Just having fun. Old story picked-up from where I left it. English is not my first language, so do not hesitate to point my mistakes!

Chapter 1

It had been almost a month since James had resigned. Things were hectic at the office, with the arrival of a new Senior Crown Prosecutor. Alesha had been swamped, trying to get her research done, helping her new boss get to know the office, and... trying not to think about how much she missed James. Jacob, the new Senior, was ok. He seemed like a nice enough bloke, good values and all, but she did now know him well yet and she missed the easy relationship she had with James.

Truth be told, Alesha missed seeing him everyday. They had talked on the phone once of twice, but they were both busy and Alesha had felt that James wanted to give her some time to adapt to her new boss before meeting. She knew they would see each other at some point. They were friends and London's legal community, large as it is, was still a very small world. But she was eager to see him again, though not confident enough to initiate contact. She was afraid they would do as so many former colleagues do: promise to keep in touch, saying nothing will change, and then slowly grow apart to the point where they became quasi-strangers.

That is why she was more than happy to accept the invitation to a small celebratory party at the local pub to mark George's 58th anniversary. Janet, George's wife, had remarked that James would be there. Alesha was giddy just thinking about it. Which was ridiculous, seeing as they had shared an office for close to four years. But they had had a moment, she and James, after his last day. She was sure of it... Or was she? There had been quite a few occasions over the last years when Alesha had felt that James saw her as more than a colleague. But then it had passed, they had gotten involved in a new case, and there had been no time to think about it.

Still, she saw him as more than a colleague. A good friend, certainly. A mentor, definitely. The subject of many day dreams, unfortunately. She knew the age difference and office hierarchy meant something to James. But he wasn't her boss anymore, so one obstacle was lifted. Who was she kidding? Still, she was a bit nervous when she left the office for the bar that night.