Austin & Dez Chapter 2

"I'm fine mom, just a bad dream!" Austin shouted back to his mother.

"That was close!" Dez looked at his buddy with a relieved smile.

"Dez you have to get out of here!" Austin whispered, terrified that his mother would still barge in and find them like this.

"But, I sleep over all the time!" Dez whined.

"But this time we're naked and my bed is a sticky mess and smells like… cum."

"Oh, yeah, sorry about that." Dez reluctantly crawled out of the bed and started to scramble around the room looking for his clothes.

Eventually, Austin got his friend out the window, himself back in his sleeping clothes, and a big towel over the wet spot on his sheets. Guess I am gonna be doing that laundry myself. He tried to go back to sleep, but what he and Dez had just done kept flashing through his mind. We went from friends to… I don't know what in a couple of minutes. I can't believe we had sex! I mean, not like I didn't want to, man I really did, especially with Dez, but it was all so fast. I really like Dez, but what do we do now? Are we gonna date? Should we tell people? I think Ally would be okay. Who knows what Trish would say. My parents would freak! What about my career? OMG Dez and I had sex! Dez… fucked me.

As if to reinforce that memory, Austin's butt felt a little sore, but not a bad soreness. In fact, while his head he was freaking out, his body was wanting more. God, Dez probably thinks I am some kind slutty guy. He comes out to me and I practically jump him. Well, he did crawl in my window. This is so weird. I just had sex with my best friend! It was really great though. It was intense. Now I wish I'd made him stay. I hope he's not upset. Austin stared into the darkness of his room, clutching the sheets.

Dez was not in much better shape, stumbling home in his hastily put-on clothes. What just happened? Did I force myself on Austin? What is going to happen tomorrow, is he just going to pretend that we never did it? How could he? We kissed and everything and he said he liked me, and he undressed me… didn't he? Didn't he ask me? I can't remember, I was so excited. And we actually did it, we made love. Should I text him and say it was great, or say I'm sorry? I'm so stupid. I bet he hates me now! I should never have said anything!

He tripped on some invisible pebble in the street and almost fell. Geez I am such a loser. He managed to make it back home, into his room in the modest home he shared with his mother a few blocks from Austin. He got into his sleep pants and shirt, turned down his room A/C unit, thinking that his mom would be mad for using up too much power but not caring at the moment, and crawled into bed. I bet Austin hates me.

To be continued…

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