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The Digidestined Are Back

"I got caught with a loaded gun in my locker."

A few of them dropped their jaws open in shock, and some didn't change facial expressions at all, as if it hadn't sunken in yet what he had just said.

Davis waited for them to move away from him, call him a liar, do anything disapproving, but they remained where they were. Some looked away from him, as if to take in what he had said, or pretend they hadn't heard it. Kari rested her hand on Davis's shoulder and he looked at her.

"Why did you have a gun in your locker, Davis?" she asked, nearly in a whisper, as if while he was in such a vulnerable state he might break if you talked too loud.

He looked into her eyes for a while, then looked at everyone else, seeing the pain and concern in some eyes, the tears, and the completely blank look in others. He didn't see any with pity in them.

"After we all broke up, I knew I wasn't ever going to make any friends. No one liked me. No one would want to even give me a chance, since they all think I'm too stupid or weird to hang out with. No one but you guys ever looked at me and saw a person, not a bouncing ball of joy that was oblivious to everything that was said behind his back, or even to his face. I was not happy, even if it looked that way. I did try and talk to you all after the fight, but I doubted any of you would come back. I spend my Saturdays in detention because I didn't want to spend them at home, alone, the only one with nothing to do because I had no social life anymore. I flunked my tests on purpose because it was a way to destroy myself, little by little, without actually physically hurting myself. I guess I got tired of it after a while. You guys were my entire life, and then you went away..."

He stopped them because Kari gave a sob and then threw herself onto him, hugging him tightly. He was glad for it, because he didn't know if he could continue. He felt TK hugging him from his other side and heard the blonde crying as well.

He looked up at the rest of the group and noticed a few were shedding tears.

"How could you think you had to end it like that?" Sora asked. "There is no reason for suicide. None whatsoever."

Davis smiled slightly. "Well I didn't do it, did I?"

"You weren't given the chance. They caught you before you could," Matt said matter-of-factly, though he looked like he was trying to keep back tears.

Suddenly everyone came forward and he was buried under a large group hug. They all hugged each other for a while, forgetting about everything but the people they could feel in their arms, the heads on their shoulders, the tears on their faces, and the warmth of the group.

When they separated at last, Mimi gasped. They all looked at her.

"Do you all realize that fate has brought us together? Don't you think it's odd that all of us got the same Saturday detention, a lot for accidents?"

"Fate not only brought us together, Fate saved Davis's life," Tai pointed out.

They all looked at each other with wonderment, their eyes sparkling at this idea. What if all of this really had been fate? How could it be anything else? It would sure have to have been a hell of a coincidence.

TK put his arm around Davis's shoulders. "You know that we love you, right?"

The blonde's deep blue eyes held so much emotion that Davis couldn't help but nod fiercely. TK smiled at him and ruffled his hair. Davis gave a squeak of protest and knocked TK's hand away and TK laughed.

Davis watched everyone in the group smile at him and he knew they forgave him, would have forgiven him for anything. Suddenly TK stopped hugging him and shook him violently.


Matt pulled TK off of Davis and Davis watched the room spin twice before he could focus again.

"Yeah, I understand," Davis replied when he could.

TK closed his eyes for a second, then opened them again, smiling as brightly as ever. "Good!"

Davis stared at him for awhile, shaking his head. He didn't know how TK did that, but it scared him sometimes. TK was overprotective of his friends. He was a really nice guy to everyone, but when you messed with one of his friends, he could get pretty vicious.

~ ~ ~ ~

"Remember the time Tai lost a bet and had to dress up like a girl?"

Mimi giggled and nodded at Sora. "I remember! I still have the pictures."

The rest of the group cracked up, except for Tai, who glared at the two girls. "You said you'd never mention that again! And just for that, how about the time Mimi tripped while walking down the bleachers and fell onto Sora? You both ended up falling the next five steps down the bleachers and everyone saw your underwear!"

"You shouldn't have worn skirts," Matt said, grinning.

"Wasn't that at my very first basketball game of junior high? That was so hilarious! Everyone told me I had really weird friends, which I do, but I still laughed all the way out the door.

"How'd they know we were your friends?"

"You had a huge sign that said 'Go TK!' written on it. By the way, what were you doing with a sign at a junior high basketball game?"

"We were supporting you!" Kari smiled at TK from the other side of Davis. "We had three signs, one held by Davis, Yolei and Cody, one held by Sora and Mimi, and one held by Tai, Matt, and Ken. I would have held one if I could, but I was stuck on the sidelines as a cheerleader. But I cheered for you until my voice was hoarse!"

"Oh yeah!" TK laughed as he remembered that day. They had lost the game, but the entire gang had gone out for ice cream right afterwards and they had cheered TK up so much that he had a stomachache from laughing when he finally got home.

TK and Kari were both latched onto either of Davis's arms, as if they didn't dare to let him go. Davis smiled. Both TK and Davis had stopped crushing on Kari a few years ago, and the three of them had ended up as best friends. Davis reached up and affectionately ruffled both TK's and Kari's hair, and Davis said something about being very glad TK had decided to lose the hat during the past two years.

"Hey, come on. The hat wasn't that bad, was it?"

They all said different things about how horrible the hat was, and TK laughed. "Okay, maybe it was pretty bad...but I looked good in it."

"Sure ya did, Teeks," Matt gently kicked TK's leg from where he sat across from his little brother.

"Boy, we sure did have a lot of events to go watch for each other. We watched almost all of Tai's soccer games, only some of Ken's soccer games, since he lived farther away, all of Davis's soccer games, all of TK's basketball games, and, of course, we watched Kari cheerleading at all of the games we went to. We also went to all of Matt's concerts that were in town or anywhere less than an hour away, with the exception of that road trip we took to watch Matt and his band perform at that festival thingy. That was four whole hours away, and we went just for you." Sora shook her head. "You certainly are loved."

Matt grinned at her. "Yes, I am. Everyone loves the great Matt Ishida! You should know that by now."

"That road trip was soooo fun." Davis turned to TK, grinning. "Remember the coke incident?"

"Oh yeah!" TK laughed and Yolei narrowed her eyes at him, but then smiled.

"You spilled coke all over me, TK! I still think you did it on purpose."

"Me? Nah." TK did his best to look innocent, widening his eyes and clasping his hands on his lap as best as he could with an arm looped through Davis's arm.

"You got the coke all over my car rug!" Tai grinned at TK. "Though you did have to clean it up."

"Very sticky. Ah, but it was worth it. The brief chaos it caused...just beautiful." TK smirked.

"So you *did* do it on purpose!" Yolei accused jokingly.

"You have no proof!" TK yelled exaggeratedly, pointing at her. The two collapsed into giggles, and the older ones shook their heads, smiling and remembering when they were that young, and everything they had done together.

Davis noticed that Matt had left the circle and was sitting at a table and carving something into the wood of the tabletop with the knife he had pulled out earlier. He didn't want to attract any attention, so he quietly stood up and walked away, and then sat next to Matt to inspect what he was carving.

Inscribed in the wood was: THE DIGIDESTINED ARE BA

Matt began carving the C when the room became deathly quiet. Matt looked up from his writing and his eyes widened. Davis watched as Matt paled and slowly looked up to see Mr. Terada standing a few feet away, sending the most venomous glare Davis had ever seen at Matt. Matt slowly closed the knife and set it down on the table, leaning back in his chair.

"What the hell do you think you're doing with a weapon at school?!" boomed Mr. Terada.

Matt glanced down at the table, then back up at the teacher. "I don't know, sir."

Mr. Terada strode forward and forcefully grabbed Matt's arm. He yanked the boy up from his seat and Matt gave a startled yelp, and then he was being dragged out of the room, listening to Mr. Terada saying under his breath, "I've been waiting for an opportunity like this to come up..."

Matt paled even more. He wasn't going to expel him or anything...was he? Davis stared helplessly as he watched Mr. Terada drag his friend from the room like a rag doll and shove him out the door. Mr. Terada turned back to glare at the rest of them. "All of you had better stay put."

Mr. Terada stormed off down the hall, and then disappeared around the corner. Tai shot to his feet, his fists curling and uncurling in anger. How *dare* Mr. Terada treat Matt that way!

"Oh, to hell with that!" he shrieked in defiance, and stormed to the door.

Davis hurriedly got a pen out and carved the rest of the C and the K, adding to what was already inscribed in the wood, and then shot out the door after the others. They all sneaked down the hall, tiptoeing and following the sounds of Mr. Terada talking to Matt in that angry, hating voice.

When they heard a door opening, Tai peeked round the corner. He watched as Mr. Terada pushed Matt into what looked like a broom closet. Mr. Terada left the door open but stepped into the closet. Tai snuck around the corner and slid along the wall, feeling as if he were in Mission Impossible 3 or something. He noticed that the room Mr. Terada had chosen could only be locked from the outside. Good choice.

He leapt into the room suddenly, shoved the teacher against the wall, and yanked Matt out of the room. While Mr. Terada was confused, Matt stole back his knife, and he ran out of the room as Sora pulled the door closed and locked it. Matt, Sora, and Tai leaned against the wall, grinning at each other and breathing a little hard from the excitement.

"Thank you," Matt said sincerely. Tai nodded and smiled, shrugging, and looked at the ground.

"Think of it as a very late apology for everything I've said."

Matt's eyes went soft, the way they did when he was moved, and he hugged Tai fiercely. Tai hugged back, laughing.

"Hey, I know I'm your best friend, but you don't have to squeeze me to death to prove it!"

"I'm sorry too, Tai."

"I know."

Tai smirked at Matt and Matt rolled his eyes, and the two boys walked along the hall, Tai's arm slung across Matt's shoulders and Matt slouching down with his thumbs hooked in his pockets, just like the good old days. The rest of them followed behind, all of them beaming at seeing the two leaders, reunited.

"What should we do now? We're going to be in deep trouble for locking a teacher in a janitor's closet."

"We'll worry about that on Monday. I think we should just go home for now and enjoy the rest of our weekend."

"I agree, buddy. I agree."

And so, the Digidestined walked out of the school and down the road, together again after two years of separation. But, of course, that didn't matter anymore.

~ ~ ~ ~

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