Chapter: 3, Part 1


I WAS A NERVOUS RECK! I should be happy on my wedding day right? Wrong, I knew something was going to happen what if ha says no or a monster attacks and he dies or I die, no Annabeth, you're not thinking logically you're a daughter of Athena for Pete sake! I told myself. The music started, the original here comes the bride, finally my dad took my arm and we walked up the aisle, I could see Thalia (my maid of honor) and Grover (Percy's best man) and the rest of my friends and family, then I saw him, he looked cute In his tux, his hair was scraped back but some of his hair got away and gods he looked nervous as he fumbled with his buttons.


As she walked up the isle she looked gorgeous, her hair was braided with feathers, her dress Gods her dress was magnificent and she was soon going to be mine. When her father gave her away she grinned at me. " we are gathered here today to join Annabeth Chase and Perseus Jackson in holy matrimony blah blah blah" began the priest, finally the words I was longing to here came out of Annabeth "I do" she then smiled "and you Percy?"asked the priest "I do" "I then pronounce the Jacksons, you may kiss the bride" I leant over and kissed her, her lips tasted like cotton candy, blue cotton candy and her lips were as soft as cotton candy when we pulled away people cheered and then I heard screaming and turned to see a hydra attacking our guests.


Really I thought lunging at the monster with my new husband. (Percy)