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A Dream Come True

Chapter 3

Normal POV

There were two foldable chairs; one was occupied with someone Takumi would like to get more familiar with, the beautiful lady. Heck, she looked exactly like the woman from his dreams! But, for now, her name was going to remain as 'the beautiful lady' until he found out her real name. So he got comfortable beside her, in the only available seat, and began to think on how to break the ice between then. Thankfully, she did it for him.

"What brings you out on such a beautiful night? I'd expect you to be flirting with all the ladies." She said, gazing at the twinkling stars in the black sky.

'Looking for a woman like you' He thought to himself, staring at her. He held that though in the back of his mind before replying.

"Actually, I was forced here to give Tora his precious briefcase. I am not particularly looking for anyone. So what brings you here?" He then looked at her. She glanced at him then returned her vision back to the stars.

"Tora proposed to me at my home. I told him I needed some time to think so I came here tonight to give him my answer when he insisted that I stay for a while." Takumi then felt a pang in his heart. She is a stunning, and so far, an intelligent young woman. He hoped her answer to him wasn't positive.

"If you don't mind me asking," Takumi began, "what was your response to his proposal?" She then gave him a confused look before replying.

"No, of course. Why would never marry a stinkin', rich bastard like him? He needs to be rejected once in his life! He got everything he every wanted since he was born and I am not some play-thing or a trophy wife that he can get just because he has the money and he says he wants me and…" She stopped right there when she noticed she was rambling, but she released one last statement before staring at the ground, cheeks tinted pink.

"I believe in marrying for love."He then chuckled at her statement, causing her to look at him weirdly. He recovered in time and gave his response.

"You make it seem embarrassing, but it's not. Everyone has their beliefs on different topics, I just find your own very cute." This caused her cheeks to darken to a red hue. "But I think Tora wants you because you're a very intelligent, strong willed and a sophisticated young lady and he probably sees you as a prize, like you said." She then scoffed at his statement, resting her chin in the palm of her right hand.

"So do all the idiotic men out there." She lets out a sigh before continuing. "Ever since my father left my family with a huge gambling debt, I've never trusted another man."

'I'll make sure that I change that state of mind soon.' He thought, and once more pushing it to the back of his mind. "And you're being so open with me." She then looked at him with shocked. That was true. Why was she being so open with him?

"I guess maybe because you seem different from other men." She then looked away in an attempt to hide a blush while his eyes widened. That was the first time someone gave him a genuine and honest compliment. She then glanced at him once more before getting up.

"I should get going though." She said quickly as she tried to escape her embarrassment, but he was quicker and caught her hand.

"It's only fair if I get to tell my side of the story." He looked at her pleadingly, begging her to stay. Sadly, she couldn't refuse and sat back down. He then smiled at her.

"Don't you ever wonder why my last name is 'Usui' and not 'Walker'?" She had a thoughtful look on her face while responding.

"I read something in an article about you being… rebellious?" He then chuckled at her answer before giving her the correct information.

"My mom was to be married to a British man, a Walker of course, but she had an affair with a Japanese man. I was the outcome of the affair and she died giving birth to me. My biological dad went into hiding after. My mom's sister raised me, and then handed me over to the Walker-side of the family, to be taught how to run Walker Corp. as soon as I was old enough. My last name became 'Usui', the same as my mother's since they had no idea what my father's last name was. I am now the heir to Walker Corp. since Gerard, my half-brother, isn't in the best of shape to run the company."

"I'm so sorry to hear." She said but he waved it off.

"Now, how about the rest of your story?" Takumi then averted his attention to her.

"I lived a normal life until about 13, my dad racked up a huge gambling debt and then ran away like a coward, leaving my sister, mother and I to pay it off. I soon got a job to help my mother since she began to work even harder and thus became sickly. I went through high school with that job, got a scholarship and went to university and then began a small clothing shop with a friend. That shop went international and then I began a restaurant franchise which also became huge. I paid the debt and now, here I am." Takumi then stared at her curiously.


"I don't know your name" It was true, though. Even though they were having an interesting conversation so far, they don't even know each other's names. Takumi then got up and held out his hand towards her.

"My name is Takumi Usui, as you already know." She, however, did not take his hand, but did a traditional Japanese bow.

"I am Ayuzawa Misaki and if you haven't noticed, I am Japanese." She then grasped the collar of his tuxedo. "And this is also my handy work, one of my favourite designs that I made two years ago." He knew that name was familiar. She is the CEO of 'Audacieux et Beau', the company he and his brother always buy their tuxedos from. He then released a chuckle and followed her example.

"Well, I am half-Japanese. You may have forgotten, and I always buy my tuxedos from your company. Very nice designs and material!" They shared a small smile but as she was about to respond, Tora's voice could be heard calling her name. Her smile then dropped and she pulled Takumi away from the light near the door and into a small corner on the balcony. He then looked at her.

"Why are you hiding from Tora?" he whispered to her.

"He might give you hell if he sees you talking to me, and I responding so friendly. I am a nice person, but not to all men. There are just a small number of men that I trust. You're one of the few that I have opened up to in a friendly way."

Takumi then felt a certain happiness bubble and overflow within him. He was the one of the few males that she has opened up to. It seems like he has barely any competition now. The only problem now is Tora and after that, everything should be smooth in winning her heart. He then realized something, she was the first woman he has ever talked to, and enjoyed their conversation.

"You are the first woman I have ever spoken to unintentionally." He blurted out unconsciously. She gave a confused look and was about to respond when Tora's head popped out though the balcony door. He then noticed both of them near the edge of the balcony, too close together for comfort. Tora then slapped on a fake smile and pulled Misaki away from Takumi.

"Stay away from my woman, Takumi Usui." He said, anger evident in his eyes and voice, then he pulled Misaki with him back into the party.

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