The music pounded in the headphones. Running along to the beat, hair bouncing up and down, she was quite clearly on a mission. The running focused her, made her able to get all the worry out of her system with every beat. Today this was especially important and necessary since it was the first day of a new job. She started singing along to the song that blasted out from the headphones. 'Hey, I heard you like the wild ones…' when suddenly, and without warning, she was in front of the car with her hands on the bonnet of the Volvo before she knew what was happening. The loud screech that sent the car into a sudden stop, avoided her being a patient on her first day, rather than a consultant, and she sheepishly waved and mouthed a 'sorry' to the dark haired driver before carrying on her way, her heart beating so hard she could feel it outside her body.

Having composed herself, taken a shower and changed into her professional attire, she knew where she had to go. Se had even rehearsed her first line to him, so skilled was she at flattering people she knew she had to impress and get on side. She practiced her best smile, checked for food stuck in her teeth and then knocked on the door, to hear a curt, 'Come in' from behind the door. Her first thought as she caught sight of him was that he was taller than she had pictured. The headshot of him and googled pictures didn't reflect his height. Firmly taking and shaking her hand, he shot her a quizzical look like he recognized her, and just as the realization hit her that he was the dark haired man in the car from earlier, she managed to pull herself together to deliver her well-rehearsed line…'Mr. Hanssen, you look even more handsome in the flesh.' The comment had the desired effect and Mr. Hanssen seemed to forget the flash of whatever recognition had been fleeting through his mind and responded with an ever dry, 'Well thank you Dr. Adams. It's a pleasure, I'm sure.'

Having had a very successful conversation with her new colleague, she was smiling as she toured the ward. She was sure she had set in motion the favorable impression she wanted Mr. Hanssen to have of her and everything she had said and done had achieved that target. Now, as she strode purposefully along Keller ward, she took everything in. The doctor with the American accent gave her a very approving look, and then a severe looking girl with long auburn hair sneered at her. She was not fazed at all though. Having researched her new work place thoroughly including asking colleagues about her new home, she had the lowdown on everyone in her new workplace.

After the initial few weeks, everything was going to plan, except for one small matter. Having worked with and watched Mr. Hanssen in action she had discovered that she had no need any more for the false appreciation for him she had planned on showing. Over the past few weeks she had seen him risk his career to stick up for his patients and what he believed to be a flawed system. She had seen his intense concentration as he operated in a way she had only seen in a very small number of highly skilled surgeons before him. She sensed something behind his ice-cold manner. It was like she could see him in a way that no one else could. She realized that she genuinely admired him, and she was getting the impression that he felt the same way about her. She had a lot of skills that Mr. Hanssen didn't, one of which being her ability to charm almost anyone in her circle. It was to that end that Mr. Hanssen one day coolly asked her to join him on a conference in Sweden. He was to speak at it, but also there was the opportunity to charm some wealthy business people into purchasing medical items at auction and donating them to the hospital. Intensely flattered because she knew he must recognize her abilities in order to invite her, she also felt a strange sensation of excitement on another level, and it wasn't to do with her professional abilities. It was to do with having this extraordinary man all to herself outwith the confines of the hospital. In no uncertain terms, Hanssen informed her to pack her professional attire, as well as formal evening gown for the ball that would take place. As he told her this, she thought she observed a crooked smirk on his otherwise dignified and reserved face, but she didn't dare to indulge herself in the thought that he would be pleased to see her dressed up in such a way.

The way it worked out, Hanssen flew out to Stockholm first as she had to finish a very important operation. She was more disappointed than she cared to admit about this, but the satisfaction of showing the American and the scowling redhead how to perform surgery made up for that somewhat. And she knew what she had to look forward to, so that made the whole situation bearable.

The flight went quickly and as she exited the plane, she searched the crowd for her name and from there to the car. She daydreamed while admitting the beautiful Swedish scenery making a mental note that she'd have to come back one day and properly explore. The anticipation and excitement was building on the way, leading to a strange sensation in her stomach and before she knew it the car had pulled up outside the hotel. After checking in and getting to her room, she figured it was time to call and let him know she was here. Dialing the number he picked up almost immediately. 'Dr Adams, pleasant flight I hope. I heard the surgery was a triumph. Well done. Be outside the conference hall in fifteen minutes. Be prompt please.' As she hung up she smiled to herself and realized that she had come to regard his brusque manner as sweet, and for some reason her stomach knotted up as he spoke.

She changed into her smartest suit that also accentuated her curves. She was ready for the full charm offensive. She left the room excited to see Hanssen and hoping that she had an effect on him. As she stepped out of the door and into the elevator she could feel the nerves in her stomach ratchet up a notch. As she approached the conference room she spotted him. He turned around and she could see he was wearing her favorite suit, waistcoat and red tie. She took a moment to take him in and enjoy the fact that she was here with him. 'Miss Adams, Glad to finally have you here. Shall we?'

The afternoon was a triumph. She swept the room; charming, flirting, smiling and making everyone love her. By the end of the auction she had managed to secure the purchase of a very expensive Davinci machine for Holby thanks to a very appreciative gentleman. As they proceeded to the elevator to go and get ready for the nights events, the gentleman was still waving and smiling as the elevator door closed. Hanssen turned to her and said, 'Seems like you have an admirer Dr Adams.' 'Oh, he is not my type at all. I prefer someone tall, dark, handsome, intelligent and a bit quirky. Know anyone like that?' As she was talking his eyebrows raised and he turned to face her. 'Not anyone I can think of Dr Adams.' Her heart sank, although if she'd have been honest with herself it was the answer she expected. She replied, with a sarcastic, 'Well if you think of anyone let me know…' The doors opened and as they left Hanssen reminded her to be ready for 7pm, formal attire.

She spent the next hour getting ready. She knew that this evening was every bit as important as the afternoon. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was wearing her most flattering blue satin strapless dress, her hair pulled up into a side ponytail with curls and her favorite make up. Satisfied that she looked good enough to impress the wealthy businessmen, but also to impress Hanssen, she nervously walked to the conference room. He was there already, forever punctual to a fault, and in his dinner suit. If she even doubted what she was feeling for him then at that point it made itself perfectly clear to her as she involuntarily gasped slightly as she saw him. She thought she saw his eyes widen as he took her in but by the time he was in close proximity to her he had adopted his usual cool, composed manner. 'Shall we?' was all he said as they both proceeded into the room to find their table. To her horror they discovered that the lecherous man who had donated the machine was at their table. She knew it was going to be a difficult few hours faking being nice to him. She was glad to have Hanssen at her side, but she knew that he had to go make a speech at some point and hoped that it wasn't going to be a long one.

The dinner went well, and conversation was flowing at the table along with the champagne. The more he drank, the more he started at her, lust in his eyes. She was starting to feel a little sick, and there was still the speech and after dinner dancing to endure. As if on cue while this was running through her head, the master of ceremonies called for Mr. Hanssen. He smiled at her and left the table. Mr. Lecherous moved to sit beside her. She hoped he would be quiet and let her hear Hanssen's speech because she did love to listen to his dulcet tones and impressive words. Luckily, she did hear him talk and his impassioned speech left her feeling proud. She watched him walk all the way back to their table and was secretly delighted when he politely but with full control made the lecherous one move back to his own seat and took his place beside her once again. 'Do you dance Mr. Hanssen?' she asked. 'Not if I can avoid it Ms. Adams.'

The music started up and of course, Mr. Lecherous was right there asking her to dance. It was a waltz and she knew that he was going to have his hands all over her but she couldn't say no. As they danced, she kept glancing over to Hanssen, hoping that he was keeping an eye on her. Mr. Lecherous kept moving his hand down lower and lower, and leaning his head in too close to her. She was starting to get more desperate and uncomfortable, but when she turned round to shot a panicked look to Hanssen he was gone. Thought were racing through her head as to how she could possibly escape when she heard a familiar voice say 'I'd like to cut in please if you don't mind.' Polite as ever, but his tone indicated that this was an order, and not a request. He staggered out of her arms, looking annoyed. 'Thank you so much for rescuing me, especially since I know you try not to dance.' 'You are more than welcome Ms Adams. I couldn't bear to watch that any more. He was quite out of order.' As it turned out he was an exquisite dancer and she felt at home in his arms being spun around and around. The music ended, even though she wished it would go on and on, and Hanssen indicated that he thought they had done quite enough to help Holby that night and did she want to leave. She felt chilled as his hands dropped from her sides, but she knew she had no reason now to keep contact with him. They headed for the elevator for the second time that day, and as they stepped out on the floor their rooms occupied, she felt a sinking feeling in her stomach that her time with this man was almost over and that reality was biting at her heels. They stood there rather awkwardly, until Hanssen took her hand and kissed the back of it gently, before wishing her goodnight. As he turned to walk away, the desperation not to become distant from him made her feel sick, and she knew she wouldn't forgive herself if she let the night end this way. 'Wait!' she shouted. He stopped in his tracks and slowly turned around. 'I want to ask you a question and you don't have to answer but I'd love it if you do because I really need to know.' He raised his eyebrows and looked somewhat amused by her. 'You are a true gentleman and I see that in everything you do, but if you weren't such a gentleman, would you have kissed me tonight?' She blurted it out and then to her it sounded so ridiculous she bushed a little and bit her lip, almost wishing she hadn't said it. He took a deep breath and looked at her, as if carefully thinking about how he should answer. She couldn't help but become transfixed by his eyes, which were sparkling in the dimly lit hallway. 'Why yes Dr Adams, I believe I would have.'

They stood there, not moving, just staring at one another. She was in shock that he answered, let alone what the answer was. Her heart started pounding and her whole body felt electrified. She didn't hesitate one more moment. She ran towards him, grabbing his hand and pulling him toward the staircase. 'Just follow me Hanssen.' She said. Stopping at the stairs she climbed up two more than him, given how tall he was it was the only was she would be level with him. 'You may be the perfect gentleman Henrik, but life is too short not to do things you really want to do in this life.' She let his hand drop and reached up to gently remove his glasses. She hoped she wasn't making a huge mistake, and her heart was beating far too fast, but she was committed to it now, especially after what he had said. She leaned in slowly, and as gently as she could, she touched her lips to his before moving back to scan his reaction. Since he certainly wasn't objecting, she leaned in again and this time he responded. She sighed against the kiss as it electrified her entire body. She thought to herself how nothing had ever felt this right. She felt his hand come up to touch her waist, his other hand on her cheek. The depth of feeling she was experiencing belied how gentle a kiss it was. She felt it everywhere, the most intense feeling and more than she ever imagined I, making her sigh and breath heavily. She was so lost in the kiss and the feelings it was giving her that she didn't care that it must have been very obvious how much she was enjoying it. She pulled back slowly, whispering 'I've wanted to do that all day.' 'Well, I hope it was worth the wait Dr Adams.' She glanced at him and he had a wicked smile on his face. 'I think you could tell that it was,' she replied. 'I should really go now because if I don't I'm going to do something very inappropriate, and I do know that you are a gentleman so I know I'm not going to push my luck too far tonight.' 'As you wish Miss Adams.' She turned her back to him and asked him to unhook the clip at the top of her dress. Suddenly she felt a gentle kiss placed on her neck and she shivered and sighed against it, raised her hand to caress his head as he did it. She spun around and took his hand, walking with him back to the corridor with the rooms. They walked half way between the rooms and he wished her a good night one more time, before leaning down to kiss her forehead. 'If you like I could meet you in the lobby tomorrow early and show you some of my home country before we fly back. Would that be of interest to you?' "I'd love that, thank you,' and as they slowly let go of each other hands and Hanssen turned to walk away, she called after him, 'Oh and sweet dreams Henrik.' 'Oh I am sure I'm going to have some extraordinary dreams tonight Ms. Adams.' She smiled and walked to her room, glancing round to look at him once or twice until he was out of sight. She had no idea how she was going to get to sleep that night between how electrified she felt right now, or the excitement of the promise of the next day.