Time and time again,
I try to call you friend.
As frequent as an eclipse,
Looking as lost as Alice.
Never made the choice,
Was thrown into the mess,
Of you being the lure
That I never sought to find.
I cannot seem to cease
Blundering on this way,
For if I were a Hatter
And you were a blonde,
Together we would be
Bound forever on.
I could sit and wait forever,
Watching my seconds tick by,
But in the depths I can see
A pearly future calling for me.
The moment I decide it,
That I will be my own,
A rock is tossed into the river,
And again your face appears.
I may bask in the presence
Of the treasure we may share,
But still the depths remind me,
The sun does not suspend forever.
You leave and I wait,
Tangled up in a heap.
Pondering the existence
Of the company I keep.