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A Dream Come True

Chapter 5

Normal POV

Takumi returned home, a smile plastered across his face. Cedric followed behind him and noticed this, making a mental note to prepare for a new family member soon, and then some. They went to greet Gerard, who was looking a bit better since Takumi left. He too observed the rare smile that appeared on Takumi's features; a smile hasn't graced Takumi's face for years! Something good must have happened to him tonight.

"So Takumi, how did it go?" Gerard asked, the smile being contagious and spreading across his face as well. Takumi then took a seat in the arm chair opposing Gerard while Cedric served Takumi some tea.

"I found her!" Those three words explained everything. Gerard had to be happy for Takumi. He did, after all, get the worse part of the bargain since he was an illegitimate child but after Grandfather passed away, life has been better for both of them. Takumi deserved to be happy for once.

"So, who is she?" Gerard asked, only to see Takumi start flipping through one of the magazines they had. He then showed Gerard a picture of one of the youngest CEOs in an interview. She was everything Takumi described, and more. Gerard was impressed.

"Wow, you've got some catch there, but there's another thing about her. Isn't she a famous man hater?"

" I know. When I arrived at Igarashi's party, I saw her rejecting his marriage proposal. She has an amazing personality and she's friendly but maybe something happened to her in her past that caused her to hate men." Gerard laughed at Takumi's observation.

"Or maybe it's because no one in their right mind would like Tora Igarashi in that way." It was Takumi's turn to laugh, then he gazed on the glossy picture of Misaki in the magazine.

"Misaki Ayuzawa" he said, as if he was in a trance, "you must be a piece of work to get his attention in the first place. I'd like to get to know you personally one day." Takumi then returned the magazine to its place on the table before taking a sip of his tea. Gerard then cleared his throat.

"So, when's the wedding?" Takumi nearly spat out his tea while Gerard laughed at him.

"I'm sorry, let me try to slow down then. When are you going to bring her home?" Takumi then glared at Gerard, who returned it with an innocent look. "Don't be mean, I want to meet her too." Takumi then ignored his older brother's childishness.

"We'll see right after my 'vacation'." Gerard then brought out his laptop and began typing.

"Since you're so anxious to meet your 'girl' then I'll arrange it for two weeks instead. I planned it to be at the Grand Bahai Principe in either the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica, or Spain. That'll be your choice and no need to thank me for being such good brother; I know you're excited." Takumi could have already detected that he had something planned with the change of time.

"Why the sudden change of time?" Takumi asked.

"Don't you want to see her sooner?" Gerard asked, trying not to be suspicious. Takumi saw through it and was not easily fooled. Gerard sighed.

"Fine, I am scheduled to see a doctor in Japan about my health condition in about two to three weeks. That's why I cut your vacation time short." Takumi had one more question on his mind.

"Why the change of venue also?" A creepy smile crept across Gerard's face at the sound of that question.

"That hotel of course is Miss Misaki Ayuzawa's famous 5 star international hotel franchise. I think you'll love it. So, which island will it be?"

"I think I'll stick within the Caribbean and choose Jamaica." Gerard then quickly type a few things on the laptop and then returned his gaze to Takumi with a smile.

"Excellent choice, I heard the beaches as well as the culture in Jamaica are very enjoyable and amazing."

"I'll be enjoying my vacation then" Takumi said, sipping on his tea.

Ayuzawa's Apartment

She had just returned home and after closing the door, she rested her keys, watch, rings and her phone on her dresser before pulling her hair out of the elegant bun. Her raven locks fell past her waist as she combed it out and fixed it into a loose, low ponytail. After changing into some comfortable baggy pants and a tank top, she left her room to find Suzuna in the kitchen cooking.

"Suzuna, what are you doing here?" Misaki asked surprised as she watched her mould the rice into triangular rice balls.

"Ah, welcome home onee-san. Aoi had to leave for Japan for some business and I don't like being in that huge house by myself so I hope you won't mind if I stayed here for a few days."

"Of course I won't mind. You're always welcome here, Suzuna" Misaki said smiling.

"So where were you today?" Suzuna asked, stirring a pot of curry.

"Remember the proposal I got from Igarashi?" Misaki asked. Suzuna nodded her head and her eyes shoned in happiness for her sister. Misaki laughed at her expression.

"No Suzuna, I didn't accept it. I went to his party to decline but he obviously didn't want to take no as an answer. Then..." She stopped abruptly when she remembered Takumi being there. Her cheeks then tinted to a pink hue.

"Then?" Suzuna asked confused. She then noticed Misaki's expression, a small smile appeared on her face. Suzuna then crossed her arms.

"So, who did you meet?" Misaki's cheeks then changed to red.

"No-no one" she stuttered. Suzuna was not happy with that answer.

"C'mon Misaki, you're a terrible liar."

"Fine, I met Takumi Usui at the party too. He-he looks like the gu-guy from my dr-dreams that I've been having for while now." Misaki was trying her best not to blush again or seem suspicious.

"You like him, don't you onee-san?" Suzuna asked blunty. That caught Misaki off guard and her cheeks were once again back to their red hue.

"W-what are you t-talking about?" Suzuna continued to stir the pot of curry while shaking her head at her sister who was still in denial.

"Onee-san's in love! I can't wait for the wedding. But for now, I collected your mail. It's on the entrance table." Misaki then collected the letters and began to shuffle through them. Some parties, congratulation letters for her business, other unimportant things and this red letter.

"Huh?" she muttered to herself as she opened the mysterious letter and read its contents. It was from the manager at her hotel branch located in Montego Bay, Jamaica. She was requesting that Misaki stay at the hotel for two week in order to work out some paper work. Well, she was getting vacation in a few days so a trip would be nice.

"Suzuna, when is Aoi expected to come back?" Suzuna's head popped out of the kitchen with a surprised look written across her face.

"In three days, why?" Misaki looked at her and smiled.

"I just have some business to take care of soon. No need to worry." Misaki then opened her laptop and sent of an email. She then went looking for an airplane ticket for her flight. Something then shifted in the bushes near the window. Misaki went to look but couldn't see anything due to the darkness. She shrugged it off as being the neighbour's dag wandering off again. The spy in the bushes smiled and slyly left the premises as silently as possible.

Igarashi's Mansion

"Sir, she's going to spend some time at her chain hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica. It also seems she might be leaving in three days." Igarashi then smiled at his spy and dismissed him.

"Misaki, you'll be mine; don't you worry. I'll make sure it's soon too and that brat, Takumi Usui, will never lay a finger on you." He then proceeded to book a reservation at that hotel and arranged a flight to Montego Bay, Jamaica.

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