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Sivanna opened her eyes, frost outlined the orange and yellow leaves she had curled up on. Cold air nipped at her skin, and she pulled her cloak closer to her body. The sun was rising, giving the forest a brilliant golden hue. A brook gargled and popped soothingly nearby, birds sang songs to each other in honor of the new morn, and a few deer grazed off in the distance, enjoying the last bit of grass before the freeze could take it all away. Everything was beautiful...all but Sivanna. Dried blood covered her face, and had dribbled down her neck all the way to her stomach. Her amber eyes were bloodshot and her lips were cracked and dry. Next to her was a pile of flesh and fur, which she had caught during the night. Sivanna sniffed, deer, she thought to herself. She had hunted down this deer and eaten almost all of it.

She lifted herself up, her long chestnut hair spilling over her shoulders. A few leaves fell from her head, and she proceeded to remove small twigs and other debris from her hair. As cold as it was, she couldn't be seen covered in blood and barren of clothes save her cloak, it would raise questions. After all, werewolves were frowned upon for lack of control. With a shudder, she walked to the brook and began washing off the night's adventures.

The beast within was placid, satisfied with itself for escaping its bonds. Sivanna was not ashamed of what she was, it was not a choice she was given, she had been on a hunting trip in the woods and attacked by a savage werewolf. She was afraid, not of what she was, but of what she would do. Afraid of the loneliness that was surely her destiny; there was no way she would ever be able to love safely, she couldn't hurt anyone...she wouldn't, not again.

A memory flashed in her head; her fingers caressed his strong shoulders, her body wrapped around him. He whispered to her softly,"I know you won't hurt me, we're in love, and nothing is stronger than love." Hesitantly, she let him kiss her, the softness of his touch a comfort that she had missed. "I love you.", she said. He smiled at her, "I love you, too." Her breathing quickened slightly, but she kept the beast in check. Sivanna was proud of her control, she was so afraid that this wouldn't work, that she would hurt him. Reaching for his back, her nails pushed slightly against his skin. The closeness they shared, his hand caressing her cheek...it was what she always had thought it would be, pure love.

His kiss became more desperate, his breathing hard, sending shivers down her spine. "Sivanna...", he whispered. She gasped, the wolf was ready. It hit her like a rock wall, making her scream. She writhed, her partner didn't understand what was happening! No! She thought desperately, I can't hurt him!

The wolf was excited, and Sivanna watched in horror as her hands started to grow long claws that were digging into her partner's back. Sivanna's legs popped and her face stretched, her ears pointed themselves and her eyes turned yellow. Brown fur seeped its way through her skin and as her teeth sharpened she saw the look of love and trust in his face. He wasn't afraid! She wanted to tell him to run, but speaking was not possible with the mouth of a wolf. A tail, long and bushy sprouted itself from her behind, and as the rest of her body clicked itself into place, she howled. Long and sad, because she knew that this was goodbye, the beast was going to kill her lover.

Sivanna's wolf took over her mind, it was hungry and there was an intruder in her arms. It's lips pulled back in a snarl and alarm spread throughout the man's face. "Sivanna!", he cried as she threw him across the room. The wolf crouched, ready to pounce on him. No! she pleaded with the wolf, Not him, please...do not kill him! The wolf snarled at her, it couldn't understand what she was feeling, Sivanna tried to keep the wolf distracted long enough for her lover to escape. Yet he just stood there, in the corner of the room, looking at her with love and patience. He thought she would gain control...she had to try! She had to overcome the beast for him!

The wolf was too strong, it overpowered her and took over their shared body. She jumped onto her lover and bit him in the shoulder. He screamed, fear pouring from him finally, and the wolf drank it in like a Nord with honey mead. Another bite to his side and he began to struggle, this excited the wolf. Inwardly, Sivanna was screaming at the wolf, trying hard to stop what was happening, but she was too late. The wolf took one last look into the eyes of the man Sivanna loved, she saw an emotion there, but couldn't understand. Love, Sivanna said to the wolf, he loves you. For a moment the wolf sat there, on top of the man, baffled by the look on his face. The fear scent was gone, and the man was looking into her eyes with warmth and promises of safety. Slowly, she backed off the man. and cocked her head at him. The smell of blood permeated the room. He tried to sit up, and failed. His injuries were too great, the wounds too deep. She took a small step toward him, crawling on all four. Just then the door burst open, guards filled the room and the wolf panicked. "Werewolf!", they screamed."Kill the werewolf!"

She bolted, tail between her legs, to an open window. It was too small, she struggled with the window, and finally got free. As she ran from the house the guards yelled,"He's been bitten, kill him! He's no longer human!" Sivanna screamed in her head so loud that the wolf howled, as she tried to drown out the screams of the man she loved as he died.

Looking back, Sivanna wished she had urged the wolf to turn and attack the guards before they killed him. But there had been too many, and she had received many arrows to her flank during her escape, there was no way could have saved him. She sighed, "Love isn't for us", she told the wolf. "Love is for fairy tales."

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