A/N: This is dedicated to a friend of mine. She's an avid KiKuro fan; so, what better way than to write a KiKuro fanfic. She's suffering from "OTP withdrawals" in college so I wrote her portions of this fic daily. Most of this is from the headcanons we've conjured up for a while.

Warning: Yandere!Kise.

Kuroko no Basket © Fujimaki

'Ah, how troublesome.' Kise thought. He watched the interaction between Kuroko and basically everyone and felt a great blow of resentment towards everyone. When Murasakibara draped his body over Kuroko's, Kise let out a low, animalistic growl. 'Bastards, hands off!'

"Ryouta. Over here." The famous captain called out to Kise to probably discuss the game tomorrow. Not that it mattered; victory was a guarantee.

"Coming, Akashicchi~" His practiced sing-song voice was as flawless as ever.

Kise never saw Kiseki as much of a threat. In fact, he saw himself as the greatest danger. He had the resources, the right people, the connections, and the scapegoats. He could get away with murder if he so wished. However, he wasn't out for murder. He was out for sabotage and, of course, Kuroko.

"Aominecchi's not coming to today's practice match~?" Kise asked with fake disappointment.

"There's no point." Aomine yawned and picked the shell of his ear in mild boredom.

"But why~?"

"...Dunno. It's just troublesome now."

Aomine couldn't hear it, but the sound of faint basketball shoes squeaking in retreat in the corridor brought a broad smile to Kise's face.

"Eh? Kuro-chin hasn't been attending practice either?" Murasakibara asked when he entered the gym to only a fraction of the Generation of Miracles being available. He scanned the gym once more to be sure Kuroko wasn't using misdirection on him again.

"Hmm... It seems so. He stopped coming a week ago..." Momoi responded in disappointment. She was hoping Kuroko would show up for their recent game at the very least, but it did not seem to be so.

"Kise." Midorima called out to the small forward. "He's your mentor. Any idea whats wrong with him? And while we're at it, where is Aomine?" Midorima was irritated that the stupid light-shadow duo did not show up for practices or ever rarely showed up nowadays.

Kise stood from doing his stretches and shrugged ever so innocently. "Beats me. I'll go check on him today, actually! I hope Kurokocchi is alright~" Kise faked a kicked puppy dog look.

"Of course, Ki-chan. Thank you very much!" With teary eyes, Momoi thanked him for checking on Kuroko. She so conveniently had to turn down a rejection that day.

"Alright. Make sure Kuro-chin's alright for us, Kay~?" Murasakibara dropped several different candies and such in Kise's hands for Kuroko. He could not go along because he had to restock on food for the upcoming weekend. Midorima only looked away and nodded his head in agreement. He had to do some lucky item shopping.

"Contact us when you're done, Ryouta." Akashi had a meeting with the other sports' captains.

Kise was conveniently the only one with a free schedule that day. It wasn't solely pure luck either. Momoi's confession was a set-up, the only person waiting for her will be a very unhappy girlfriend of some random guy. Midorima's precious Oha-Asa was bribed to alter cancer's horoscope; it didn't take too much effort to pull some strings and threaten her broadcast. Akashi's meeting had to be rescheduled for the sake of the girls' sport teams insistence; convincing them only took a wink and smile. Murasakibara's chore was pure luck. None of them suspected a thing when Kise received a call about a very ILL photographer and that his photo shoot had to be cancelled. Not at all.

He smiled and nodded enthusiastically. "Will do!"

'I look forward to seeing Kurokocchi alone very soon.' a dark thought flew within his mind as he changed out of his gym clothes after practice. 'No one can disturb us now.'

It has been a month since Aomine began skipping practice and, quite frankly, it began to damper Kuroko's mood. He didn't feel as enthusiastic about playing basketball.

It wasn't long before Aomine even began skipping his classes. Kuroko decided to pay his best friend a visit.

"Aomine-kun. " Kuroko called out from the other side of his door. Aomine's mother let him in with great enthusiasm and encourage him upstairs to Aomine's room. The door was locked; Kuroko knocked again. "Aomine-kun. It's me, Kuroko."

"Ah, Tetsu!" Aomine unlocked his door and flung it open to see his very shadow. "Glad to see ya! It's been getting boring without anyone to hang out with." his grin was lopsided as he grabbed Kuroko's arm and pulled him towards the room. "Come in!" but Kuroko did not follow. He stood his ground, even with his lack of strength against Aomine. The tanned teen turned around to face his friend with a questioning stare. "What's up Tetsu?"
"...Aomine-kun." Kuroko paused for a while. "Come back soon."

In short, the confrontation with Aomine did not go well. At all. It started with simple backlash from Aomine and retorts from Kuroko, continued till there was shouting on Aomine's part, and, finally, ended with Kuroko getting punched in the face. He left with not only a nasty bruise decorating his pale face, but a broken heart at the loss of his first, close friend. Kuroko refused to face his teammates in his conditions, let alone attend practice. He walks straight home after the final bell rings and holes himself up in his home for the remainder of the day with grievance towards Aomine and bitter resentment towards the very sport they once loved.

Lying in bed with the moonlight illuminating a fraction of his room from his window, Kuroko looked over at his bedside table. There was a photo. It was of him, Kise, and Aomine, with Kise running towards them and embracing them from behind. He was smiling upwards at the two and Aomine had the most sincerest smile from those days. The photo only depressed Kuroko further, but, upon further inspection of the photo, a shiver ran up his spine as he noticed Kise's canines to be sharper.

A few days later, Kise showed up at Kuroko's door with a bag full of candy.

"Kurokocchi! It's so good to see you~" Kise exclaimed at the sight of his favourite mentor and nearly jumped him in glee until he noticed something out of place. Kuroko was paler than usual, with the exception of several areas: his left cheek and heavy bags under his eyes. "Kurokocchi... What happened?" as though a simple touch would break him, Kuroko flinched away when Kise's hand reached out for his face.

"Ah... Hello, Kise-kun." his voice was tamed and steady, but there was a slight stutter at the beginning. He bowed politely. "...Would you like to come in for tea?"

Kise nodded wordlessly and walked in to Kuroko's home. It would be darker if not for the orange, natural lighting from the setting sun shining through the windows of Kuroko's house. After taking off his shoes and walking into living area, Kise took a seat on the ground-mat by the coffee table and watched Kuroko making tea from the connecting kitchen.

Inside, Kise was glad with the events that were taking place. But on the outside, he perfectly masked his expression with faux interest at the interior of Kuroko's house.

'Not that it matters. He won't be staying here for long.'

His attention was immediately directed at a particular form on the coffee table. Just as he picked it up, Kuroko walked in with the tea.

"Ah, Kise-kun... That is..."

"A high school choice form."

"Yes, I'd appreciate it if you put that down."

Kise looked up at Kuroko and smiled dangerously. Kuroko gently placed the tray of tea onto the table, sat by Kise, and watched him carefully as he reached out for the form from the blonde. Expecting Kuroko to try to snatch the sheet back, Kise held it away from him at arm's length.

"Care to explain why you chose Seirin..." Before Kuroko could answer with a predictable "Don't mind it, Kise-kun, and place hand that back", Kise interjected, "without my consent?"

And at that point, Kuroko was confused. "Kise-kun... I don't understand why-" before he could finish his sentence, the sheet was ripped before his eyes into smaller and smaller scraps. he froze in place from shock with his hand reaching out for the no-longer-whole sheet. "Kise-kun!"

"Kurokocchi doesn't need Seirin." leaning forwards towards him, Kise grabbed Kuroko's outstretched hand and pulled Kuroko closer. "Kurokocchi only needs me." Kise's grinned, the same one from the photo, only with more animalistic intent.

Kuroko struggled to relinquish his wrist for Kise's grasp. It only proved to be futile as Kise's grip tightened.

"Kise-kun! Please let go!" He cried out desperately. With the strength Kise had on his arm, Kuroko will surely have a bruise on his wrist to match the one on his cheek.

"Not until Kurokocchi tells me where he really wants to go for high school." Kise whispered to him in a low voice.

"I want to go to Seirin like I pla-Kise-KUN!" The prey cried out when he felt/heard a barely audible crack from his wrist.

"Now, that's not a good answer, Kurokocchi." Kise loosened his grip momentarily and pulled Kuroko closer into a tight embrace; his arms encircling Kuroko's being. "I want Kurokocchi to say he wants to be with me always." He held on to Kuroko more tightly at the thought of Kuroko going off with anyone else. He did not plan to give him up to anyone. Not to Murasakibara, not to Midorima, not to Akashi even. And definitely not to Aomine. And the very thought of Aomine just being near Kuroko, it angered him.

Kise let out a small growl that reached Kuroko's earshot.


"...Kurokocchi wants to continue playing basketball, right?" Kise asked. He chose his words carefully, being sure as to not scare off Kuroko anymore than he already has.

"Why... Do you ask, Kise-kun?" Kuroko asked cautiously, giving up his attempts at escaping.

"I wanted to know, would you continue playing basketball without your light?"


"What if I could be your light?"


"Come with me to Kaijou." It was more of a demand rather than a request or a proposition. "I can be your light. You can still play basketball without Aominecchi."

At the mention of Aomine's name, Kuroko flinched and slumped into Kise's arms. "That's right, Aominecchi hates basketball now. It's a shame, I couldn't even get him to play one-on-one with me anymore." As if adding salt to the wound, Kise continued talking. "But if you were to come with me to Kaijou, I promise you that you will love basketball" 'and me' "again." he held Kuroko at arm's length and took a good look at his face. He was internally torn to pieces, his resolve became weak, but his eyes remained bright baby blue. "Let me be your light. Kurokocchi. I will grow so that you, as my shadow, will become stronger. Kurokocchi will only belong to me."

Kuroko looked Kise in the eyes. Light blue to dark yellow. "I will have to decline Kise-kun."

"Really Kurokocchi?"

"...Yes." The unsure pause before his answer allowed Kise to pursue further into the situation.

"Then you honestly leave me no choice." Confused by his words, Kuroko was about to question what Kise meant in his statement, but was immediately knocked out. "I'm sorry Kurokocchi~" Kise apologized in his sing-song voice. His smile couldn't be any anymore malicious than at very moment.

"So let me get this straight, Tetsuya. You are going to Kaijou?" Nod. "Along with Ryouta?" He gave a shaky nod that went unnoticed by Akashi. "May I ask what provoked your decision to attend Kaijou?" A curious eyebrow rose as Akashi asked Kuroko.

They were in a mandatory meeting among the Kiseki members concerning their choice of high schools. When Kise had told everyone that he and Kuroko were going to attend Kaijou together, everyone grew curious. This did not exclude Akashi, of whom had confronted Kuroko about his choice in high school.

"There is no particular reason, Akashi-kun." He took a pause to think about his rehearsed answer. "Kaijou... Seems to be a suitable school." He took another hesitant pause in hopes that Akashi would understand that there was something horribly wrong.

Akashi was no fool and nodded, closing his eyes. "Alright, Tetsuya. I will look into this." Hopefully Akashi will relieve him of this problem.

"Ryouta. Would you like to explain why Tetsuya chose to attend Kaijou with you?" Kise turned around after changing into his regular clothes. They had finished practice and Akashi ordered Kise to stay behind after everyone had left.

"Akashicchi, isn't Kurokocchi very cute?" Kise gushed. It was off-subject, and Akashi had no idea where Kise was going with this.

"Answer my question, Ryouta."

"Akashicchi needs to answer mine, first~"

'Where did this cheeky brat get this confidence from?' "Ryouta. I do not have the patience for this."

"Neither do I, Akashicchi. In fact, I have a very cute pet waiting for me~" Kise responded to Akashi with an all too playful tone.

"Ryouta. What is going on?" Akashi was growing more and more agitated by the passing minute.

"Akashicchi. Do you like Kurokocchi?"

"Ryouta, you dare-" but before he could scold—or threaten—Kise, a gym bag was flung his way. Immediately using a free hand to smack it away, his guard was down for a moment, allowing Kise to take the opportunity to seize Akashi's arms and hold them behind his back with one hand. His other hand was used to bash the captain's head against a nearby locker, immobilizing him.

Akashi was left speechless at the sudden ambush. He did not expect Kise, or anyone for that matter, to be ballsy enough to stand up to him.

"Let me tell you this, Seijurou." The menacing blonde loomed over Akashi, gripping his arms in a tight hold. "Kurokocchi belongs to me. I'm sure to monopolize him. You can tell me what to do on the court, but outside, and especially concerning Kurokocchi, you have no control over me. He's mine." He had accidentally let out a growl when Aomine's smug grinning face popped up in his mind. "All mine."

"Ah, Akashi-kun." Kuroko had called out to Akashi on their last full day of school. He hoped to talk to Akashi about the problem concerning Kise. However, he was met with a pitiful look from his beloved ex-captain. Akashi continued his walk, completely ignoring Kuroko.

"Akashi...kun?" Kuroko had tried again, praying to any god out there that Akashi had not been overpowered by Kise as well.

There was no god on his side.

A hand was placed gently on his shoulder.

"Kurokocchi~ ready to go home?"

On any other day, Kuroko would have passively nodded. But every time Kise had touched Kuroko, even being within a few meters away, a chill would run up his spine.
"Yes, Kise-kun."

A low voice whispered into his ear threateningly. "I don't want to see my beloved associate with anyone else, got it?"

"...yes, Kise-kun."

"Kurokocchi!" Kise called out to the petite player. Kuroko flinched for a moment but slowly turned around to face Kise.

It was only yesterday that Kuroko had moved out his home to live with Kise in the Kanagawa prefecture.

"Kurokocchi will be living with me, for convenience sake, auntie!" Kise had told his mother. Being the smooth talker he was, Kise had persuaded his mother and father to let Kuroko stay with Kise—and only Kise—in a studio apartment in the middle of the prefecture.

"Oh, I'm not sure. I thought Tetsuya would want to go to Seirin, like he planned." his mother had been unsure about the sudden change of plans, but Kise had a plan.

Plain and simple, they'd agree under the condition that Kise takes good care of their boy.

"Don't worry auntie and uncle! I'll make sure he's under great care!" Sadly, they did not understand the meaning of his 'care.'

It had been two weeks since they started living together. Kise made sure to keep Kuroko under a watchful eye. He took extra precaution to monitor Kuroko during school.


"Hm? Oh, hello Kise-kun." The fresh, young face of the teacher turned towards the door of his office to see Kise had entered with a strange air around him. "How may I help you? Are you enjoying your first day here?"

"It would be a great day, Sensei."


"Yes. For some strange reason, I'm not in the same class as Kurokocchi."

"Kurokocchi? ...Oh! Kuroko Tetsuya?" Kise nodded happily hearing the sound of his precious Kurokocchi but twitched ever so slightly at the way another man said Kuroko's name. "Ah, well, looking at his scores for the entrance exam, they were higher than your own by a margin."

"Yes. But I need to be in the same class with him."

The teacher was unhappy with the threatening tone Kise had used on him.
"We'll, I apologize, Kise-kun, but that ex-" he was cut off by the hand that reached out and grabbed his neck.

"Lemme rephrase that, I will be in the same class, right sensei?"

"Kurokocchi~ Kurokocchi~ Kurokocchi~~!" Kise sung before class had begun. He sat right behind Kuroko's desk, and, although he wasn't able to see his face, he could admire his back and watch out for anyone out to steal his Kurokocchi.

Looking at the back of Kuroko's neck, he considered buying a leash.

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