I have lost inspiration for most of my stories, and this has been the only thing rolling in my head for many months now so I'm finally pulling it out into typing. Hope you enjoy!

October 31, 1981

The flickers of light hummed and crackled, radiating from the ashes and timber and on to the dim, almost silent room floors. The house was dark, almost black, with the fire as the only light. A small, up-lifting gurgle rung through the quiet room, and along with it a purring chuckle as sat curled and bundled a couple with their beloved baby boy.

The small infant let out more cute gurgles at the woman petting his face, reaching from his quilted bundle with his chubby hands to try and play with the woman's slender fingers and polished nails as spit bubbles spurred on his red, plumped lips. A tuff of black stuffed out from the baby's head and his heart shaped face lifted out also as the little thing struggled to reach out to his mama, letting out precious, high-pitched chortles. The child's bright, green eyes shined with the baby's happiness.

The woman's red-stained lips curled as she responded to her son's giggles with her purring and gibberish noises, egging the child onto speaking more as the boy seemed fairly amused by his mother's reaction. Vibrant red hair that matched to the light of the room laid perfectly layered upon her fairly portioned chest as the strands stayed a flawless straight before curling neatly at the tips while her eyes held a remarkable green. Though faded with age, they were still beautiful as the corners of her eyes crinkled in joy.

Her legs were cuddled around her husband's on their place snuggled into the couch, the man only smirking at his wife and son in pride and amusement as he haled out with the tingle of a slightly alcoholic drink on his breath. The man's eyes were a crispy copper brown and his hair as dark as his son's, his body tall and lanky as he kept a comforting arm around his wife, starring down at his baby boy with the same care as his wife.

The night had been a long, tiring one. The Marauders had had a get together along with many other of their old school friends, and it had been a joyous night as always pulled by the four trouble makers.

Simple, light adult beverages were passed around as conversations span out in the room and laughs were passed, a few harmless pranks dotting out every once a hour, while Harry made his occasional appearance much to the dismay of Lily's as she had put the boy to sleep many times that night in order for the tike's sleeping pattern to not go out of whack, but that simply did not pass for the boy's godfather, Sirius, who continued to grab the boy from his crib and announce the boy's presence to all as he held Harry over his head like an air plane, said boy wailing in laughter all the while.

The man meant well, and loved his godson more then anything, but the redhead gave the man a firm slap on the back of the neck, grabbed her cherished son back, and scurried back to put the raven to sleep despite knowing that Sirius would in all likely hood soon wander back to gabble the baby back, running off around the household with his godson until the fiery mistress found him once again and the process would continue.

Yes, it was a happy night of events and laughs, but that soon left the couple tired as they wished their friends off, settling down from the party and indulging in a quiet, peaceful mood as they sat relaxed, messing with their beloved son with smiles upon their worn faces.

Harry, despite Lily's efforts, was wide awake and as cheery as ever, so the two decided on entertaining the young chap till he finally quieted down, slumbering off to sleep.

It was times such as these that the Potter family was at its happiest as safety and their son as heathy as a ripe apple for the picking was their only conditions, and to see that smile over the newborn's chubby little cheeks was the high light of their days, and for most other's also.

Harry really was a cherished member of the Order and various friends of the Potter's, and of course, the famous Marauders that took the boy in as their one and only prided cub, littered with the love and companionship to become the descent and take-over of their organization of pranks and the sort.

But unfortunately, not every particular Marauder was up with those goals.

You see, the Potters were not ones to fear nothing for no reason. There was a reason safety was one of their top priorities in their home. It had been passed by a member from the Order, Severus Snape, that the lawful Deatheaters were pondering over attacks on the new family due to unknown reasons as for now, sending both Lily and James into an overdrive of protection.

But Dumbledore, the leader of the group, was able to ease them with the conformation of setting a powerful barrier upon their house that one could only be allowed through if by the acceptance of Lily and James or the command of what they called a Secret Keeper who was given the only knowledge as to how the shield could be repealed.

This Secret Keeper spot was known to all to be Sirius Black's, a trusted friend and godfather to Harry, but in secret the Potters devised a plan, giving the information to Peter, another trusted friend and Marauder, in order to have Black as a decoy. It was beyond James and Lily to use their friend as a decoy of course, but Sirius had been very persistent on the protection on his cub and commanded it be done.

But what was not planned was Peter Pettigrew's betrayal.

The rat had unknowingly to others joined the Deatheaters in their ruthless quests. The man's motivations were stirred, a sheer upbringing of anger towards his friends with his lack of populace, talents, and confidence and how his friend's obliviousness to it all just builded up his frustrations until he let out a life of revenge against those higher then him. A judgment made with mere jealousy, you could say.

And it was because of that selfish act that brought the poor Potter's peaceful night of a warm October night to its end.


And in those moments,

"The-The barriers- James?!"

in the last kisses,

"Lily, take Harry and go! It's them! Go! Run! I'll hold them off!"

the last laughs,

"James, NO!"

the last hugs,

"Where's the port key, where's the port key, where's the port key... WHERE IS IT GOD DAMMIT?!... Oh my God... Harry... Harry, mama loves you... M-Mommy loves you, Harry. Be strong... Be strong, Sweetie..."

the last wishes to their son,

"Where is he you stupid little girl?!"

"Yeah step away from the brat, mud-blood!"

their last times of holding each other to one another,

"No! Take me! Please, take me instead! Not Harry... Anyone but Harry, please...Take me-Kill me! Just not Harry, please! Take me instead- AHHH!"

and their last times of being together, it only took two words to speak as lights clashed and bodies dropped, a woman's fear and sadness panted on the walls of a nursery forever.

"Finish him off."

It was only with two words that they were separated from each other for an eternity...

"Avada Kedavra!"

…and our story would begin.

I know my perception on Lily and James's hide out and the whole Fidelius Charm and Secret Keeper thing is not as it is in the books, and that is because I made up my own protection for the Potters because I just wanted to keep it simple for me to write, if that's alright. And yes, there are still Deatheaters even though Tom has not arose yet, and they targeted James and Lily for reasons you will understand later :) Thank you for reading and please review and ask questions if you're confused by any means!