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A Dream Come True

Chapter 2

Normal POV

Takumi was looking in a full-body mirror, fixing his emerald-green tie that matched his eyes, and making last minute adjustments to his attire.

"Funny, I never really cared for my attire until now." thought he to himself.

Cedric then appeared behind him, rapping lightly on the slightly-opened door, indicating that it was time to leave for the party. Takumi then glanced at his 'Citizen' watch which read 5:45pm. Fifteen minutes before the party officially starts. He should be able to find Igarashi when he arrives, maybe talk a little to prevent himself from looking like a miser and then come back home at around 7. Cedric lead Takumi out to the black Cadillac limousine where Gerard was patiently waiting for them, a black briefcase in hand.

"Good luck." Gerard whispered to Takumi as he handed over the briefcase. Yes, Takumi was going to need luck due to Tora Igarashi's conniving ways.

Takumi watched Gerard retreat into the mansion as the car drove off. In approximately 10 minutes, they arrived at the party. T`he front of the mansion was painted with a sickening, pale white colour, pillars draping down from the arch at the front of the home that lead to French doors in which everyone seemed to be entering through. Bidding a farewell to Takumi and a wish of good luck, Cedric drove off with intentions of returning as soon as Takumi called him. Takumi's shoes clicked on the marble tiling that lead from the steps infront of the mansion straight through the door which lead into a narrow hallway. At the end of the hallway, bright beams of light shone through the transparent French doors with golden handles, people dancing around with masquerade masks affixed to their faces could be seen. Takumi then opened the door to see a grand ballroom, people wearing various formal gowns scattered across the room with a beautiful, crystal chandelier handing from the ceiling.

Trying to blend in with the crowd proved difficult for Takumi due to his height and amazing looks, which made him receive various looks as well as various comments from both genders. Takumi ignored the comments and took a survey of the room. Nearby were tables filled with different delicacies and chefs serving clients with special requests as well as replenishing the stock of food, if it ever ran low. There was also a balcony, concealed between two long curtains, which needed a good eye to observe. The sun was going down, fast too, leaving the sky in complete darkness, save for the moon. Takumi then decided he would spend some time out there after giving Tora his 'precious' case, observing the stars and the moon. He then adjusted his black mask that had a streak of gold running through it and began his search for Tora Igarashi when something, or I should say someone, caught his eye.

Standing and talking to a brown-haired and eyed Japanese chef on the opposite side of the table, stood a very beautiful woman. She was also obviously Japanese, since they were conversing in a different language he assumed to be their native tongue, with her hair caught up in an elegant bun and her bangs swept to one side of her face. Her dress was satin black, stopping at her mid-thigh, showing off her creamy legs and subtle curves. He wanted to see her face but two things stopped him: her designer's mask, black with an innocent white bordering the edges and secondly, this woman that just appeared infront of him.

He angrily retracted his eyes from the beautiful woman to the hideous one standing infront of him. 'Fake' was the only word that he could find that described this woman completely. Her hair, lips, breasts, ass and other attributes she had were artificially enhanced to appeal, but to Takumi, it had the opposite effect. She then held out a manicured hand towards him.

"May we dance, sir?" She asked, batting her eyes in a 'cute' fashion. Takumi simply pushed her hand away from him and walked passed her, as if she never existed.

He then glanced at the banquet area, to find her gone, and the chef going back to his normal business, talking in standard English. Takumi then exhaled a sigh before returning to his search for Igarashi. Takumi then looked up. He never saw the opened second floor. There were silver railings around the second floor which lead to a huge staircase that he never noticed either. The second floor was adorned with various doors, picture frames, and a few convenient telephones. Then he saw Tora Igarashi, with two masks in hand, talking to someone beside him and a perverted smile stretched across his face. After moving for a better view, Takumi noticed that the person Tora was talking to was none other than the mysterious yet beautiful woman he saw earlier. Her face had light make-up which accentuated her amber eyes and lip gloss shone lightly on her luscious, pink lips. Obviously he wasn't the only one to notice her beauty, Tora did, and maybe more people at this party did too. She had an annoyed look on her face which made her seem, dare he say it, adorable. Takumi clutched the briefcase tighter and made his way towards them, his heart beating a little faster per every footstep but his face never showing emotion.

"Tora, mind if I have a word with you in private?" Takumi said in his professional tone. The young lady breathed a sigh of relief. Tora's smirk disappeared instantly but he picked up her hand and kissed it gently.

"I'll be right back so don't you move an inch, my dear." She rolled her eyes at him and replied in a sarcastic tone.

"Of course, I couldn't possible move another inch, dear." Tora then gave her a glare while Takumi let out a silent chuckle.

"Feisty and cute." Takumi thought as Tora lead him into one of the rooms to discuss some business privately. After a while, they returned from that said room to find that young woman gone. Tora then released a silent curse and stomped on the floor like a child who was refused of his favourite toy.

"Why does she have to be so difficult to get? I am the most attractive and the richest man I know." Takumi then left Tora to voice out his thoughts while he headed to the balcony, a cup of refreshment in hand. He then slipped out to the balcony to see two porch chair and a table. However, one was occupied with a familiar figure.

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