Christmas Magic

Booth's POV

"Booth, what are we doing?" Brennan asks me as I take her hand and pull her into my SUV.

"We're gonna go get a tree, Bones! It's our first Christmas as a couple! We have to have a tree!" I tell her, putting my hand on her ever growing stomach.

She gives me a look. "You know that I don't believe in Santa or lying to children or any of this, right?"

"I know. But, you're my family, Bones. Rebecca is going to let us have Parker this year, and I want to make everything perfect. Please?" I give her my charm smile and puppy dog eyes, knowing that her pregnancy hormones made it impossible for her to resist me when I looked cute like that.

"Alright," she concedes.

I grin and kiss her softly. She smiles back as I start heading out to the same place that Parker and I had gotten her tree from for her Christmas with her family in jail a few years back. I grab the chainsaw from the back with one hand, and wrap my other arm around her waist as we start walking around, determined not to let her fall in the snow.

"This is unnecessary, Booth. I can walk on my own," she says and pulls away, promptly tripping over a small trunk base from a tree that had been cut down already.

"Uh-huh, of course you can," I agree, helping her up.

She glares at me, as if I had planned for the stump to be there. I give her a weak smile and hold out my hand.

"I'm doing this under protest," she grumbles as she takes it.

"Duly noted," I reply, amused.

"What do you think of this one, Bones?" I point to a nice tall one that I thought would look good by the windows in the living room.

"It's too tall, Booth. We wouldn't be able to fit a decoration on the top."

I sigh, wondering how long this would take.

"Okay, Bones. If that's what you think."

We keep walking in silence until she tugs on my arm.

"Huh?" I ask.

"Right there. It's perfect, Booth." I smile slightly. The tree she was pointing at was about the same size and shape of the same one I had gotten her all those years ago. And she says she doesn't believe in fate.

"It looks good, doesn't it?" I ask, letting go of her hand to get the chainsaw ready.

Of course, as soon as I take a step closer, I slip on the ice, landing on my ass in the snow. Brennan laughs, and I pull her swiftly down on top of me.

"You think that's funny, Bones?"

"A little," she giggles.

I grin and kiss her. We pull apart when we realize that snowflakes were falling, and that they were starting to make us rather cold. I got our tree, and we went home and curled up by the fire with some hot cocoa and blankets.

Okay, this is my first attempt at a Secret Santa fanfic challenge. This is for FaithinBones, as stated in the summary. Her first prompt was as followed: Characters I wish for: Booth and Brennan
Please include: kissing, snow, Christmas tree
Please exclude: Daisy

So, I did my best. I hope that you all enjoyed it, and that FaithinBones especially enjoyed it.