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A Dream Come True

Chapter 4

Normal POV

As soon as Tora dragged Misaki into the hallway, she ripped her hand from his grip and slapped him across his face. He then held his burning cheek in one hand before turning to Misaki, successfully pinning her to the wall with his free hand.

"What the hell was that for?" he asked, firmly holding her against the wall.

"Why do you care who I talk to?" she asked, struggling.

"Because you are mine; my future wife" he said while leaning towards her face. She then got one of her hands free and punched him in the face before running off as he had lost his grip on her.

"Damn her!" he cursed under his breath before running after her. Misaki then ran into someone by accident and was about to fall when that said person caught her.

"In a rush, aren't we?" The person she accidentally ran into turned out to be none other than Usui Takumi. He held her bridal style before putting her on the ground.

"Thanks" she muttered quickly before pulling him with her to the outsides of the mansion and towards the bushes decorating the front of the mansion to hide.

"Why are we hiding in the first place?" he whispered to her. Tora then appeared through the French front doors and surveyed the area, putting on a frown and the disappearing back through the same door, muttering something under his breath.

"I got him upset." She then got up, followed by Takumi, and headed for the gazebo, which was conveniently near them. She then took out her cell phone to call her chauffeur when Takumi stopped her and called Cedric instead. He soon came for them in a black Cadillac, a small smile playing across his face.

"Good night Master Takumi and milady" Cedric said politely.

"Good night to you too, good sir" Misaki said it return.

"Please call me Cedric, and it is an honour to the CEO of Jardin D'eden as well as Audaciex et Beau, Miss Misaki Ayuzawa. I purchase all of my tuxedos there, as well as Master Takumi's and Master Gerard." Takumi's eyes widened at the realization the his favourite tuxedos were designed by the woman sitting next to him. Misaki only smiled at his response.

"Yes, I appreciate the comments. As a matter of fact, a good amount of people were wearing clothing designed by me tonight. However, I am no longer the CEO of Audacieux et Beau, my sister took over that company with her husband, Aoi Hyoundou. I should be taking full control over my new international hotel, The Grand Baha'i, soon."

" I heard that is a very luxurious hotel, Miss Ayuzawa. I hope to vacation there someday." Cedric said, followed by a chuckle.

"I do hope to see you soon then." Misaki said but she was cut off by the ringing of a phone.

"Do excuse me Miss Ayuzawa, I must attend to this call." Cedric then rolled up the privacy screen as he attended to that call, making both sides of the vehicle sound proof.

"I see you are a very friendly person" Takumi said, feeling left out for some absurd reason.

"He's a very nice butler" She said with a smile on her face. "I'm usually nice to the daily help since I was one once."

"I saw that article in the magazine of when you used to be a maid at the Maid Latte but Cedric isn't any ordinary butler, he's like a part of the family." Takumi said with a smile on his face. He then began to recite some information he read on her.

"I remember reading that you were a cafe maid when you were in high school in order to support your family since your father left you, your mother and sister in debt. You inherited the Maid Latte after the manager passed away and you turned it into a clothing shop, Audacieux et Beau, with the help of the manager's nephew, Aoi Hyoundou, who later married your sister. You then successfully opened the famous Asian restaurant, Jardin D'eden, and recently gave up the CEO position for the clothing store, that became famous shortly after opening, to your sister so she and her husband could work there. You also opened the international hotel, The Grande Baha'i, under your sister's name and exchanged positions for CEO. You did say you would be taking that over soon?"

"Yes; so far what you have said is quite accurate." Misaki said, encouraging him to continue.

"That's basically all that I know about you. Also, the hotel is in 4 different countries" Takumi then took in a breath and asked her to recite his biography.

"You were born to Usui Clair, the fiancée of Michael Walker, as the result of an affair she had with a Japanese man, who was one of the butlers. She died in child birth and your biological father went into hiding. Your aunt from your mother's side took care of you until the age of 12 where you were handed over to the Walkers where you were taught how to operate the company, Walker Corp. since your brother's condition had been released to the public by means of a leak between the staff working for the Walkers. You needed little tutoring due to your excellent business sense. Your grandfather died and recently your stepfather passed away too, leaving the business in the hands of your sick brother. You will soon get the business." Takumi smiled at how aware she was about public relations not to mention intelligent to sniff out some of the details not released to public viewers.

Sadly, their little talks had to come to an end as they arrived to Misaki's apartment complex, the Royal Crescent. Cedric stepped out to open the door for Misaki and bade her fairwell. He had a feeling this isn't going to be the last time he'd see her; she seemed to have captivated Takumi's attention. Cedric had never met anyone who could do that until now. Now that Takumi has found the girl of his dreams, both literally and metaphorically speaking, he's coming back to win her heart. That is, after his vacation. But little does he know that he only has one shot at her before someone else captivates her heart.

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