Hey duckies! so this is basically it but don't worry ill be back to terminate you! Of course the next time I do a fanfiction under starship, it might end up like a slightly different version of this but thats in the near future!

Krayonder carried a sleeping Lily through the halls of starship 15A2.

Lily fell asleep at the club at around 1:30. Up decided to call it a night after Specs passed out shortly after, though Lt Criss said he'd take Specs Home.

Lily woke up slightly when Krayonder buckled her up in the drop pod earlier.

She asked Krayonder to take off her left shoe. Krayonder produced a long knife whch he reluctantly gave to Lily.

Lily took it in her weary hand and cut her bangs to her eybrows.

she then fell asleep again.

Presently, Krayonder was cradling her in his arms as he marched to his room.

Lily said it was ok before she fell asleep the first time.

Krayonder arrived at his room and ke[t a firm grip on Lily as he lifted his leg up sand kicked his lock.

Quietly he krept into his room. He laided Lily carfully down on his bed.

Krayonder pulled off his shirt and jumped in with her.

Krayonder sighed in contentment. He felt like he finnally got his princess.

He wrapped Lily in his arms and was greeted by a punch in the gut.

Ok maybe princess isn't the word. Still nice though.

A little more warily this time, Krayonder pulled Lily into his chest and was releived to not be pummeled.

He kissed her forhead and pressed his head into her neck.

His eyes fluttered and he felt himself fall asleep with his girl in hiis arms.

his girl

his girl

his girlllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllll

I'll miss you duckies but ill be back no worries! oh and btdubs, 1 they did not have sex, 2 i did the llllllllllllll thing on purpose to make them seem asleep.