Hello! It's been a while since I uploaded anything. It's been a while since I wrote anything semi-decent really...I put this on the kink meme, but I thought I might as well put it here too.


Grandma had been relocated for work again and surprise, surprise, I was transferring schools. Not that it bothered me – I had successfully managed to forge no friendships whatsoever at my last school, so it wasn't like I was leaving anyone behind. I simply felt like this was how the rest of my life was going to be...moving constantly, never being able to settle down in any one place. Perhaps I should just accept this as my fate. It wasn't like Grandma could help it or anything...she needed to make money to support us both, so it was necessary.

We had just driven past my new school when she noticed a small clearing on the side of the road, assuming it lead to our new house. She had told me it was out of the way, pretty much hidden from vision. She liked it that way – quiet, far enough away from the main road to block out any sound of cars whizzing by. The only thing blocking our path was a peculiar statue and a large wall that was seemingly the beginning of a tunnel.
'I didn't realise it was this hard to get to...' she said softly, climbing out of the car.
I glanced down at my phone, quickly opening up the map and finding our location. Weird...it wasn't even there...no tunnel, no nothing...
Grandma was already wandering towards the tunnel before I could protest, leaving me with two choices. Guard the car and be left with only this one spooky statue for company, or go with her. Anything could be lurking in that tunnel...
'Wait!' I called out after her, quickly catching up and staying close. She took my hand as we ventured deeper into tunnel, the darkness engulfing us fully.
I can't remember much of the journey...but next thing I knew we had emerged from the tunnel. On the other side was a small room, numerous benches dotted around the place. Was this a waiting room? Why would you need this many benches...not like anyone was using them. Come to think of it...I had heard a low rattling sound whilst standing in there...almost like a train. Had we accidentally stumbled into the town's station?
Grandma went ahead of me towards what I assumed was the main exit. 'Yuki! Come quickly!' she said excitedly, both hands pressed to her cheeks.
Reluctantly, I stepped outside, my eyes adjusting to the brightness. We were in a field, wild flowers as far as the eye could see. The wind picked up, hurling various scents my way – I wasn't as clued up on flowers as Grandma was, but I could definitely tell there was something strange about the aroma. Something...not right...
'Do you smell that?' she asked.
'Yeah. S'weird...almost like...'
'A restaurant, perhaps?' My stomach rumbled at the idea of food. Grandma laughed quietly, reaching out to take my hand. 'We might as well get something to eat.'
'...it does smell good.'
I helped Grandma across the various cobblestones hidden amongst the flowers, keeping her balanced as we headed towards the source of the smell.

The field soon came to an end and we found ourselves in what seemed to be a small town. Grandma explained that it could be an abandoned theme park from several years ago. Although it couldn't be abandoned...despite no one was around, someone was definitely cooking something.
'Ah, this must be it,' she hummed, stepping into one of the restaurants, breathing in the smell of freshly cooked food. "Shirasu-don" was the meal of the day...apparently. I reached into my pocket for my phone, getting ready to look up the dish when I noticed I was completely out of signal. This always happened at the worst times.
'I'll be right back, just stay here,' I called out to her before leaving the restaurant and starting to search for some internet connection.
Fiddling around with the settings, I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking and much to my surprise, I bumped into something. Or in this case, someone.
A boy, probably about my age, with extremely messy black hair and thick rimmed classes to match stared at me in utter shock. I blinked at him, quickly backing up, beginning to panic.
Shit, had I trod on his toe or something?! Did he own the restaurant?! Come to think of it, I hadn't seen a waiter or anything when Grandma went in there...
'What're you doing here?' he demanded, taking a step forward.
I froze, beginning to feel pressure building up around me. This poor guy was going to be the next in a long line of people to see that face. This was so embarrassing!
'It's almost night. You need to get out of here before it gets dark,' he grabbed my shoulder, turning me around and giving me a firm push in the direction I'd come from. I could only make a few spluttering noises as he continued to shove me. 'Go back across the river. Now!'
Not really giving myself much time to question this guy, I broke into a run, the whole town slowly being illuminating as the sun began to disappear. 'Grandma!' I shouted out as I dashed into the restaurant. 'We need to leave!' A chill ran down my spine at the sight of the small room. It was empty. The only thing letting me know anyone had been here was a steaming bowl of tiny white fish that had barely been touched. I looked around the room, frantically calling out her name before a small bubble flew past my face. It was the strangest thing...a tiny red fish was encased within it. I was about to reach out and pop the bubble before a large net came out of nowhere and caught it. I turned about, coming face to face with what could only be described as a shadow, brandishing the net angrily, reaching out to grab me. I screamed and ran out of the restaurant, making a beeline for the tunnel. More shadows were appearing in all of the restaurants as night began to descend on the small town, whispers and laughter echoing through the narrow alleyways and streets as I desperately called out for Grandma. Each time I stopped to look around, trying to spot her amongst the crowds of shadows, one of them would suddenly appear behind me.
I had to keep moving.