Harry Who?

A oneshot in four parts.

By JinxSaw.

Pairings: GinnyXLuna

Warnings: Femslash.

A/N: My OTP, so I hope I did it justice. Anyway, read and review as always.

It was funny. No one had ever reached out to her, and suddenly, one little red headed girl decided to and she was in the most popular group in the school. She wondered if the red head had noticed her staring across the Great Hall, or across the rows in Charms or Transfiguration. She wondered if she had ever caught her trying to partner her in defence classes. Even if she had, it didn't matter. She still heard Ginny calling her 'Loony' Lovegood, and that broke her heart. For, as much as she hated to admit it, she had fallen in love with her best friend, Ginny Weasley. And this did not put her in a good position emotionally at all. She stopped trying to partner Ginny in classes and tried to avoid her around the school.

Ginny hated staying away from Luna so much. As she had grown to know the strange blonde girl, she found she likes her strange personality more and more. She was nothing like how anyone in her year had rumoured her to be. She was intelligent, yet brave, headstrong, but not foolish, gorgeous, but not... Ginny shook images of her walking up to Ginny and kissing her out of her head. It would never happen. So she still ridiculled Luna behind her back, still called her 'Loony' Lovegood and, in the spring, started dating one Harry James Potter. She wondered why she didn't see Luna as much as she previously had. She assumed it was because she was now spending so much time in the Gryffindor common room with Harry, Ron and Hermione. She missed Luna, missed her odd quirks and missed her dreamy smile.

"Luna!" called Ginny to the blonde girl she could see walking down the hallway, running towards the retreating figure, panicked.

"Oh, hey Ginny," said Luna, turning with an air of almost detachment, yet with worry on her face. "What's happening?"

"The Death Eaters are breaking into the school this evening. Harry's certain of it."
"Oh, well, if Harry's certain..." said Luna, sulkily.

"Luna! What's the matter with you?" asked Ginny, worried. Luna bit her lip and looked away from who she considered to be her best friend. How could she possibly tell her she was in love with her? She couldn't, especially after so long spent silent. What if Ginny didn't even want to be friends any more?

Ginny tucked Luna's moonlit blonde hair behind her ear and gently flicked the horseradish earing that hung from it. "C'mon, sweetie, you can tell me." It was a moment of hush. The air was pregnant with expectation of the moment to come, be it romantic or violent. Luna looked up to Ginny out the corner of her eye and saw how close her lips were. She found she couldn't stop staring at them, they seemed firm and red, the same as the passion Ginny held. Luna she tentatively leant forward and kissed them.

Luna drew back hurriedly, terrified she might have jepordised her friendship with Ginny. Ginny just smiled, elated the moment had finally come, and drew the blonde girl into a deeper kiss.

They remained like that, lips moving together, hands entwined in each others hair, eagar to get more of the other girl, to drink their full, forgetting what was going on around them, until they heard shouting from the corridor below them.

"Looks like your Harry was right," said Luna ruefully, not wanting to give up the girl she had just won back to the Wizarding World's saviour. She clung tightly to Ginny's back with her left arm.

"Harry?" asked Ginny, smiling. "Harry who?" Luna grabbed her hand, and took her wand out her pocket, as Ginny did the same.

Together, they ran off towards the fighting.