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Emma awoke to the unpleasant sound of Daniel's voice booming from somewhere in the house, something about having to drop her and Regina off early. Emma had no idea what he meant until she remembered last night's conversation with the sensational mayor. A whole day with a married woman who she liked a little too much, in all the wrong (or right, depending how you look at it) ways. It took her all of three minutes to get ready. It was pretty easy considering she had one outfit unpacked and not much could be done with her hair.

"I'm ready."

She smiles right at Regina as she wanders into the kitchen. It was so easy to forget that she had just been beaten by her husband in this same kitchen 24 hours ago. Regina's fake smile was perfect and ready at all times. They seemed like the most normal couple sitting in this kitchen drinking coffee. To anyone else it would've looked like nothing strange had happened but Emma could see the uptight way Regina held herself.

"Finally, , I thought you would never wake up. Daniel had to call you five times to get you to even stir."

Her mocking tone made Emma smile even more. She noticed how Regina relaxed slightly with her there, but only slightly.

"We're leaving now so you have no time for a coffee."

Even the way Daniel talked was hostile and Emma hated it. They all made their way to the car where Emma had to reluctantly sit in the back. The car ride was not a pleasant affair much like dinner. Only this time Emma didn't bother with the weather small talk. It was a relief to get out of the stuffy black Mercedes. As soon as the car door closed Daniel drove off at a speed that was definitely not safe.

Regina's office was spacious and tastefully decorated. Emma followed Regina to an elevator where they stood in silence. Regina was the first to break the silence.

"So how did you sleep?"

Emma gave Regina a look that said, 'do you really need to ask?'


Regina's only response was a small smile. A 'cling' announces the arrival of the elevator. They both step in at the same time, moving almost in unison. As the machine begins to move, Emma senses that something is wrong. Her brows furrow and this does not go unnoticed by the mayor.

"What's wro…"

As Regina begins to speak a sudden lurch brings the elevator to a stop. The women's eyes widen in fear and Regina naturally takes charge. She starts clicking the emergency button in vain. Emma pushes her gently aside and tries the same motion.

"You're not claustrophobic are you? Because I think we might be in here a while."

Regina does not laugh at the weak joke, instead her breathing gets deeper.

"I do not need this right now!"

Regina kicks the side of the elevator in her frustration. Then slowly sinks down in the corner. Emma can't help but gape as Regina's tight skirt rides further up her beautiful, tanned legs.

"Please stop staring, Emma."

Regina sounded defeated and tired. Emma sat down beside her with a lot less grace than Regina had.


She didn't know what else to say.

"Since we're stuck in here, maybe you can answer some questions?"

Regina looked Emma in the eyes and for the first time in her life felt safe. That's when she decided to tell Emma the whole story.

"I was fifteen when my father was killed in a car accident. It made no difference to my mother because she was already sleeping around with half the town. After a couple years she began drinking heavily and I no longer existed in her life. All of this made a great campaign speech for when I decided to run for mayor. People love a good sob story but it wasn't enough for that year. The people believed I was too unsteady and that's when I met Daniel. We did the usual stuff and the next thing I knew, I was a married woman. That year I became mayor and have stayed in this position for years now. Daniel's very old fashioned so when I step out of line he doesn't take it very well."

By now her voice was thick and cracking. Emma instinctively put her arm around Regina and was surprised when the mayor moved closer in and laid her head on Emma's shoulder. Emma couldn't think of anything to cheer her up so she chose to tell Regina her own tale of misfortune.

"I was found on the side of the road alone. I spent my life in foster care. Some families were better than others but no one ever wanted me permanently. Some of the more aggressive parents starved me when I did something wrong. Others just beat like Daniel. As soon as I turned sixteen I ran. Somehow I built myself a life. Got myself some shady jobs but eventually I earned enough money to live in a nicer place and get myself a car. I never stayed anywhere long and that's how ended up here."

Now both of them were close to tears.

"We make a pathetic pair don't we?"

At this they both begin to laugh and they don't stop for what feels like eternity. They're both clutching their chests and trying to breathe through their giggles. Finally they managed to get a hold of themselves but both were still smiling. They began talking about less heavy subjects and didn't notice the time flying by. They covered every subject imaginable; movies, books, music and even Regina's talent of making horse galloping noises with her mouth. At some point during their conversation the fire department had arrived and were almost finished opening the doors.

"Is everyone alright in there?"

The loud shout made both women jump.

"Yes. We're alright."

Regina was disappointed by the interruption and wanted to talk to Emma some more. She hadn't laughed this much in her entire life. It felt amazing and liberating. They had connected with each other in a way they never knew possible. Being together felt so right and natural to them both and they wanted more time like this. Together and alone.

I hope you enjoy this because it took me a long time to write. This is the longest chapter I've written and I want to thank everyone again for being amazing people. Thanks to my idea bouncer again! Lots of love to you all!