Danny walked home in the freezing air. What a night. His ghost powers stop working half way through a fight with the hard rocker Ember Mclain, his girlfriend, Sam, breaks up with him, and his best friend Tucker is moving away. Not knowing if his ghost sense was still working Danny ran home. Once he entered Fenton Works he ran straight to the lab where he was hoping, his family wouldn't be.

"Danny! Come check out this ecto sensor we built!" Jack Fenton yelled to his son. Trying to run to back upstairs and avoid a confrontation with his parents, Maddie pulled him back down to the lab. "Here Maddie put this on." Jack instructed handing Maddie a bracelet. She put it on with a giddy look on her face. Jack grabbed a remote. The remote had five buttons, a large blue one sat in the middle with two orange ones on either side. "Now I'll just press this button and -" Danny braced himself for the sensor to detect him... but nothing happened. There was no beeping, or plasma ray, nothing. Danny chuckled.

"Uh great invention Dad, I gotta go do homework." Danny bolted up the stairs into his room. He paced back and forth trying to decide whether his powers were gone or if his Dad's invention was a dud... as most of them are. Running a hand through his hair danny looked out the window taking a sharp breath of the crisp night air. What is going on? This has never happened to me before, I mean not unless I got beaten badly and even then I could phase back. What was even odder was that Danny couldn't remember half his fight with Ember. He remembered it in pieces.

"You're dead halfa." Ember spat. She stuck a cord on her guitar. Danny dodged it with ease, laughing.

"Hey is that all you got? Maybe they should call you pop princess of failure." Danny snickered.

"Aw baby pop that's cute mind if I write it down?" Ember struck a cord on her guitar and it hit Danny.

Then it hit Danny. Ember did something to him. She took his ghost powers away. Danny cursed to himself and ran downstairs.

"Mom! Dad! Jazz! I'm going out, I'll be back later! Don't wait up!" Danny yelled whilst running out the door.

"Danny! Wait! Where are you going? It's a school night!" Jazz yelled being the parental figure that was absent in their parents. Jazz huffed and went back to her room. Her maternal instincts only went so far,

Danny ran through the streets not even sure why. What would he do when he found Ember? He couldn't fight her without his ghost powers. Danny stopped dead in his tracks. Normally Tucker an Sam would be there to throw ideas around until Danny had an idea. But they weren't. Tucker was packing and Sam was probably off with her new boyfriend. Sam... Everytime he thought of her his heart took a beating. How could she not love him anymore? Just like that she was done. She said they'd still be friends... Danny took out his phone and dialed Sam's number.

"Hello?" His heart skipped a beat when he heard her voice.


"Danny I-"

"I need your help."

Twenty minutes later Sam was standing in front of Danny. She had a pair of skinny jeans with black boots on and a black cropped sweatshirt. Her hair was completely down and she had black eyeliner smudged around her eyes hastily. She breathed out before saying anything.

"So what's the problem?" She asked.

"Ember took my ghost powers." Sam's eyes went wide.

"What? How?" She asked putting an arm on Danny's shoulder. Danny jerked away.

"Don't." Sam looked down. She felt horrible for hurting Danny. And truth be told, she didn't have another boyfriend. She still loved Danny, but she was sick of being Mrs. Sam Phantom. She wanted to be just Sam. But she knew Danny would stop fighting ghosts if she told him the real reason she had broken up with him, so she made up a boyfriend.

"What did Ember do?" Sam asked.

"I don't know. She stuck a cord on her guitar and I think it knocked me out because I can't remember what happened after that. I just remember waking up and not being able to phase." Danny kicked a rock.

"Well what if the cord took away your ghost powers?" Danny shook his head.

"I don't think so. She would've used it right away if that was the case." Sam thought, she knew that no matter what she needed to help Danny.

"Well either way, Ember is powerless without her guitar. So we need to get it." Danny looked up.

"How? I'm human now..." Sam almost put a hand on his shoulder but stopped herself and huffed.

"Tuck and I have managed to stay alive without ghost powers, even saved your ass a few times." Sam smirked. "Come on let's get some stuff from the lab and we'll track Ember down." Danny shrugged and followed Sam. He was glad to have her. They walked back to Fenton Works.

"How are things going with Brody?" Danny asked stopping Sam in her tracks. She fought back tears.

"Uh we're fine." She kept walking, faster this time. Danny grabbed her arm and spun her around.

"I'm glad. Sam I-" Danny rubbed the back of his neck. She shook her head.

"I know." She smiled and kept walking. They went back to Fenton Works in silence this time. Danny stopped Sam before they entered the house.

"My family doesn't know." Sam crossed her arms and laughed.

"I figured they wouldn't since you don't tell them anything until Jazz drags it out of you." Danny smiled and took her hand. They had to pretend to be a couple to keep Danny from being smothered.

"Danny do you have any idea what time it is?" Jazz crossed her arms. Her glare was ice cold until she saw Sam an it softened a little.

"Sorry Mom do you know where the rents are?" He asked. She pointed upstairs and he smiled inwardly. "Great we will be in the lab." Danny dragged Sam into the lab. She didn't let go of his hand and he looked down.

"Uh Sam?" She followed his gaze and let go coughing. She started walking towards the gadgets on a table. She picked up the ecto sensor and examined it.

"What's this?" She asked. Danny stuffed a few thermos' into his nap sack which he had left in the lab from earlier. Upon hearing Sam's voice he looked up.

"It's an ecto sensor. My dad made it earlier but I'm not sure if it works." Danny shrugged. Sam walked over to him and grabbed his wrist putting the bracelet on it.

"Couldn't hurt." She examined the remote and hit the blue button. The bracelet beeped, signaling it was on. Stuffing the remote into the nap sack she went back to grabbing some more ghost hunting gear. They took the ecto blasters along with the ecto fishing pole (AN no idea what the heck that was called... can't remember so no hate if I get names wrong)

"Take the knapsack and get out of here I'll sneak out in twenty minutes." Danny went to run up the stairs when Sam grabbed his arm.

"Danny you can't fly or go intangible anymore how are you going to sneak out?" Danny chuckled.

"Same way I did before I had ghost powers just meet me under my bedroom window in twenty minutes." Sam nodded and left the house. Danny went up to his room and shut the door quietly not wanting to wake up his parents. Now that he couldn't go ghost weather would actually affect him. He threw off his tee-shirt and grabbed a white long sleeve sort with 3 buttons and his leather jacket. Danny looked for the rope in his closet. When he found it he tied a secure knot around his bed and threw it out the window and scaled it until it was a safe distance to jump.

Sam was looking at him like he was crazy.

"Let's go." Danny said as Sam rolled her eyes.

They set off to god knows where on a journey that they very well may not live to see the end. They walked in silence both drowning in thoughts of the other. The silence was neither comfortable nor awkward... It was a ghostly silence. Sam was scared to face Ember without the safety net of Danny's ghost powers to fall back on. As she thought of Danny she began to think that breaking up with him was a horrible mistake. She almost wanted to tell him she wanted him back. But now wasn't the time.

Beepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeep beepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeep beepbeepbeep

"Guess we found her." Danny said. Sam got the ecto blaster ready when Danny stopped her. "Wait I hear voices." They creeped behind a tree and listened.

"Listen here dipstick I got the halfa's powers and there's no way I'm giving them up to you." They heard Ember spat.

"Oh yes you will, unless you want to be a pelt on my bedside." Skulker yelled. They heard something metal pop out from his wrist.

"Put that thing away." Ember said, not quite as confidently.

"Give me the guitar and I will." Sam nudged Danny. You're powers are in her guitar. She mouthed. Danny nodded.

"No, Skulker what are you doing. Stop!" They heard Ember yell. Danny and Sam jumped out from behind the tree just in time to see Ember strike a cord on her guitar. Skulker was frozen solid. "That's what you get baby pop." Ember smiled, clearly pleased with herself. She was going to enjoy Danny's new powers. Sam was about to blast Ember when Danny pulled her back.

"Stay here, and give me that blaster." Danny told her.

"What are you doing? Danny. What-" Danny had already climbed halfway up the tree. Sam rolled her eyes and kept an eye on Ember, who was inspecting her frozen ex boyfriend. Danny crawled out to the edge of a limb and aimed his ecto blaster. Right as he was about to fire he saw Ember spot Sam.

"Well if it isn't the halfa's girlfriend." She smirked. "I've got something cooked up for you." Ember aimed her guitar at Sam. Danny had to make a split second decision. He aimed the ecto blaster at Ember's guitar and fired.

"What the-" Ember yelled before letting go of her guitar. It was malfunctioning like crazy. Cords were spewing out of it randomly as one hit Sam. She received all of Ember's ghost powers.. Danny and Ember got hit with a punch cord. Ember fell to the ground while Danny fell out of the tree. Sam watched fascinated as Ember's flaming blue slowly went out and her skin became darker. She opened her eyes and ice blue eyes shone at Sam.

"You little shit." Ember grabbed her guitar and leaped at Sam. She turned the knob, and struck a cord. But all that came out was music. "What, how-" Sam smirked running over to Danny.

"Danny, can you hear me? Danny!" She yelled. Danny slowly opened his eyes.

"Sam?" He coughed leaning up. Sam smiled as tears ran down her face.

"You idiot I thought you died." Sam shrieked as she stood up. Danny thought he was hallucinating as Sam began to disappear from his vision.

"Sam?" Danny asked moving a hand out in front of him trying to grab hold of the girl. Ember walked over to him.

"Did she just-?" Ember couldn't quite make out a normal sentence.

"I think so." Danny nodded forgetting Ember was his enemy.

"Did I just what?" Sam asked putting her hands on her hips, only to find that they went right through them. She looked at her hands and screamed. She couldn't see them.

"Sam calm down." Danny looked around wildly. Then he grabbed Ember. "What did you do?" He yelled. She pushed him off.

"I didn't do anything dipstick you're the one who blasted my guitar!" She yelled back. Danny huffed and said,

"Sam listen to me. You need to think "human". Think about the one thing that draws you to humanity and focus." Sam evened her breathing and thought of Danny. Nothing happened, so she thought of letting Danny see her and she reappeared, she now had white hair and green eyes. Her jeans were black and her boots were silver. Her hoody had also turned silver, along with her makeup.

"Uh hello? We have situation here." She motioned to herself and Sam. Danny crossed his eyes reaching into his knapsack.

"Yeah the only situation we have is the fact that you're not in the thermos yet." He turned it on and waited for the familiar scream Ember let out while being sucked in. But nothing happened. "What the? Damn thing." Danny hit it, accidentally hitting the release button and all the ghosts he captured went flying out. Ember laughed.

"Nice one dipstick." Danny glared at her.

"Why are you human? And why does Sam have ghost powers?" Danny asked her.

"Why would I help you?" Ember asked. Danny smirked.

"Because if you don't, I'll have Sam unfreeze Skulker." Ember looked from Danny to Sam to Skulker and rolled her eyes.

"Fine, but this is not my fault." Ember put her guitar down and leaned against the tree. "When you hit my guitar with your blaster thing the chemicals reacted and made my guitar malfunction. The Transfer button and Mortality button must have went off and somehow combined before hitting us." Ember shrugged.

"So what does that mean?" Sam asked. Ember smirked and stood up, walking towards her.

"It means baby pop, that you're dead, and I'm alive." A cold shudder ran down Danny's spine. Sam dead? That's not something he ever wanted to think about it.

"What about Danny's ghost powers?" Sam asked. Ember picked up her guitar and motioned to it.

"Trapped inside this baby. Sorry dipsticks but the guitar doesn't work anymore without my powers." Sam collapsed on the ground. She was dead? Danny ran at Ember and slammed her against a tree.

"Fix it. NOW." He yelled. She kicked him, hard in the one place no guy wants to be kicked.

"I can't do anything even if I wanted to. She's got my powers and no idea how to use them. And I don't plan on dying anytime soon. Later baby pops." Ember started walking off as Danny was lying in pain on the ground. Sam flew over to him.

"Danny are you okay?" She asked. He nodded leaning up.

"Fine. But we need to get that guitar." Danny stood up and leaned against the tree for support. Something caught Sam's eye. It was a glistening black triangle with a blue flame. Ember's pick. Sam smirked.

"I have an idea."