To all the readers and reviewers, thank you so much. I am loving writing this and I hope it doesn't let you all down! Just a disclaimer that I do not own anything to do with Holby. I'm just borrowing the characters. I'll write more soon!

'Nice to see you managed to drag your sorry butt back from Sweden Dr. Adams.' The harsh voice dragged her back from her daydream and into reality. 'I hope you're ready for some 'real' work.' At that, Jac Naylor stormed off purposefully. She sighed and tried to focus on the pile of case files in front of her, but it was hard not thinking about and reliving every moment of her unexpected sojourn in Stockholm. She smiled as she thought about the journey home. He had upgraded them to first class, and the conversation between them on the flight home flowed easily and before she knew it they were landing. With no cases to wait for, as the short trip only required hand luggage, there was an awkward moment where she announced that she would go flag down a taxi to take her home, but her tall and charming companion told her how he had parked his car at the airport and he'd be more than happy to drive her home. She was secretly delighted about this except for the part where her stomach was turning over with nerves at the thought of whether to invite him on or not, her mind playing over images of the night's events if he did stay. When he suddenly asked her for directions, she had to shake herself out of her thoughts and was secretly embarrassed at where her thoughts were, especially since he was sitting right next to her as she played them out in her mind.

As he pulled up outside her house, ever the gentleman, he got out and lifted her case out of his car for her. He helped her out and she summoned up the courage to ask him if he wanted to come in for a coffee before he went home. After the words were out of her mouth, she took a deep breath and held it, waiting for his reply and hoping she hadn't upset him. She cringed as she remembered how she had qualified her offer by stating that it was just for coffee, nothing else, and how he had smiled his wry, crooked smile and his eyes lit up as he used it as an other opportunity to make her squirm by stating 'not even a biscuit?' As it was, he pointed out to her that since they had a very early start the next day at the hospital, he had better get home but maybe next time. Her stomach churned with excitement as she remembered those words and what they implied. There would actually be a next time where he was driving her home. She hoped so.

The main reason though, that she sat daydreaming with Jac Naylor shouting at her, was that she couldn't stop thinking about how before jumping in his black Volvo and driving off, he ran the back of his hand along her right cheek, took his thumb and ran it along her lips, before tipping her chin up and bending down, kissing her so gently that when he pulled back from her she stood, frozen and unable to move or speak. 'Goodnight, Nicole, and thank you.' And at that, he kissed her forehead, climbed into his car and left.

After a sleepless night, here she was, back at Holby. She loved her work, and reveled in it, and so as much as she was glad to back doing what she was good at, she was nervous about seeing him, knowing that he would have to be back to his Holby persona, especially since no-one else knew their situation. Jolting herself to life, she picked up the first folder, and went to see her first patient of the day, trying to put everything else out of her mind.