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A Dream Come True

Chapter 1

Third Person POV

"Come find me, Usui," The strange yet beautiful woman said, her lips pursed cutely, tainted with shiny lip gloss and a pink blush painted across her cheeks. She then gave Usui a small smile before running off, but he was faster and caught her hand. A spark of electricity then surged up his arm at the contact with her soft skin. She then looked at him with a sad look before fading into the whiteness surrounding them.

"Wait" he said, in hopes she would return but then he too disappeared into nothing.

He then woke up with his body radiating a lot of heat and a fine sheet of sweat glistening on his upper torso in the moonlight. Looking around his room from his four-poster bed, his eyes focused on the antique grandfather clock which read 4:30am. He then got out of bed, throwing on a pair of bed slipper and a robe, and made his way to the living room to find Gerard in his own robe, sipping on green tea and waiting to watch the sunrise. Gerard then retracted his eyes from the upcoming sunrise and focused it on Takumi.

"It is a surprise to see you up so early, Takumi. What awoke you?" Takumi then poured himself a cup of green tea and took a seat opposing Gerard before replying.

"That dream, I had it again." Gerard then adjusted himself into an upright position, and raised an eyebrow at his statement.

"You've been having several reoccurring dreams ever since grandfather died. Care to enlighten me on which one it was?"

It was true that Takumi has been having strange dreams, many in fact, and the most reoccurring one consisted of a mysterious, young, Japanese woman with the most beautiful amber eyes and the cutest smile. According to what Takumi described to Gerard, she was a very attractive and intelligent young woman. In one of Takumi's dreams, she was dressed in a french maid's outfit that made her look irresistibly adorable. Takumi couldn't sleep that night as that image was burnt into the back of his mind. Gerard, on the other hand, remained calm and assisted him in whatever way possible during these dreams. He was now, again, calmly waiting on Takumi's answer in order to help him although he was quite sure what the answer would be. Takumi release a long sigh before responding.

"The Japanese lady, but this time she was asking for me to find her." Takumi's eyes unconsciously shone with determination to find this mysterious woman. Takumi had no idea why he had the urge to find her, although there is a high chance she doesn't exist after all, it's just a dream. It could also be an omen. Gerard then released a small cough before responding.

"Maybe it is time for you to find a companion. You barely talk to me, well anyone for that matter and I am sure you will be miserable all by yourself when I'm gone." Takumi then scoffed at his statement.

"Firstly, you are in good health and I doubt you will be going anywhere anytime soon and secondly, most women want me for my good looks, money or power. They don't want me for who I really am and they aren't interesting enough to catch my attention." Gerard rolled his eyes and his younger brother's assumptions on women.

"So this woman in your dreams, does she catch your attention in 'that' way?" Takumi then began to think but was interrupted by Cedric's presence in the room. He carried a tray with snacks on it and a letter on the side.

"Good morning to both of you, I assume you both slept well?" They both nodded as Cedric set the tray on the table infront of them before continuing.

"A letter from Igarashi Corp. had arrived here this morning at 5am to be exact. Would you like me to read it to you?" Gerard then nodded at Cedric, who then proceeded in opening the letter, clearing his throat and then reading silently before summarizing it.

"Tora Igarashi has formally invited both of you to his masquerade ball in honour of his thriving business which has recently opened a new branch in Tokyo, Japan. There will also be stock exchanges and CEO's of other companies present."

Gerard then coughed once more, grasping his glass of water. Cedric then quickly left the room and returned with a bottle of medication and concern written across his face. He quickly passed the medication to Gerard, who took it with gratitude before calming down. Cedric then continued the letter.

"There will also be a dance. This all will be taking place at the Igarashi Mansion at 6pm tomorrow. He apologizes for the sudden request and hopes that you will be able to attend. Will you be attending?"

Gerard then left the room for a moment before returning with a black, shiny brief case with silver handles. He then set it on the glass table before turning to Takumi.

"I would have gone myself but due to my physical health, I cannot. Therefore, I am pleading for you to go to this party and deliver this brief case to Tora Igarashi and socialize with others. Maybe you'll make a few friends you can relate to and after the stress I made you go through, I will send you on a vacation of your choice for 2 months. No one will bother you, you'll be in peace." Gerard then gave Takumi a small smirk which was returned with a fake smile.

"I'll go but not for the vacation, I'll go to deliver the brief case and stay there for a while. I'll call when I'm ready to go home." Cedric then hurried off to contact the Igarashi Mansion and confirm their appearance at the party. Gerard then rested his hand upon Takumi's shoulder and slowly patted him.

"I suggest that you start preparing from now because tomorrow is going to be a crazy night."

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