When Emily and JJ get home on Friday, Henry smiles.

"Hi, Mommy! Hi, Mama!"

JJ smiles and kneels down. "Hi, Henry. I love you."

He throws himself into her arms. "Love Mommy!"

JJ hugs him close. Emily runs her hand over JJ's head. "Told you he'd be okay, baby. He loves you. He was just…confused."

"No, he was mad. And he had a right to be." She eases him back and looks into his eyes. "How about you help me put Mama down for a nap then we go swimming?"

"YES!" he says happily.

JJ smiles. "Good. Let's go. Tell Mama to go to bed."

"Bed, Mama. Bed!" he orders.

Emily chuckles. "I don't normally take orders from ankle biters but I feel wiped out so this time I will."

Henry just grins at her. JJ stands with him in her arms. "Come on, Em. Let's get you lying down."

Emily nods. As she starts up the stairs she momentarily gets dizzy. Luckily Francesca is there to steady the brunette.

"Easy, cara. Your body is tired. Let me help."

Emily nods. "Yeah. Okay."

JJ is worried about how drained Emily sounds. As Francesca helps Emily down the hall, JJ detours into Rocky's room to get the baby monitor that is already set up and waiting. She sets it on Emily's nightstand. Francesca reaches for Henry.

"Come, Henry. Let's go get your bathing suit on, si?"

He nods. "Si!"

JJ laughs at his use of Italian. "Yep, just like his Mama."

Emily smiles proudly. As the nanny and their son walk out, Emily looks up at her wife.

"I'm…I'm scared, Jen. I've never felt this…this bad before. What if I've hurt her?"

JJ kneels in front of her wife. "You haven't, Em. Doc checked everything and said Rocky is okay. But you do need rest to make sure you both stay okay. Let me get you into your silk pajama set. It will help keep you cool, okay?"

Emily just nods. JJ doesn't say anything but the slight tremor still coursing through her wife worries her. She quickly undresses her and gets her into the shorts and blouse Emily likes to wear because they keep her body temperature down. She gets her under the top sheet and runs a hand down her cheek.

"I've brought in Rocky's baby monitor. I'll have the receiver with me. If you need anything, call for me, baby. Okay?"

Emily nods. "Yeah, okay. Can you turn the fan on? I feel so hot."

JJ lays her hand on Emily's forehead. She doesn't feel feverish so JJ isn't too concerned. She turns on the fan at the end of the bed then gets a glass of water from the bathroom. She sets it on the nightstand.

"Do you need anything else, baby?"

"Can you plug my iPod in and put it on the classical list?"

JJ nods and gets the device from its charger. She plugs it into Emily's clock and turns it on softly. Emily reaches out her hand, which JJ gladly takes.

"You take such good care of me, Jen."

JJ smiles. "You took care of me, too. And next time I get pregnant you will again." She lifts Emily's hand and kisses it. "We take care of each other, Em. And the way I see it, I have some time to make up for."

Emily shakes her head. "Not really. I missed a few months with you, too. I'd say we're even now," she says with a smile.

JJ grins and shrugs. "Okay. We're even. That means it's time for me to start building up points for next time."

Emily grins and nods. "Yeah, I guess it is." She sighs contentedly. "I love you, Jen."

"Love you, too, Emily." She leans down and kisses her. "See you in a little while."

Emily nods. She closes her eyes. Between regular vitals checks and fear she had slept intermittently at the hospital. But now in the comfort and familiarity of her bed, she can sleep peacefully.

JJ watches her until her breathing evens out. Giving her wife another kiss she steps into the bathroom and puts on her swimsuit. She stops by Rocky's room to get the monitor receiver. She meets up with Henry and Francesca in his room.

"Cara, take him and spend time with him. I will sit with Emily."

JJ shakes her head. "She's asleep already. Come down with us for a little while. I need to let you know what's going on the next week or so."

Francesca nods. "Okay. And, Jennifer, she will be okay. She is tough and so is your daughter."

JJ smiles. "I know. They are Prentiss women after all."

Francesca just chuckles having heard that saying for many years.