Planet Yardrat, Goku has just crash landed and the local inhabitants all gather round what seems like the lifeless corpse of a mysterious being unlike any other they have ever seen. Goku opens his eyes and the locals stand back and let out a large gasp.
"It must be my lucky day, I didn't know the circus was in town" Goku says drowsily before falling unconscious once more.

Goku is taken in by Princess Lila, also known as West Supreme Kai. She is amazed by Goku's power level, and knew straight away that he was a Saiyan. She cuts Goku's arm while he is asleep and takes some of his blood and collects it in a vial. She then jabs herself softly in the finger and lets her blood drip into the vial. She then brings the mixture to her large, oval spaceship and examines Goku's DNA. She puts her and Goku's DNA in an Organism Growth Machine similar to Dr. Gero's and flies back to the Kaioshin planet.

Over a number of years the half Saiyan, half Kai being grows in West Supreme Kai's machine until his growth process is complete. Xicor is born. Xicor undergoes immense and cruel training regimes serving under West Supreme Kai. His Saiyan gene gives him unmatched strength, his Kai gene gives him Spiritual powers beyond imagination. When Xicor finishes training, he goes on a quest looking for Goku. He destroys entire planets on his mission, murdering anyone who stands in his way. While on the ice-covered planet of Polaris, Xicor recruits it's two most powerful inhabitants to serve as his henchmen, Nephiko and Alphaiz. They arrive on planet Gelbo, asking for Goku. The village elder tells them of an Earthling name Goku that saved them from Zoonama, a catfish-like monster. Xicor destroys the planet soonafter and he, Nephiko and Alphaiz depart for planet Earth.