Loren couldn't believe all that had happened in the past few months. She had won Eddie Duran's contest, started dating Eddie Duran, performed with him, and had her first slow concert. On top of all of that, in the past 2 weeks Eddie went missing, was "dead", saw her dad after 14 years, and witnessed the man she loved going to jail. Lucky Chloe made everything thing right in the end by admitting that Eddie didn't push her. Everything is good now, she was on her way to New York to perform her second solo concert. The best part was everyone she loved was going with he. Loren's train of thought was interrupted by the flight attendant letting her know they would be landing soon. Everybody was asleep but her. So wanted to talk to Eddie alone and knew this would be her chance to. Loren gently nudged Eddie's head which was on Loren's lap. Eddie's eye's fluttered open.

Eddie: Hello Beautiful

Loren: Hi Handsome

Eddie: Are we almost there?

Loren: Yes, only about 20 more minutes.

Eddie: Is anybody else awake.

Loren: Nope, just you and me.

Eddie: That means we can do this…

Eddie slowly sat up and softly placed his lips on Loren's

Loren wanted to continue but she knew if she wanted to know what happened to Eddie, she had to ask now. Loren pulled away.

Loren: Eddie I would love to continue this but we need to talk.

Eddie: About what? Eddie knew what Loren wanted to talk about but was hoping she wouldn't bring it up.

Loren: Eddie you know what I want to talk about. What happened when you went missing?

Eddie tole Loren everything. Talking to Chloe, fighting with Tyler, driving off, stopping for gas, getting mugged, and meeting Lia and Jeremy.

Loren: Eddie that's horrible! I can't believe you went though all of that!

Eddie: I went though nothing compared to what you and pops went through. I know what it feels like to lose someone you love. I can't imagen what you went though though. You handled loosing your boyfriend, while starting your career all on your own. You stayed strong. I don't think I could ever do that.

Loren: I couldn't have done it without Papa Max. He helped me a lot. He is more like a dad to me then my dad was. Speaking of my dad…

Eddie: What about your dad?

Loren: He was at my concert last night.

Eddie: WHAT! WHY?! Why would he show up after 14 years on a night like that! I wish I could of been there to give him what he deserves.

Loren: Eddie calm down, my mom scared him off pretty good.

Eddie: Your mom is something special.

Loren: Yes she is.

Just as Eddie was about to say something the flight attendant announced they just landed. Loren and Eddie woke everybody up. Loren could see all the fans waiting for her at the gate. She was shocked! Eddie saw Loren get a little nervous. He take her hand in his as they walked off the plane