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In this fic Tobias is only fifteen, Tris is sixteen, and Ky is seventeen but pretending to be sixteen. (Sorry if that's confusing.)

Disclaimer: I don't own Divergent or Matched.

Ky's POV

I never thought that my job for the Rising would be this.

Then again, I never thought I would be part of the Rising.

I was sent to a different sort of Society. They have so much more freedom here. I brought a bag of red tablets, just in case. Not for me. For them. The people who live in this city- would you call them Citizens?

They have something called Choosing days here. I don't know what I will choose. Choosing Day is in a week. Of course, I'm not really sixteen. If this were the Society, I would choose Abnegation to hide my Aberration status. It seems easy to hide here.

But this isn't the Society. They don't know what Aberrations, or Anomalies, or even Citizens are.

My adopted brother, Tobias, knocks on the door of my room. I want to be alone, but since I am Abnegation, I say, "Come in."

Tobias walks into the room. He has another belt mark on his cheek. I wince. "Marcus?"

He nods. "Yeah. But..." He shudders. "Apparently it's 'for my own good.'"

Oh, Cassia. That man hurts him so badly. I make room for him on the bed and he sits down. "Thank you," he says. His hands are red, like mine, like the sun when the Officials took me away, like the tablet that doesn't work on either of us. I tried once, after Marcus beat him.

Like Cassia's newrose petals. Like beginnings. Like spring.

Only those are good things.

Sorry it's so short! I promise the next chapter will be longer and Tris will meet Ky!