

Cas couldn't help a chuckle. "What? You will magically appear?"

"I'm serious, Cas." Dean glared. "There'll always be someone nearby. If you call for me, they'll come get me and I'll be there before you know it."

Cas heaved an exasperated sigh.

"Indulge me, please?" Dean pleaded. "I did everything you asked, Cas. This is all I ask."

Even though he wasn't sure that he would do as Dean asked when the time came, Cas appeased him in the affirmative.


The next morning when Castiel was called for his duty as the warden's personal assistant, Crowley was already in his office, sitting cross-legged waiting for him on a leather chair that was somehow in front of his desk. To his surprise, Cas was shackled on his hands and feet, with a big chain between them, very much like the ones he had seen Dean had been put in whenever he was called to see the warden.

Castiel fell on all fours when he was kicked at the back of his knees, scraping his palms. His chains rattled with the plunge and rattled some more when he tried, in annoyance, to gain balance.

Crowley dismissed the escorting officers. Castiel watched as they retreated to the door, locked it, and left.

This screamed danger.

"So, this is the infamous Castiel," Crowley started. Cas whipped his head back to see the warden slowly approached him with a leer, rubbing his palms in front of him. His eyes sparkled with greed.

"What did they call you? A face that launches a thousand ships? You know, as much as he despises Dean, I could never get Lucifer to work with me until you came along. He likes you so much he was willing to be my ally. I can now see why."

Castiel was on his knees, which was a perfect height for Crowley to run his fingers through his hair, pushing his head around as he pleased. Cas didn't like where this was going at all.

"Do you know why you're here, pet?" Crowley sat back on his chair and asked. Placing a foot on Castiel's shoulder, he ground it; the smell of shiny black shoes assailed Cas' nostril, as sharp as the humiliation.

"To keep Dean in check," Cas replied with as hostile a scowl as he could muster. He knew he was pretty much a hostage to make sure Dean didn't get in the way of Crowley's dirty business, and he hated everything about it.

"Wrong!" the warden cackled. He removed his foot and slid closer until those pervy eyes were mere inches away from the kneeling man. "You see, Dean wants you. Lucifer wants you. The one who controls you controls the both of them."

Castiel lifted his chin up and narrowed his eyes. "I will not let you control me."

That made Crowley guffaw. "Oh, Castiel. Sweet, naïve Castiel," he tsked. "Don't you know by now that my wish is your command? Right now my wish is to put that sweet mouth of yours to good use."


"No?" Crowley repeated with one raised eyebrow.

Castiel glowered. "You promised Dean you would do me no harm."

"What do I care?" Crowley snickered. "We both know nothing will come out from this room."

"I will tell Dean!" Cas snarled. "He will kill you."

Suddenly Cas was grabbed by the back of his head, yanked backwards so hard it hurt. "By all means, please do," Crowley taunted in his face. "But if you think what Lucifer did to you was bad, I can make Dean suffer much worse. How many people do you think want to ruin Dean, given the chance? You wanna find out?"

The shackles dug into his wrists as Castiel tried desperately to pull Crowley's hold away. It wasn't of much help. The chains restrained him, keeping those arms out of reach. The throb in his head was hardly bearable; distress escaped his lips in whimpered wafts.

The pain was not relieved when his face was pushed forward into the warden's crotch; the side of Cas' nose squashing along the hardened length. He could even feel sagging balls and coarse pubic hairs through the fabric of the crisp pant suit. The tang of arousal made him feel nauseated.

"Don't try anything stupid," Crowley hissed while his free hand unbuttoned his slacks. Panic settled as Castiel fought to draw his head back, but it was firmly fixed where Crowley wanted it to be.

Cas calmed himself, holding his breath and instead using the close proximity to shield where his arms were bound. He clumsily removed the paper clip from the waistband of his pants, grateful that Dean insisted he kept it hidden there at all times.


Tears started flowing from Cas' eyes when he thought of how disappointed Dean would be if he saw him now. Everything they had tried so hard to build together was collapsing again because Cas was weakness. He was worthless — a piece of trash Dean should have thrown away long ago.

"Aww, look at you," Crowley cooed as he grabbed Cas' chin and turned it sideways to admire his dampened face. "So pretty when you cry. Keep them flowing while I fuck that fine face of yours."

The creeper pulled his cock out of the open zipper. Castiel screeched and recoiled despite the death grip at the back of his head. Fear tingled the fiber of his skin, giving him chills. His heart sped up. A prayer of Dean, Dean, Dean rang helplessly in his ears.

"Open your God damn mouth!" Crowley bawled. He tried to force his cock past Castiel's lips, but Cas kept them shut. Tossing his head in disgust, Cas' lips brushed over the head of that fattened flesh, leaving on them a sickening taste.

Crowley ceased his imposition, even more enraged. "What's it gonna be, huh? Should I call Dean here, have him watch you for the whore you really are?"

Castiel whimpered. He couldn't have Dean here. Dean couldn't see what he had become. It would break Dean's heart. It would break his heart. He could do this. He could just suck the skeeve off, get it over with, and Dean would be none the wiser.

Shakily, he willed his mouth open.

Crowley broke into a lopsided smile. He made a tentative thrust, moaning in pleasure as hot heat enveloped the sensitive prick. Cas gagged and choked back tears, reminding himself to focus on where he was not being held — the very first lesson his martial arts teacher had taught him. Resolving to simply drop his jaw and let Crowley maneuver his way in, Cas' fingers made deftly work of uncuffing himself underneath.

Castiel held the unlocked handcuffs in place while he contemplated his choices. He could try putting up a fight, but his ankles were still bound. There was also this room that he needed to search. Who knew when they would be able to come here again if he aggravated the situation? Dean's freedom was much more important that his dump of a body.

Three knocks were heard from the door. Cas startled, but Crowley just held his head tight and increased the pace, completely ignoring the intruder, or the fact that Castiel was fighting his way off.

That must be Dean. Dean could not see this. Dean could know nothing about this.


Cas shivered, instinctive tears spilled from his eyes. There was no mistaking that voice, even though it was muffled, spoken from the other side of the wall.

"Sod off! I'm busy," Crowley bellowed. He did nothing to hide the obscene gruff that came out with his utterances. Anybody with half an ear could easily know what was happening behind closed door.

The knocks became unrelenting bangs. Crowley huffed in annoyance but did not slow his movements. Castiel feebly made a frightened sound. He had no idea which threat was more terrifying, but, at this point, he might be glad that his perpetrator decided he couldn't be bothered with the visitor.

"DEA's here!"

That announcement got Crowley to stop. He tucked his quickly deflated cock back in his pants and harshly shoved Castiel away.

"Run along now. Keep your mouth shut if you don't want Dean to get hurt," Crowley warned, then flew out of the room, leaving Castiel sitting back on his heels; his hair a tangled mess, his throat abused. Through the crack of the door, Castiel could see Lucifer watching him, casting a forlorn, melancholy look through his pale blue eyes.

As soon as Lucifer went after his Master, Cas threw his handcuffs away and unshackled his legs. He bolted to the door, closed and locked it. Stifling his nausea, Castiel began his search.


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