Eddie: Ian! What are you doing here?

Ian: Jake called and said he needed a photographer on short notice. I just happened to be in town!

Eddie: Oh man that's great! I didn't even know you were in town! When did you get here?

Ian: Just last night. I wanted to see my best mate come back from the dead!

Eddie: Ha ha, very funny. You remember Loren right?

Ian: Oh yeah valley girl. Yes I remember her. The girl you denied that you had any feelings for. Look how that turned out..It's nice to see you again Loren.

Loren: You to Ian.

Ian: Well enough chit-chat lets take these photos!

Eddie took some photos alone then Loren took some alone. Finally they took some photos together. The first few photos were just them standing by each other. Then they took some with Eddie behind Loren wrapping his arms around her. Lia was watching the whole time. She was getting more and more jealous by the minute.

Ian: Ok enough good girl good boy, Eddie give Loren a kiss.

Eddie: With pleasure.

Eddie give Loren a kiss. Loren tried to pull away but Eddie kept leaning in. Eddie pulled Loren in tight. Lia couldn't stand it anymore she got up and stormed out of the club. Loren knew Eddie wasn't going to stop till someone told him to. She finally got enough strength to pull back.

Loren: Couch.

Eddie: No I don't think so.

Loren: We'll see about that.

Ian: Ok I think we got enough photos.

Eddie: Great! Now Loren and I can go home.

Jake: Not so fast. We have interviews you have to do. Then you have a rehearsal. Now go change.

Eddie: But I want to talk to Ian.

Ian: I'll be in town for a week mate. We can catch up tomorrow.

Eddie: Ok, well thanks for coming today on such short notice.

Ian: It was my pleasure. Plus I got to see the lovely Loren Tate again.

Loren: It was nice to see you to Ian, sober.

Ian: Ha, I'm never sober.

Loren: Good to know..

Ian: Well I better get going. I meeting an old friend of mine.

Eddie: I'm guessing this "friend" of your is a lady.

Ian: You know it. Bye Eddie. Bye Loren.

Ian left.

Jake: Ok guys I need you to go change.

Eddie: Ok but where are pop and Nora?

Jake: Oh they left about 15 minutes ago for lunch.

Eddie: Oh ok.

Jake: Now go change!

Eddie: Ok ok! I'm going.

Jake: You to Loren.

Loren: Ok I'm going!

Loren and Eddie went to their separate dressing rooms. When Loren got to her dressing room she saw Lia there.

Loren: Hey Lia.

Lia: Loren I really want to like you but I can't. I'm in love with Eddie and I will do everything in my power to break you two up.

Loren: Lia I don't know who you think you are but you need to wake up. You have known Eddie for what 2 weeks and you think your in love with him? Your crazy. Your trying to get under my skin but it will never happen. If you didn't notice Eddie loves me not you.

Lia: We'll see how long that lasts.

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